“Washed Clean”

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Guest Mix: Steel Tipped Dove

not trolling

The 13-year-old inside you (||) doesn’t care about your defeatist political “stance” and adult cynicism. S/he’s a truther who owns a physical copy of The Anarchist Cookbook. S/he doesn’t ironically listen to (Hed)P.E. S/he’s thinking about getting a tattoo of their lyrics. S/he relishes watching Planet Earth on mute while blending Australian folk into alternative hip-hop because s/he likes to party.

Poughkeepsie-bred, Brooklyn-based producer/mixer/engineer Steel Tipped Dove stays in touch with his inner 13-year-old, whether it’s by talking shit on Twitter; producing low-key bangers for billy woods, Lakutis & a whole bunch of crazy motherfuckers; or joking with yours truly that he’s about to get a Hed(P.E.) tattoo. But don’t take my word for it. Hear for yourself in the unapologetically sentimental/undeniably fun guest mix Steel Tipped Dove did for us.

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[00:00] Clara Luzia - “Faces”
[02:10] Davila 666 - “Callejón”
[05:43] Mike Langlie - “Honeyglaze”
[07:31] (Hed)P.E. - “The Meadow”
[10:46] Kovas - “Go That Route”
[12:13] Spy Glass Blue - “Tell”
[12:58] Fujiya & Miyagi - “Knickerbocker”
[16:17] Redgum - “One More Boring Night In Adelaide”
[19:14] Restiform Bodies - “Consumer Culture Wave”
[22:51] James Beaudreau - “Northward Vale”
[24:21] Cenospecies - “Thank You From the Bottom of My Fuck You”
[28:18] Stark Reality - “Comrades”
[31:06] Big Urban - “These Are Heartbreaking Years, Paul”
[32:44] Sacred Shadows - “The Queen Of Quills”

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Platinum Boys

“Later Girl”

I just got my bike back from the shop, it’s looking good, and I am cruising around town on the reg. For safety’s sake, I do not listen to music when I ride; however, if I were to listen to do such a thing, the Platinum Boys would most def be my go bike jamz. There’s no fancy way to say it, but these dudes rock, and they rock HARD.

Fun fact #1: the band’s debut LP, Future Hits, already sold out its initial cassette and vinyl run, BUT you can get on that pre-order vibe for the next pressing.

Fun fact #2: Platinum Boys are hitting the road for seven shows throughout the Midwest (deets here but also see the tour dates).

Fuck with the Platinum Boys, and they will surely fuck with you :)

Platinum Boys “Future Hits” Tour 2k15:
5/25 - Milwaukee, WI
5/26 - Minneapolis, MN
5/27 - Iowa City, IA
5/28 - Kansas City, MO
5/29 - St. Louis, MO
5/30 - Davenport, IA
5/31 - Chicago, IL

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In Media Res

リンキンパーク: Quindecim, Triginta Septem, & Viginti Sex

So, that Tweet/Facebook line isn’t exactly true because I’m not sure WHAT リンキンパーク is, although it’s listed on the Exo Tapes Bandcamp before each of the new In Media Res pre-order CDrs: Quindecim, Triginta Septem, & Viginti Sex. That is, outside of it’s lawlz translation. But, I figured it’d be nice to get a brief breakdown on what In Media Res is searing over at the Exo Tapes headquarters. Take the adventure!

Viginti Sex

Viginti Sex plunges into the realms Exo Tapes fronts as Mediafired, while harnessing deep signature Eccojams Vol. 1 mix-skip moves, scratching the CDs with artistic precision in order to get the right moment looping. Drawing from modern and less-modern pop musings, In Media Res slangs Viginti Sex as the piece that intentionally laughing with the straightest of faces. Or, more specifically, the broken car-audio system you’ll contextually blare while driving home on a Friday night.

Triginta Septem

Triginta Septem provides a more spiritual side to the リンキンパーク with chorals that ensnare themselves in a softly furious mixing process that spirals a waft hollow embodiment. It’s a trick, almost, playing the part of a higher power, and this is In Media Res’ fortitude and subconsciously concurred role as music maker/organizer. The depth of these samples in Triginta Septem mingle and center the リンキンパーク CDr collection with a holistic nature that’s all-at-once healing with bewilderment.


The stability In Media Res beholds with Quindecim is what fortifies the リンキンパーク CDr series. There’s a lot of light-hearted samples used within it, and loops pacing themselves upon other loops, pacing other loops, but structurally, it’s a mass. Not wall-of-noise style “mass,” or church on Sunday, but Quindecim harnesses much more fluid cohesiveness that’s looking for constant stability within layers of expanding and contracting audio waves, peering through the cracks, and then smoothing them out.

Head to the Exo Tapes website ASAP for pre-order of リンキンパーク: Quindecim, Triginta Septem, & Viginti Sex and the new +you CDr!

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“The Law of Pure Will (The Lamentation of the Greatest Wealth)”

Built over the disembodied live playback of cassette tape collages and the hands-on-keys presence of a human being somewhere behind a shroud of reverb, the music that Chicago-based multi-instrumentalist Whitney Johnson makes under the Matchess moniker hovers between the realms of the earthly and the paranormal. Her arrangements simmer in a consonant haze, sketching out slow-burning rituals of juxtaposed texture: the sustained chords of an Ace Tone combo organ; the mew of catgut on viola strings; the rounded bass notes that bump their way into the mix. As these layers compound, Johnson’s voice sounds out as the human epicenter of her mixes, abstracted just beyond legibility by effect manipulation and processing.

Ahead of her forthcoming full-length Somnaphoria, due June 23 on Chicago’s Trouble in Mind Records, Matchess offers us the transportative audio/visual zone of “The Law of Pure Will (The Lamentation of the Greatest Wealth).” A suite of dynamic animations made by Chicago-based artist Jenna Caravello unfolds in time with the narcotic atmosphere, scrolling between instances of Johnson’s animated proxy gazing at the stars from a grove of plants and flashes of the cosmos themselves, rendered as oscillating fractal waves of color against the night sky. Johnson’s harmonies complicate across drifting choruses before the track swells to gorgeous heights of organ drone and viola melody — prompting Caravello’s visuals to splinter off into deeper dissociative imagery.

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