All Saints March I [preview]

My editor Keith and I were talking the other day about doom. I’m totes out on my doom game, and he suggested I track a track down and write that shit up. And I love finding new jams. Who don’t? But when I find hot new doom jammers I dig (these dudes ain’t that new), I shit my pants. I’m still sitting in shit because the raga-doom murk Bong puts out earns it. This sample track is live, too. Talk about taking it to the next level. It’s like how sunn 0))) takes it to the next level live, but when you see Stephen O’Malley take a sip of Bud in a window of fog, it’s minus two points. Plus ten points to Bong for their newest live slow-banger All Saints March I on Brave Mysteries.

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Chubby Wolf

“Birthday Suit”

Chubby Wolf was the title adopted by Danet Baquet-Long, who sadly passed away in 2009, aged 26. As one half of the husband-wife duo Celer, she produced an incredible library of music for art exhibitions and labels, along with a mountain of self-released records and tapes. Dani’s husband Will, along with Digitalis records, have collected Danet’s final recordings into Turkey Decoy. Much in the vein of Celer, it’s a collection of graceful ambient drone works that meander between metallic resonance and major key harmony that can’t help but concoct a bit of nostalgia.

Songs like “Birthday Suit” are constantly shifting in subtle ways, with notes randomly piercing through the fog of noise. Apparently, it’s all made from guitars and vocals, but the process has no real connection with the results, and it’s all the better for it. It’s a fitting and welcome tribute to a wonderfully prolific and creative spirit.

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2 Chainz feat. T.I.

“Spend It (Remix)”

Ain’t this some shit. I’ll assume you won’t “get me wrong,” since I’m writing and you’re reading [see: @shithead], but “Spend It” has to be the greatest guilty pleasure of 2011… wait, what? T.I.? Now, this isn’t “good looking,” but money means everything these days. I don’t get paid to write this — #surprise, right? But I don’t give a shit; I like writing “I don’t give a shit.” Folks is fly, but when T.I. backs you up on I-75 because he had a car/gun fight and you miss your flight by two hours… *correction* that’s some shit.

“Spend It (Remix)” doesn’t even have a video. ( . ) ( . ) = $$$, and radio’s dead, T.I. Use the “Spend It [official video]” for an example of what parts sell. And who’s behind this 2 Chainz corporate naming? Tity Boi. His name is Tity Boi. That’s awesome. My girlfriend hates the word “titty.” Imagine if she had to call me that by name. “Imagine” is all you could do, because she’d never call me that. “Spend It [official video]” became number one as soon as the “(Remix)” hit. The shitty “[official video]” camera-in-the-cinema audio now remains a classic in my car (YouTube-bluetooth-sync). On high. T.I. wouldn’t name his baby Mercedes.

I don’t know when the 2 Chainz album will hit, but impulse buy that shit. Why. Not. ‘_’

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The Cats Orchestra


Equal parts Scott Walker and eerie, melting lounge music, Moscow’s Nicholay Syrov (The Cats Orchestra) is definitely traversing an unusual path in the ever-expanding DIY tape scene. Or maybe it’s just part of this whole ‘New Weird Russia’ thing I keep hearing about. Either way, the slight skewing of instrumentation and recognizable musical elements gives pretty much all of Coffee Killer (out now on Already Dead Tapes) a drunken, zombie-music vibe. The original seed of a song seems to be present, albeit coated in peeling flesh and a rotting odor. To quote the label, you probably won’t come across something quite like this anytime soon.

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Sun Araw

Ancient Romans [full album]

Like, Sun Araw gets his. Actually, Tiny Mix Tapes is what convinced me that Stallones makes it work. And he Maybach Music an all, but okay, maybe — like, maybe if you got a driver. Because it’s getting dark out earlier, as presented while an Ancient Romans LP is played in Amir’s Garden.

*Distraction* I keep my shit together pretty well (also, maybe), but when it’s dark out and all I see are headlights: everyone is a cop. It’s not just “Inpluvium” that induces super paranoia; a lot of his stuff generally grills ya good. Even that new High Wolf colab make me moist (uh, I mean sweat).

But there ain’t no cops jumping outta them bushes. I know y’all get it already. Song is to the music video as are novels to adapted movies. Just play the jam and minimize the video. Enjoy it without your boss thinking you cray for watching it entirely. It does make me think of night gardening and, like, planting seeds during moonlight and that awakening feeling to flowers in the morning #visualguilt. Straight up, let’s leave these “zones” and “vibes” behind us. Ancient Romans is fly and right here to start out your work week right thanks to Dublab. Ya dig?

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Chelsea Wolfe

i-N Session with i-D Magazine

Roll up a sleeve and bare your main line: Chelsea Wolfe wants to get right in your blood. I’ve been listening to Apokalypsis for a few weeks now, and while it has immediate merits (it’s calamitous but not abrasive, creepy but still analgesic), I’ve wondered how much of my admiration was infatuation, how much Wolfe’s dark art would eventually prove to be artifice. Well, let no one question the power of an outstanding live show. Having watched Wolfe’s recent session with i-D mag, my faith has surged and I’m in a happy daze, ready to give the album another listen with new, hypnotized ears.

The video is three songs, three of the album’s finest: “Tracks,” “Mer,” and “Movie Screen.” “Mer” is a personal favorite — incredible for its primal, consistent guitar line, like the gentle but potentially drowning pitch of waves. “Movie Screen” seems less about any single film and more about the haunting white of a screen in a dark room; the hymnal buildup mimics that glow. The Vimeo page offers credits for make up, hair, and wardrobe, to whom we owe thanks for the innovation of Jesus-crotch. Just listen for yourself, in that dim red room.

All this is pretty much a primer for Wolfe’s six upcoming NYC/CMJ shows, where I’m sure sharp sound will flay scores of new fans.

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