“Father” (prod. by Yung Gutted)

izy is BACK, and still Killing this shit with a new track “Father” produced by Yung Gutted. Screams dubbed throughout, and the horror ensues, as he slays the slur-rap game like the pro-est of all blend-flow slangers in the game. And Gutted’s sample on this matches izy’s lyrical stature and existence perfectly, complimenting this unique blend of bombed-out sophistication he’s always dropping in each verse. But excellent production is something you can count on every time, as izy really finds the crop’s cream, considering he rollin’ HARD with them Swim Team beat-dealers.

Actually, I had the opportunity to see izy LIVE at the first Swim Team event, and had to scoot back. The crowd got so hyped up and jumping that I was under the impression the entire dance floor was going to end up in the basement. I seriously felt waves in the wood when “Tasteless.” threw up smoke, –like Matrix style human energy. Ridgewood couldn’t handle.

Keep on izy’s SoundCloud game, because he ain’t stopping any time soon. Proof is in the “Father” (prod. by Yung Gutted), streaming below:

• izy: https://soundcloud.com/izywater
• Yung Gutted: https://soundcloud.com/yung-gutted
• Swim Team: http://swimteam69.net

Sang Bleu & 88 Ultra Present

Beloved Thuggery

If the floatiness of Sirens had you thinking 88 Ultra must be the “Blue Sky” side of his production duo, then think again, because Beloved Thuggery is “Black Death” all the way. Having recently relocated from Seattle to NYC, the producer formerly known as Kingston now enters the darkest of cloud rap nimbi, raining down a hailstorm of Gothic screw in the process. Co-curated by magazine/tattoo studio/clothing line/art gallery Sang Bleu, Beloved Thuggery is a never-ending winter night that makes the morgue scene from Groundhog Day seem lighthearted by comparison. Bad weather metaphors aside, this moody mix is available as a free download via 88 Ultra’s bandcamp page. Brood to it.

• 88 Ultra: http://ultraglacial.bandcamp.com
• Sang Bleu: http://sangbleu.com


EarthEmergency vol​.​1

So fucking stoked on this one, y’all. As we highlighted this release in a tease [snippet] a few months back, Zona Tapes is finally rolling out the reels, and for their first: DarkTwaine. Some real Afro-Futurism by-way of found-sound mockery, EarthEmergency vol​.​1 finds every nook and cranny of your lobs, and dives deep into listeners creative mine juices, squashing out a little wine-flow, broken by fragments of time and space, within a fury of lose beats and sampled squeaks. And it’s a blessing to admit – having only really heard the full UNMASTERED version of this tape – that EarthEmergency vol​.​1 is pure genius. I was super worried at first that it could go either bad or good, but up until now, I’ve full confidence in this being the beginning of a series that is sure to impress well into the 30th century. Maybe.

But the 21st is here. DarkTwaine is stretching the tape and slicing up your hemispheres. Grip the very first Zona Tapes tape EarthEmergency vol​.​1 with me right now, because I’m a fucking dip for waiting this long. So many evenings are about to burn like an stick of incense into OBLIVion, from here-on-out:

• DarkTwaine: http://darktwaine.bandcamp.com
• ZONA TAPES: http://zonatapes.bandcamp.com


“Bloody Eye”

Yo, WHAT is in the drinking water over at Tri Angle Records. Lotic’s Heterocetera came out this week – HOLY SHIT go buy them 12-inches -like- right now; Heterocetera is ultimately my AOTY, as it’s legitimately terrifying; a doll that ruined you as a child returning; etc. On the other hand, Rabit’s Baptizm comes out in two weeks and if the album’s first single “Bloody Eye” is a testament, will knockout Heterocetera cold vying for the spot.

Tri Angle Records is steady mobbin’ over at their headquarters, laughing at whatever is coming through their speakers because: this shit is destructive. Maybe they’re stoked about the Ides of March, or how March is consistently the worst month of my year. Whatever! The motive force shifting massive electronic tectonics of Rabit’s Baptizm drops on digital and 12-inch March 17. Be there!

• Rabit: https://soundcloud.com/therabit
• Tri Angle Records: http://tri-anglerecords.com/

Marco Donnarumma


Unlike light, a medium is required in order for sound to “exist.” You can’t have music in a vacuum, because the waves caused by vibrations need something to pass through in order to manifest as sound. Marco Donnarumma, an Italian performer, artist, and writer, builds upon similar ideas with his music but in conceptually complex, interactive ways, privileging the body as a site not only for the literal embodiment of sound, but also for the production of sound itself.

Donnarumma’s time-based “Nigredo” installation, made in collaboration with artist/engineer Marije Baalman, is one such example. For this installation, Donnarumma invites a visitor into a booth, in which he captures their heartbeat, blood flow, and muscle contractions through three high-powered infrasound devices making direct contact with their skull and vertebral column, as well as through Donnarumma’s Xth Sense biosensor, which is placed near their heart. The sounds produced are then digitally processed and fed right back into the visitor through the bioacoustic technology, creating resonance in the their bones and tissues through two waves traveling in opposite directions (a “standing wave”). Aided by flickering lights, a hidden sound system, and two subwoofers, the piece literally alters the visitor’s cardiovascular, respiratory, and neurological systems. Yep, just another Friday night.

The excerpt below is the kind of audio you might hear in the installation:

Obviously, this a superficial representation. Turn it up loud enough and you might begin to somewhat approximate some of the intended audio sensations, but the rest will have to be left to your imagination. If you want to experience his work in person, however, Donnarumma will be performing at a SHAPE event organized by Slovenia’s MoTA Museum. He’ll perform a piece called “Ominous,” in which muscle tissues are amplified and digitally processed, creating an oscillation between the actual sound of the muscles and its virtual manifestation. Go feel for yourself Friday, March 6, at London’s Apiary Studios.

• Marco Donnarumma: http://marcodonnarumma.com


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