Buckshot rides the seat with the hump while dumbo humps the main menu, holding down the circular drum pattern. Circular saw shreds through the symmetry, an auto plant bot gone haywire. Flash flood tears tear the interior asunder. The year is 1982. The bass skin-walker is an organ transplant, happy-footed, from salad days, from Wurlitzer days, before the phantom. The vocalist is angrier than Scott Walker’s hecklers, perhaps because he is buried back behind the dunes, behind the main waves and ripples of the rhythms in orbit. They are the stars of the show, while the circular saw guitar and vocals are employed to enhance and color the violence. RIP.

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Beat Detectives

“Napolean Hat”

Damn, the cracked Minneapolis power dance trio Beat Detectives are killing it with this new jam, “Napolean Hat.” This latest taste from their debut LP Climate Change is as slick and fresh as their previous globe-trotting cassettes on 100% Silk, Night People, Moon Glyph, and 1080p. So, it’s no surprise to learn that the Beat Detectives crew have played a part in some of Minneapolis’ tightest music and – in the case of BD singer Oakley Tapola – have done the artwork on a number of dope releases by Food Pyramid to Dreamweapon and Daughters of the Sun. Check out another track from the LP, “Somethin’s Ripping,” here, and get fucking hyped up on these tracks.

Climate Change is real. It’s gonna be here soon (late June, last I checked). And it’s gonna change the way you party down. Pop “Napolean Hat” by Beat Detectives below and shift along:

• Beat Detectives:
• Not Not Fun:



Much like his last release under the /f moniker, Perry Trollope’s newest brain-melter, pq​:​c, showers your ears with heavily affected and carefully arranged sounds that roam around the free-range audio cage you call your noggin’ and cake your skull with tonal snot. Containing flecks of pitch-shifted and ring modulated mutations, all of pq​:​c’s innards are aligned precisely and perfectly, just for your own deranged enjoyment. Oh, and there’s some of that good ol’ fashioned Psalmus Diuersae fucked-corporate hold music thrown in, too!

While pq​:​c is clearly a companion piece to it’s predecessor (fuck, look at that cover), it doesn’ t feel lazy or redundent or forced. Just the opposite, in fact. Trollope is obviously not a stagnant musician, and with each of his outputs, something new is expressed. So, go ahead and press that play button and listen up buttercup.

• /f:

Holly Waxwing


I’ve recently been shit talking a lot of bands and musicians continuing to produce/make music that sounds like their sole interest is to earn money. Not that that’s BAD [or intended as ART], but it makes me feel like 1) people who do this are trying to get their art noticed by using techniques The Beatles, Jay-Z, Elvis, [television commercials] used for YEARS to instigate a marketable popularity or 2) the people making this music are completely delusional and are creating an audience of delusional people. Or, for the alternative, 3) these people are trying to make music this way because it appeases their parents (a generation built on making music their parents thought was “noise”), who probably paid $3k to a mid-level PR firm to distribute shit, so they can tell their friends comfortably, My kid is an artist.

Thankfully, we got Holly Waxwing on the “Vibe.” Shoot, if it weren’t for players trying to make and progress sounds being used NOW that “old-fogies” would turn off, I’d probably have no hobby in music. Holly Waxwing makes music worth giving a chance, and “Vibe” is exactly that chance. Constructed on plethora of bubble-gum base elements, “Vibe” also wields plenty of Giant Claw -esque sample-ooze, Seth Graham sporadic background mixing, and a cut-out-but-still-there beat akin to Jono Mi Lo’s mixes. Bottom line, this “Vibe” is cute as all hell. I would love being in a constant realm of “Vibe” until Holly got me poppin’ on another tune.

“Vibe” is the primary single for the new Holly Waxwing EP on Cascine out TODAY, with a cassette on Noumenal Loom coming soon!

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• Cascine:
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Dean Blunt


That classic dry beat, bounce-to-rumble bass, staggering melodious guitar, and distant sax: yeah, we know “†” is you already, Dean Blunt. You ain’t even gotta start up that lyrical hate, but we’ll hear your transgressions because… you know. And he does it again: a shtick akin to (obviously) Black Metal and The Act of Killing. Oh, and Shellac’s “Prayer to God.” But that is, he’s just divulging further into the art of portraying the obvious, obliviously/neutrally. Oh… oh SONG is your pray? Ja. Ja. There is that prayer! :)

It’s tight that Dean is always going into modalities and stylings of his musical work, but sometimes it becomes repetitive, and “†” could have been [and probably is] a d-side off Black Metal and nobody would’ve even blinked at the thought of comparing it to any of his other works. Yet, I digress. “†” is not a new beginning for Dean Blunt, but possibly a sending-off to his last-year musical aesthetic, honing in a whole new wave of creation the world will be prepared for 20 years from now. But luckily your good pals at TMT got your back for the scoop and show. So listen to the new Dean Blunt track “†” below, and pray along:

• Dean Blunt:



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