Bachanalia and Diamond Terrifier
“Shrine Flu” [collaborative duo version on WNUR]

It’s less a battle than a dual diagnosis. Back and forth, Bachanalia (Patrick Higgins) and Diamond Terrifier (Sam Hillmer) try to find common ground, something stable to initiate a sequence and binding for the listener’s healing. Beauty blows through brass as meditation is made in wooden vibration. They find “Shrine Flu” in you, putting forth all their energy, piece by piece, through miles of thought and transcendence, and the only way to deplete it is to embody their sound. Twenty-six minutes of crammed care for your Monday blues. As I’ve mentioned recently, you should follow these fellahs at they’s tour Twitter for maximum music interaction: shoot ‘em a tweet, find out where they is, and tell ‘em your favorite sammi-joint for a bite or fun locale to record a video for their next Chocolate Grinder post. #scopescopescope

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At this point, what more can be said about well-crafted beats stuttering along with occasional (or constant) yelps or moans? Always more, as it turns out. Here’s Howse’s two cents, and they add up to “VBS.” Verbs? Voluptuous Blip Serenade? Viscously Sizzling Bakeware? Val Barks Seduction? Victor’s Bolero Show? Yeah, probably the last.

Howse deigns to your listening pleasure by way of Tri Angle Records. Try their angles — they’re delicious! Howse’s Lay Hollow is out May 28.

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Lil B

#1 Bitch [mixtape]

Based God knows no bounds. Mere weeks after the release of his God’s Father mixtape and days after lecturing at New York University, the harbinger of avant-rap has dropped his #1 Bitch mixtape. And in addition to dropping more sick, disconnected flows on new standards like “Ho Suck My Dick,” “Hop Stop Playing,” and “1 Mo Lick,” Lil B is dipping his holy toes into the uncharted waters of production: “Hit That Weed (Smokers Break)” features a beat that vaguely recalls Paula Abdul’s “Straight Up,” but stoner-fied, with lots of coughs, tokes, and hisses. Nobody ever doubted Lil B’s skills as an MC, but he’s got a good ear for track construction as well. I won’t even bother to try and convince y’all to nab this. It’s available for free right here.

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Diamond Terrifier

“Shrine Flu” [live in Oberlin, OH]

Blasting through dimensions and dark matter comes Diamond Terrifier. Touching down in Oberlin, OH to warp the strongest of minds, Sam Hillmer lung-sirens sound that breaks the barrier. I may have heard it here on Strong Island. Here’s what Sam had to say:

Oberlin is full of antiquated looking structures with quotes from the Bible and other scary books carved into them and messaging you constantly. This probably explains why Oberlin [College] grads, immediately upon graduation, book it for Brooklyn, a decidedly less intense zone, at least in terms of being proselytized to by the architecture. At any rate, fittingly, we played in this awesome, and very beautiful chapel. The vibe totally popped off, and I’m stoked on this vid… Hope you dig it!

Scope the full Diamond Terrifier Shrine Flu cassette at Words + Dreams now.

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Already Gone [album stream]

Like a helium balloon on a string tied to a plastic weight that is just barely heavy enough to keep itself dancing along the surface of the earth, ambient architects Maxwell August Croy and James Devane create music that exists in a place balanced between a skyward pull of weightlessness and the organic force of gravity. Recording under the name En, Croy and Devane have released their second album entitled Already Gone on Students of Decay, and it is even richer and more emotional than their stellar 2010 release The Absent Coast.

By integrating a broad range of familiar instrumentation, including bass guitars and violins, into a groundwork formed by wispy, dreamy synths, En retains earthbound comforts while stretching for the clouds and the stars. The outstanding 19-minute finale “Elysia” is the cutting of the weight from the balloon and watching it disappear as it rises, determined to reach the blue until it implodes or disintegrates in the stratosphere, or lands in somebody’s backyard in China.

The record is distributed by Experimedia, where you can buy it and also stream the entire thing.

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“Branches (Lotide Remix)”

Okay, okay, okay. I swore off “remixes” last year with that Gang Gang Dance bullshit or whatever. But this “Branches (Lotide Remix)” got some interesting clicks on it here. Real smeared kind of stuff for the first two minutes before dropping a drooping beat, which (BAAAAAAAASS)… #lessthanthree. It’s off a four-track EP, where both artists (Kouta and Lotide) flesh out their original tracks and remix each others. Whatever, it sounds fun. And it’s closely following some sounds we’re used to: Leaving Records, Culture Dealer, Heat Rave, WTRCLR. Holy shit @plug. Just flaying how it’s been fried unto me.

• Kouta:
• Lotide:


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