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No Children

Is there a more exemplary label living out the Nü American Dream™ than Deathbomb Arc? The label grew up in Los Angeles, gave birth to a bunch of creative weirdos before turning 17, and somehow had a cat as a CEO. Pretty stellar life decisions that I wish I had made, but since I didn’t, I’ll have to live vicariously via the premiere of No Children, a free online compilation from the Deathbomb crew.

Released in conjunction with the label’s 17th birthday, this aural celebration features 10 previously unreleased tracks from Deathbomb stalwarts and some special company. Avant-rap trio True Neutral Crew joins Drew Daniels (a.k.a. the Soft Pink Truth) for the Mr. Bungle-meets-Death Grips “Squad Up,” while Cooling Prongs teams up with Kurt Harland Larson (frontman of 80s new-wave legends Information Society) for the even more schizophrenic “Acousmites.” Appropriately enough, hypersexual duo Captain Ahab plays the metaphorical stripper bursting out of the birthday cake, returning from three years of dormancy to drop “Little Hands” (you may recognize 1/2 of the band as Jonathan Snipes from .clipping, but this man has a past of half-naked live shows and appearing on the Snakes on a Plane soundtrack). Pretty good party favors, you guys.

Speaking of party favors, there are plenty of other gifts (that you have to pay for) to go around: the label’s put up several 17th-anniversary batches for order on their webstore, featuring three new cassettes as well as the first Deathbomb shirts that have been printed since 2002. Additionally, L.A. residents can join the actual birthday celebration on February 21, when BLKHRTS, True Neutral Crew, tik///tik, and Rale perform at The Smell. Tickets for that show are available here.

With all that being said, happy 17th, Deathbomb Arc. Let’s go see an R-rated movie together.

No Children tracklist:

02. I.E. - “After the Club”
03. Captain Ahab - “Little Hands”
04. Shady Van Gogh - “Apostasy (Skate or Die)”
05. tik///tik - “Lisa Radio”
06. They Hate Change - “P6 (Catchin’ the Vibe)”
07. Cooling Prongs - “Acousmites (ft. Kurt Harland Larson)”
08. True Neutral Crew - “Squad Up (ft. The Soft Pink Truth)”
09. clipping. - “Body & Blood (BLKHRTS remix)”
10. Keebs - “Light”

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Felicia Atkinson

A Readymade Ceremony [trailer] / “L’oeil”

There’ll never be a point in Felicia Atkinson’s career where her art just tapers into a generalization of her music (EXAMPLE). So rejoice, because Shelter Press just began selling the newest Felicia Atkinson release A Readymade Ceremony on LP (100-clear/400-black, both 160 grm) and CD
(for you international collectors; cheap shipping). Read (?) the trailer video above and then immediately scope out the first track “L’oeil” streaming below:

“L’oeil” is a ritual confessional surrounded by flames in sweeping and breath-taking advancement. Objective in the unabashed beauty of fault and temptation. Like a sculpture of shame, Felicia Atkinson incants a barely repetitive poem/spell that’s as terrifying as it is blissful. Something also super notable is she and Bart (Shelter Press head) live in the French Alps, and I believe she teaches vocal classes at a local school; interesting to note because “L’oeil” doesn’t involve singing as much as it is attentive in intonation and proper annunciation, also considering she is not a native English speaker. Good to know Felicia Atkinson takes scrupulous time with her work that you can hear. Sonic goddessness at in nail-biting serenity!

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Free Dust

I: Population: Ashtray

Yo, I know dust is free, M. Sage. You ain’t tellin’ me nothin’ new. Fucking dust is mostly dead skin, and our bodies are priceless, so yeah, hence the free thing. Who could put a price on existence?

K, now that I’m done razzing old Sagey pants, lets get down to brass tacks. DON’T SIT ON BRASS TACKS! Okay, but for real this time, I: Population: Ashtray — the first installment of the quarterly project by Patient Sounds boss Matthew Sage — is the opposite of quick punchlines and irony and organ harvesting. Its dust. It collects and builds. It settles. Its honest and pure, decaying into the air and filling the room with contemplative reverberations.

Listen to the whole album below, and be on the lookout for part II, coming sometime next year, if my understanding or quarterly is correct.

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“In My Vein”

When the first material of the San Francisco based noise rock trio Parae emerged on the web, they tried to create a sound that they dubbed “camp-core,” playing with post-punk structures and winking their eye to the listener. Fast forward to 2015, and Parae are not only almost finished with their new album, which they claim will be a bit heavier than their previous efforts and influenced more by shoegaze, metal and even goth. The goth influences can be clearly seen in the video for “In My Vein”, where the members emerge from the red-tinted shadows, clad in leather, wearing studded collars and generally being all rock and fetishy-like. Musically wise, it’s a healthy chunk of good ol’ Rock, with the maniacal, psychedelic guitar being the standout point, barely keeping on track but never getting too derailed. While waiting for their new album, you can also check out their other track, “Thurst”, on the band’s SoundCloud page.

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