Ariel Pink / R. Stevie Moore
Klu Klux Glam [album]

Don’t think. It’s entirely a taste thing. For example, right now in your mouth, what’s that on ya palate? Look in the mirror to see your reaction, maybe. It’s the flavor of Ariel Pink and R. Stevie Moore wrapping around your tongue, throat, ears, brain, spinal cord, tail, toes, etc. I was talking to someone the other day about how a method in storytelling/art now is trying to be serious about not being serious. Examples: Lil B, Transmuteo, Ween, Ferraro. So, Klu Klux Glam is, like, leading the parade right now. Listen to the tongue-in-cheek biting track titles and lyrics, or check that cover photo; this is after you’ve read the album title over and over again. And they did this shit the “old fashioned way” by posting it on bandcamp for a little while before releasing it on CD-R, tape, and now a double LP! So, fuck off you fan or die hard with Klu Klux Glam. #tasteit

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Xiu Xiu / Dirty Beaches

“Always” / “Tu Ne Dis Rien”

As we reported late last month, Xiu Xiu and Dirty Beaches are releasing a split 7-inch single on April 21 for Record Store Day (fetish alert!). Xiu Xiu’s side features a cover of Erasure’s “Always” (also the title of Xiu Xiu’s latest), while Dirty Beaches covers “Tu Ne Dis Rien” by Françoise Hardy. Check out both tracks below via Polyvinyl. (And hey, while I have you, can I just parenthetically reiterate just how awesome Dirty Beaches’ Badlands is??)

Xiu Xiu and Dirty Beaches will be going on a joint tour soon. Check out the dates here.

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“Ascending” / “Caves Of Paradise” / “Iwwad”

Benji B recently played three new Actress tracks on his Radio 1 show. If you have the leisure time and get a perverse kick out of suspending your gratification, then you can check out the whole show here for the next seven days. But if you’re the type of person who must go through the drive-thru and have, like, one-minute masturbating sessions, then it’s probably best to check out TheBananaKing11’s rip of the show above, which extracts all three songs into a nice little video. I guess your third option would be to wait until April 20, when Actress’ highly-anticipated R.I.P. album is for sale via Honest Jon’s. BUT YOU MUST CHOOSE AT LEAST ONE OF THE THREE.

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John Maus

“No Title (Molly)”

On Record Store Day, April 21, Ribbon Music and Domino are releasing an exclusive, limited-edition “FlexiDisc Zine” called Smugglers Way. The 24-page zine will feature contributions by artists ranging from Alex Bleeker (Real Estate), Owen Pallett, and Bjorn Copeland (Black Dice), to Jon Hopkins, Ade Blackburn (Clinic), and Jana Hunter (Lower Dens). It also includes unreleased songs by Dirty Projectors, Real Estate, Cass McCombs, Villagers, and TMT favorite John Maus, all spread across five individual, multi-colored Flexi Discs. The transparent orange disc, naturally everyone’s go-to color choice, features Maus and his unreleased track, “No Title (Molly).” Stream it here, friends:

Check out the the Smugglers Way trailer here:

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Mission of Burma

“Dust Devil”

Holy Ian Curtis, it’s a new Mission of Burma tune! The legendary Boston post-punk band will release their new album, Unsound, on Fire Records this July. “Dust Devil” is the album opener, and it’s got everything you could want in a MoB song: those familiar chugging riffs, cacophonous bits of feedback, and just enough harmonies to make it go down smooth. I’m not sure if this song was written for the household appliance or the dangerous meteorological phenomenon, but Roger Miller and company make the Dust Devil sound rollicking and rowdy regardless of the context.

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Rafael Toral / Davu Seru

“First Third” [excerpt]

I don’t like you, and you don’t like me. But I think we can all agree that we do like Rafael Toral, whose third volume in his Space Elements (TMT Review) series (jazz via electronics) weaseled its way to #33 on our favorite albums of 2011 list. No word yet on a fourth volume, but Toral just released Live in Minneapolis on jazz label Clean Feed, which features a stunning 2011 performance with percussionist Davu Seru. Check out an excerpt of the first track here:

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