Big K.R.I.T.
4Eva N A Day [mixtape]

Big K.R.I.T.’s latest mixtape, 4Eva N A Day, is out now at Livemixtapes. It’s 17 tracks. Stream here:

Meanwhile, K.R.I.T.’s preparing an LP for Def Jam called Live From the Underground. Should be out in the summer. Hope Willie B is on it!!

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“Glass Facade”

“Hi. Hi, ladies. Can I play volleyball?” - Hodad
“You ain’t got the moves, br’oh.” - Spiker
“Stay inside the green flags!” - Nose Sunscreen
“Ain’t your ocean, Pusseidon.” - Surfer
“It’s just right-style bright out here.” - Shades
“This shit’s tight, y’all.” - Brief Bottoms
“*crashing*” - Moon Movement
“[All of the above]” - Winter Imagination

New Rangers cassette underway, Peter?

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Los Angeles musician Eric Michael Vallely (EMV) has released his debut full-length,Resolutions, with Leaving Records. The album is rich with layers of tripping beats and deep static – it’s the kind of record which seems to make time pass by slower. On “Repeater” a certain riff is certainly repeated, but it is drowned in so many levels of noise that each time we hear said riff it is completely new and refreshing.

Take a listen to a couple tracks on the label’s site, and purchase that shit for real cheapy cheap.

• Leaving Records:

Riviere Amur

Le Chant Des Pistes

Here’s a new slab of deep raga drone from two bespectacled ladies working long-distance correspondence style. Portland’s Jackie McDowell of Inez Lightfoot and Brussels’ Felicia Atkinson of Je Suis Le Petit Chevalier have joined musical penpal forces for their second release as Riviere Amur, entitled The Songlines, on underground powerhouse Hooker Vision. Le Chant Des Pistes could be a lost track from Jodorowsky’s Eastern chant inspired soundtrack to The Holy Mountain, though honestly it’s much more grown-up than that somewhat spastic material. This piece is so dialed-in, I’m amazed they weren’t in the same room together. Are taped field recordings and looping pedals as sacred as temple bells yet?

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Dreams West

“Southern Safari”

So, I feel like the importance of everything is energy and how we “transfer” it. I’m not talking about a spiritual or ethereal energy, but straight-up energy we exert and its repercussions. For example, my writing energy right now is transferring to your energy’s capacity to comprehend and listen. Furthermore, you’re listening to James West’s music energy because Jennifer Baron transferred her knowledge energy from her husband’s production energy. Now, I’m using the word “energy” loosely, and I realize what I’m saying is a little obvious, but I’m trying to point out more a way of living rather than perception. Not that I’m telling you how to live either, just jesting a way of sharing and being. That being sai -err, written, I love the idea of south and the notion safaris, and I’m going on one right meow via reality ///my mind grapes\\ with “Southern Safari.”

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Sean McCann & Matthew Sullivan

“Vanity Fair”

As the pilot release from Sean McCann’s new record label, Recital, comes his own collaboration with genre-crossing multi-instrumentalist Matthew Sullivan. Sullivan is also known as the mind-melting (in a relaxing way) ambient artist Earn and is part of groups like the rather mild noise tribute to Michael Jackson 1958-2009 and the mind-melting (in a very painful way) Deep Jew. McCann – as you are likely to know if you are a regular to the site – is a TMT favorite, and has released some of the most breathtaking recordings in the past few years, including one of our absolute favorites from last year The Capital.

The new album, entitled Vanity Fair, is accompanied by a minimal video teaser. Yes, the video does feature something besides the vase of bamboo or whatever it is: halfway through it changes to thrilling flickering lights which continues to the end. The simplicity of the visuals lets your ears focus on in the stunning audio, which starts off as distorted telephone dialogue and calm improvised piano and ends with an emotional whining string ensemble. Several tracks can be heard in full on the label’s website.

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