Chocolate Grinder Mix 24
“Humor Belongs In Music”

Frank Zappa posed the question, and provided the answer. Does humor belong in music? Obviously, I think so, and after you hear this absurd and occasionally surreal mix, there is a reasonable chance you will too. Granted, this mix is not exactly a face-melting music tour-de-force from start to finish, but that is also part of the point. If not a life-changing catharsis, music, at the very least, can be fun.

There's a lot of West coast flavor on this one, featuring four Vancouver acts alone. The Fugitives throw down a whimsical spoken-word interpretation of music history, while the fabulously named Phatty Phatty & The Roaches live up to their hype. The all-ages collective Duplex! takes a turn toward the Talking Heads on their ode to sandwiches, and if you haven't heard of Dan Mangan yet, prepare to see his name popping up everywhere you look from now on. As Mugatu would say, "he's so hot right now."

You will also likely remember when and where you were when you first heard the post-ironic ballad from electro princess Adira Amram for the rest of your life. Adira recently landed back home in New York after from her now-infamous tour with Kid Koala's The Slew. Every night, her intimate rendition of "Mom Song" brought the house to a standstill, followed by sporadic tucking and rolling.

That said, I'm not sure if tracks five through eight are supposed to be comical, and Mangan's "Robots" is more cute-funny than spit-take, knee-slapping, laugh-out-muthafckn'-loud funny. But hopefully they will at least bring a smile to your face. People tend to like Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy, getting drunk off leaks in the ceiling, and hearing children giggle, so I think I've got my bases covered.

01. The Fugitives - "Music (Live)" (Find Me EP)
- Start time: 0:00; Links: The Fugitives
02. Adira Amram - "Mom Song" (Hot Jamz For Teens)
- Start time: 4:04; Links: Adira Amram
03. Phatty Phatty & The Roaches - "Stanley" (Stanley)
- Start time: 7:20; Links: Phatty Phatty & The Roaches
04. Duplex! - "That's How We Make A Sandwich" (Worser)
- Start time: 11:15; Links: Mint - Duplex!
05. Why? - "Even The Good Wood Gone" (Eskimo Snow)
- Start time: 14:43; Links: Anticon - Why?
06. Alpha Channel - "Mexican Space Program" (Exotic Tales)
- Start time: 19:03; Links: Omelette - Alpha Channel
07. Bassnectar - "Window Seat" (Cozza Frenzy)
- Start time: 25:06; Links: OM - Bassnectar
08. João Orecchia - "Midnight Serenade" (Hands And Feet)
- Start time: 32:16; Links: Other Electricities - João Orecchia
09. Vinyl Life - "Take It Off feat. J-Zone, Ray West, & Tru Pro" (Vinyl Life)
- Start time: 35:20; Links: Tape Theory - Vinyl Life
10. Dan Mangan - "Robots" (Nice, Nice, Very Nice)
- Start time: 37:56; Links: File Under: Music - Dan Mangan

Artwork: [Keith Kawaii]

Chocolate Grinder Mix 23

“The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes”

In an article on NPR, Robin Hilton, producer of the station's All Songs Considered, claimed that Animal Collective was "inventing an all-new kind of music" that "asks us to reconsider how we define everything that music is" (italics mine). Holy crap... everything that music is? The fact that Hilton's AC blurb begins with "It's just a bunch of senseless noise to some people" further highlights the continuing rift between music cultures in America (and the lengths some writers will go to be shocking). It also reminds me that, when you're so steeped in "radical" music, you often forget the mechanics that made it different or difficult in the first place. So, I hope you're all ready for an hour of pure cosmic space flight shit that redraws the boundaries of what music can mean in our lives!! In the words of TMT's editor-in-chief, "it changed me." But what is the IT????????

01. D.A. - "Machupicchu: The Intihuatana" (Pyramids of Mars ph.III)
- Start time: 0:00; Links: D.A.
02. Steve Hauschildt - "Runway" (Critique of The Beautiful)
- Start time: 8:23; Links: [Steve Hauschildt->]
03. Caboladies - "Crowded" (Crowded Out Memory)
- Start time: 17:53; Links: [Caboladies->]
04. Von Bingen - "Eyeglasses of Kentucky" (Von Bingen)
- Start time: 23:35; Links: Von Bingen
05. Black To Comm - "Musik Für Alle" (Alphabet 1968)
- Start time: 28:53; Links: [Type->] - [Black To Comm->]
06. Blues Control - "Tangier" (Local Flavor)
- Start time: 32:39; Links: [Stiltbreeze->] - [Blues Control->]
07. Infinity Window- "Internal Compass" (Artificial Midnight)
- Start time: 40:39; Links: [Arbor->] - [Infinity Window->]
08. Noveller - "Brilliant Colors" (Red Rainbow)
- Start time: 47:56; Links: [No Fun->] - [Noveller->]
09. Solars - "Shadow" (Shadow/Cave)
- Start time: 53:40; Links: Solars
10. Oneohtrix Point Never - "Physical Memory" (Russian Mind)
- Start time: 60:48; Links: No Fun->] - [Oneohtrix Point Never

