Avey Tare
“Lucky 1”

Avey Tare, drummer of The Animal Collection, will be releasing his first solo album, Down There, on October 26 via Paw Tracks (Ani DiFranco’s label). Aside from Animal Collection releases, Avey also released Pullhair Rubeye in 2007 with Icelandic singer Björk. It caused quite the controversy because the album was spread across four discs intended to be played simultaneously. Meanwhile, The Animal Collection released a film on DVD called ODDSAC, which tells the story of a bunch of people humping trashcans. Björk starred in the film and sang a duet with Muse singer Tom Yorke.

• Paw Tracks: http://www.paw-tracks.com

Flavorpill Fix Episode Four

Cerebral Ballzy, Soft Circle, Ghost Mall [curated by Japanther]

It was only a matter of time before the awesome Flavorpill Fix got even awesomer. For this installment of Flavorpill’s online video series, Japanther not only collect live footage and videos from Cerebral Ballzy, Soft Circle, and Ghost Mall, but they also create animations of interviews they conducted with the bands! Meanwhile, the Flavorpill Fix will start airing every Wednesday at 10:30 PM on New York’s TV station, NYC life. Head over to Flavorwire for more information about the show and life in general.

• Flavorwire: http://flavorwire.com

Antony and the Johnsons

“Thank You for Your Love”

You’ve heard the song before, now you can watch the video. Expect to smell it soon.

Antony’s new album, Swanlights, is due tomorrow via Secretly Canadian and Rough Trade.

• Antony and the Johnsons: http://antonyandthejohnsons.com
• Secretly Canadian: http://www.secretlycanadian.com
• Rough Trade: http://www.roughtraderecords.com

Brian Eno

“2 Forms Of Anger”

Brian Eno, who is set to release Small Craft On A Milk Sea on November 2 via Warp, is pissed and he ain’t afraid to sublimate. How do I know? Listen to “2 Forms Of Anger,” and you’ll find out.

• Brian Eno: http://brian-eno.net
• Leo Abrahams: http://www.leoabrahams.com
• Jon Hopkins: http://www.jonhopkins.co.uk
• Warp: http://warp.net

Foot Village

“Lovers With Iraqis”

After last year’s Anti-Magic (TMT Review), Foot Village officially and audibly completed their trilogy of a fictitious nation’s apocalypse. Now, according to the band, they are setting their sights on our real-life impending apocalypse (yay!) with a two-track 7-inch on How To Fight Records, featuring one song of “hope” and one song of “doom.” This track is the hopeful one.

• Foot Village: http://footvillage.org
• How to Fight: http://howtofightrecords.bandcamp.com

Gang of Four

“Never Pay for the Farm”

Early next year (January 25, to be exact), Gang of Four are releasing Content, the group’s first album of new material in 16 years. Here’s a track from said album, entitled “Never Pay for the Farm.” Never pay for the farm, eh? Tell that to my Uncle Joe. He paid for the farm, and now he’s using these awesome genetically modified seeds from Monsanto. Mmmm, I love modified rapeseed!

• Gang of Four: http://www.gangoffour.co.uk
• Yep Roc: http://www.yeproc.com


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