“The Racer”

The following is a sequence of .gifs that align directly with my mind upon listening to Ahnnu’s newest “The Racer” on Leaving Records:

• Ahnnu: http://www.dogtropic.net
• LEAVING RECORDS: http://leavingrecords.com

Lily Taylor


Video director Melissa Cha always gets the mood perfect for the music she’s helping visualize, and it’s no different when it comes to Lily Taylor’s “Taxi.” With the same linger of light reflected off water, or swirling smoke before standing up, Lily Taylor gentle glides a lightly keyed melody as distant, encroaching drums begin to outline curves with shade, and then it all beings to blend when her vocals unveil The Ride in this “Taxi.” And as these vocals being to layer, the reflection of video does the same, juxtaposing your thoughts on hearing and seeing, but so subtly, that it’s more engrossing than it is ponderous. Thus is most of Lily Taylor’s newest album The Ride on Pour le Corps Records. It’s devastating in a beautiful whisk. Something about the softness played out in long forms as she does, but keeping it collected to merely a few minutes creates a very heavy focus on “Why? But, oo– that’s pretty.”

Snag Lily Taylor’s The Ride on cassette via Pour le Corps Records, and enjoy the pleasant light she is portrayed by Melissa Cha in “Taxi,” below:

• Pour le Corps Records: http://www.pourlecorpsmusic.com

The Cyclist

“Hot House”

“Make sure you’ve had your morning coffee first,” is the only warning The Cyclist gave me while sending over the video of his 100% Silk EP title track, Hot House. Like, if you thought “Bones In Motion” was bugged, “Hot House” will haunt your nightmares. By no means is it scary, but like when you’re tripping hard, trying to keep level, and you see a friend tripping on something else, in a completely different realm: THIS is the terror of the situation. Bringing yourself back to that complacency of the high. Which is made easy by The Cyclist, considering the back beat to “Hot House” keeps listeners grounded and nodding, keeping a pace that’s as doable as it is hallucinogenic. And if that didn’t satiate your mind to a calming plateau, his single “Heart of Stone” can give you the weight you need to pull yo high-ass back down to Earth.

Be on the lookout for Hot House EP on 100% Silk with the cassette and Music Is For Lovers via 12-inch (in 3D, so the vinyl looks badass)!

• The Cyclist: https://soundcloud.com/the-cyclist
• 100% Silk: http://listentosilk.com
• music/is/for/losers: http://www.musicisforlosers.com


“The Game Is Over”

Yes, this is a post for that Ministry, and not any new band that’s decided to call themselves that - yet, because yours truly is a former high school-era confused goth/rivethead/raver, and just had to write something (anything!) up on one of his favorite bands of all time, and since head honcho ‘uncle Alien Jourgensen’ has been putting out unreleased early material and remixes for free download, and now has a box set called the Ministry Trax! Box coming out on record store day through Cleopatra, the timing was just right.

Ahead of the box set, either Hypo Luxa himself or Cleopatra has put out this remarkable unreleased track from 1983 called “The Game Is Over,” Ministry’s With Sympathy era, and its sure to please fans of this particular iteration of the massively influential industrial act.

• Cleopatra: http://www.cleopatrarecords.com


“Paradise Island (Karmelloz And C Plus Plus 2032 Dub)”

HOKO Sounds got their humor game poppin’ always. Titles are super important in the music slang, and pairing a collaborative “2032 Dub” by Karmelloz and C Plus Plus of Inversion’s “Paradise Island,” with Andre3000’s honeydewed sample, “Baby’s mama’s mama’s….” This is the sorta humor I can fuck with, considering the edit claims it’s from the future, and technically your baby’s mama’s mama’s mama’s mama’s got you to 2032, so S/O is in order.

Other than the OBVI, or exactly the OBVI, the 2032 Dub by both the track’s originator (Karmelloz) and C Plus Plus, takes the realm of “Paradise Island” to a beach in the sky. Like that fake ocean in Japan the “2032 Dub” creates a bubble-esque atmosphere that harnesses the sky rolling into the sandy shore, upon your feet, while mixed-drinks (now in the form of vapor) cloud out of glasses, bikinis gather just the right tan, and strapless sunglasses got your e-mail in the left lense: Inbox (1), with the subject header “I Live For Weekends” and the body is just a picture of Garfield chilling in a hovercraft. Never wake up again. Plug into your OcRif. Soundtrack “Paradise Island (Karmelloz And C Plus Plus 2032 Dub), forever:

• Karmelloz: https://soundcloud.com/karmelloz
• C Plus Plus: https://soundcloud.com/c_plus_plus
• HOKO Sounds: http://hokosounds.com



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