Artwork: [Keith Kawaii]

Chocolate Grinder Mix 22

“Dream Is Destiny”

"Today, a young man on acid realized that all matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration, that we are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively, there is no such thing as death, life is only a dream, and we are the imagination of ourselves. Here's Tom with the weather." - Bill Hicks

In a world made of distraction, letting yourself completely go every once in a while is the best way to ground and gain perspective on yourself. Part chill and part trip, this installment in the Chocolate Grinder series is something to lose yourself in. It's a mix to turn off your mind, relax, and gently float downstream, to guide you to a place of inner peace and fantastic realizations. Let the sound be the current that sets you adrift. For a deeper experience, I highly recommend checking out the complete albums by Echaskech, Christ., Cougar, Boxcutter, and múm, from which the tracks for this mix came. Those will all likely make my year-end list for 2009. There's also a track on Lokai's Transition that sounds like Portishead -- that alone makes the album worthy of investigation.

01. Echaskech - "On Your Mind" (Shatterproof)
- Start time: 0:00; Links: Just Music - Echaskech
02. Christ. - "Animus" (Distance Lends Enchantment To The View)
- Start time: 5:11; Links: Benbecula - Christ.
03. Cougar - "Pelourinho" (Patriot)
- Start time: 9:48; Links: Counter - Cougar
04. Pollination - "Some Sun (Yppah Edit)" (Inca Orange EP)
- Start time: 14:26; Links: Exponential - Pollination
05. Lokai - "Salvador" (Transition)
- Start time: 17:49; Links: Thrill Jockey - Lokai
06. Boxcutter - "Kab 28" (Arecibo Message)
- Start time: 21:47; Links: Planet Mu - Boxcutter
07. Gus Gus - "Bremen Cowboy" (24/7)
- Start time: 24:33; Links: Kompakt - Gus Gus
08. Grasscut - "Swallow The Day" (High Down single)
- Start time: 32:24; Links: Ninja Tune - Grasscut
09. Warpaint - "Beetles" (Exquisite Corpse)
- Start time: 36:18; Links: Manimal Vinyl - Warpaint
10. múm - "A River Don't Stop to Breathe" (Sing Along To Songs You Don't Know)
- Start time: 43:07; Links: Euphono - múm

Artwork: [Keith Kawaii]

Chocolate Grinder Mix 21

“How Many Roads Must a Man Is Dust in the Wind”

First of all, let me apologize for my last Chocolate Grinder blurb. I was seriously high as fuck when I wrote that. This time, let me talk about the music at hand. We have a collection of "Eureka!"-style artists that I tried to make exist in the same universe (Earth 616). Assuming anyone listens to these mixes, you'll hopefully find that this one is constructed like an actual album!!! The GREATEST ALBUM OF ALL TIME. Each track exemplifies the deemphasis of structure in modern music, with focus on dream-like repetition that maintains interest through dynamic and timbral shifts. Basically, these songs are bolstered by musical devices other than big chord changes, whether they be subterranean recording qualities, bouts of silence, or overwhelming swaths of distortion. Each section of the mix also loosely represents bubbling trends in 2009-music -- trends that I'm not going to explain right now (because I'm full of shit). You can just hear for yourself!

01. HEALTH - "Before Tigers" (Get Color)
- Start time: 0:00; Links: [Lovepump United->] - [HEALTH->]
02. Forest Creatures - "Edit 6" (Frustrated Analogue)
- Start time: 3:23; Links: [Blackest Rainbow->] - [Forest Creatures->]
03. Oneohtrix Point Never - "Hyperdawn" (Zones Without People)
- Start time: 7:14; Links: Arbor - [Oneohtrix Point Never->]
04. Flower Man - "Mirrors in Orbit" (Exotic Cameo)
- Start time: 11:46; Links: Upstairs - [Flower Man->]
05. Ducktails - "Parasailing" (Split 7")
- Start time: 14:44; Links: [Underwater Peoples Records->] - [Ducktails->]
06. Elegi - "Arvesølv" (Varde)
- Start time: 20:45; Links: Miasmah - [Elegi->]
07. nmperign - "Prey" (Ommatidia)
- Start time: 23:19; Links: Intransitive
08. Æthenor - "IV" (Faking Gold and Murder)
- Start time: 29:21; Links: [VHF->] - [Æthenor->]
09. Zs - "MMW I (Part I)" (Music of the Modern White)
- Start time: 34:16; Links: [The Social Registry->] - [Zs->]
10. Hjarnidaudi - "Part I" (Psyko:Stare:Void)
- Start time: 39:33; Links: [Music Fear Satan->] - [Hjarnidaudi->]

