“Banana C”

Roll up that cigarette like you’ve your own blend of leaf that’ll do a mind just right on a museum tour through the ages of life. You’re life. But everyone else relating similarly. Finding yourself in Australia. In New York City. In Mexico City. In any city. A museum. The city’s history museum. And it’s come alive. Ben Stiller stayed home. Your mind running amuck through the exhibits. Like staying the night at a YMCA and having a “snow-ball” fight with crumpled up paper, only to watch Jurassic Park on four or five different tube-televisions via VHS in a gymnasium, across from Skate World. Your Ghostbusters sleeping bag next to her My Little Pony. “That’s still a little gross!” I’m 11! Where is Leaving Records casting off into 2017? BANANA on the LIVE, my friend! Squiggle on “Banana C” below:

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