Artwork: [Keith Kawaii]

Chocolate Grinder Mix 20

“Cornbread, ain’t nothin’ wrong with that”

I may be an insufferably white dork from Canada, but I likes me a good broken beat. The odd vocalization of nostalgic pondering or social protest is icing on that bass-laden cake. This here mix tape is the nasty bidnezz, starting off with some more ambient, glitchy numbers before progressing to raucous old-school-flavored beats and booty-shaking breaks, with a righteous rant from future superstar B. Dolan that you will not soon forget. However, if you're looking for guns, bitches, and bling, you are probably talking to the wrong corn-fed honkey.

01. Deru - "Fadeaway" (Say Goodbye To Useless)
- Start time: 0:00; Links: Mush - Deru
02. Loden - "My Face Came Off" (Buggy)
- Start time: 4:39; Links: Mush - Loden
03. The Slew - "It's All Over" (100%)
- Start time: 7:35; Links: Ninja Tune - The Slew
04. B. Dolan - "Open Letter To J. T." (House Of Bees Vol. 1)
- Start time: 11:01; Links: Strange Famous - B. Dolan
05. Peter, Bjorn and John - "Stay This Way (DJ Jazzy Jeff Remix)" (Re-Living Thing)
- Start time: 15:38; Links: Columbia - Peter, Bjorn and John
06. Dynas - "The Future feat. DJ Jazzy Jeff" (The Apartment)
- Start time: 19:18; Links: BBE - Dynas
07. An-Ten-Nae - "Warning feat. Buccaneer" (Acid Crunk EP 5)
- Start time: 23:10; Links: Muti Music - An-Ten-Nae
08. Timonkey - "Fembot Serenade" (Molecular Forest)
- Start time: 27:39; Links: Muti Music - Timonkey
09. Anti-Pop Consortium - "Volcano (Four Tet Remix)" (Volcano single)
- Start time: 31:39; Links: Big Dada - Anti-Pop Consortium
10. The Herbaliser Band - "Blackwater Drive" (Session 2)
- Start time: 36:19; Links: !K7 - The Herbaliser Band

Artwork: [Keith Kawaii]

Chocolate Grinder Mix 19

“Foot Village’s Intelligence Report: Summer 2009”

This is a guest mix made by [Foot Village. Their latest album is Anti-Magic, which was recently released on Upset the Rhythm.]

All of us in Foot Village love D&D. All of us. Especially Citizen Lee. Nerds we are. So, when it comes to music listening, we try to represent our nerdy taste in the most shallow way possible. So here is a mix dedicated to to the letters D&D. A Doom & Disco mix. From the 20,000-leagues-under-the-sea melodies of Clipd Beaks to the staccato static beats of Big Digits to bands that seemlessly blend the genres of dronemetal and dancefloor like Captain Ahab and Pictureplane. We also love chanting, so you get lots of it in here -- especially of the Lost Boys OST sort. So, open up an animated GIF of a Warcraft Orc doing the Soulja Boy Tell 'Em dance and enjoy. We're here in LA, sucking up the smoke while the hills burn like the chimneys of Apokolips. Hope you forgive us if this summer is more about zone-trooping and reading Ziggy comics for us than the beach-bashes you are used to.

01. XBXRX - "Curso e Famine" (Un Usper)
- Start time: 0:00; Links: XBXRX
02. Big Digits - "Making Progress" (TBA)
- Start time: 2:01; Links: Big Digits
03. Fartbarf - "Play the Game" (Self-titled)
- Start time: 4:08; Links: [Fartbarf->htt://]
04. Clipd Beaks - "Dust" (To Realize)
- Start time: 6:43; Links: Clipd Beaks
05. Alaskas - "Unshackled" (Set Yourself Free)
- Start time: 10:20; Links: Highfives & Handshakes - Alaskas
06. TITS - "Cheap Echoes" (Second Base)
- Start time: 11:30; Links: Upset the Rhythm - TITS
07. Kinit Her - "Nagas Litany" (Glyms or Beame of Radicall Truthes)
- Start time: 15:20; Links: Living Tapes - Kinit Her
08. Thee Oh Sees - "Go Meet the Seed" (Help)
- Start time: 19:06; Links: In the Red - Thee Oh Sees
09. Pictureplane - "Tance Doll" (Dark Rift)
- Start time: 24:40; Links: Lovepump United - Pictureplante
10. Captain Ahab - "Feel Anymore" (The End of Irony)
- Start time: 28:19; Links: Deathbomb Arc - Captain Ahab

Artwork: [Keith Kawaii]


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