David Lynch
“Crazy Clown Time”

Personally, I’d rather listen to something with a little more kick while picking up “my polo at the cleaners.” Instead, I listened to this last night before I fell asleep and it reminded me of Z Rock Hawaii. I figured the master of visual dub-ya tea eff would make heads turn audibly. Like, don’t you expect him to come out with something groundbreaking? Maybe not. But that Nurse With Wound joint was a little more of the Lynch speed I expect. Mixed with VHS horror filters. I’d prefer that classic David Lynch feel where he’s leading me, and I’m not really giving a shit. Uh oh, the Straight Story was due two days ago. Lynch did all this other music stuff too, aside from his first solo release Crazy Clown Time on Sunday Best Recordings out November 8 (“internationally” November 7). But there ain’t no meaning to none of this, so don’t sit around talking about it after reading, because y’all get nowhere. Stay there. Stay at nowhere. There’s more room.

• David Lynch: http://davidlynch.com
• Sunday Best Recordings: http://www.sundaybest.net

Wolfgang Voigt

“Kafkatrax 2.1”

Wolfgang Voigt is the chap who partly owns and partly founded Kompakt. This is no mean feat considering the label has pushed a pioneering breed of grainy minimal techno artists to the forefront of dance music (see their highly revered total series, now in its 12th incarnation, for a broad brush insight). It doesn’t seem like he’s slacking much on the production side either, with a hilarious number of pseudonyms under his belt (Resident Advisor ascribe 18 monikers to the guy).

Kafkatrax is an album accumulated from three highly exclusive, hand-painted EPs released in the last few months. In this creative endeavor, Voigt restricted his sampling to one kick drum and a Kafka audiobook, somehow warping the words into fleeting harmonies, melodies, and unintelligible vocals. The result is thoroughly disturbing techno that would probably alienate most of the dance floor, which is of course a perfect tribute to Mr. Kafka himself. The record will see its full release on the 11th of October through another of Voigt’s imprints, Profan.

• Wolfgang Voigt: http://www.wolfgang-voigt.com/en


“Crunchy Zest”

OXES are back.

• Friends Records: http://www.friendsrecordsbaltimore.com

Jeff Mangum

Live at Occupy Wall Street

Jeff Mangum is playing played a surprise performance at Occupy Wall Street.

• Neutral Milk Hotel: http://walkingwallofwords.com

Listening Mirror

“Mixtli Sleeps” (featuring Birds of Passage)

Yo, shut the fuck up! This “Mixtli Sleeps” joint is gorgeous. It’s like an angel farting in your ears during work. Or when fruit molds to dust. Imagine people gowned in silk stopping short in clear water. Forget all that slow motion and watch flowers bloom in real time. Hear the lake shore-side sounds of Tequesquitengo. Feel the vibrations of cicadas singing in sequence. Ooze to the brooding noise of everything else erupting ya ear wax. Pump this jam loud, because it’s 5:30 somewhere, and traffic sucks (obviously crank that bass). Just, the density of this drone drives deep dishing out a dry abundance atmosphere.

Yes, I know, this is a “Watch” post, but the video can only serve six-plus minutes of the song, and your digital shit can repeat this forever. Once Alicia Merz’s (Birds of Passage) voice emerges, you don’t want to give it up. So, continue and continue and continue. I’m sure Jeff Stonehouse (Listening Mirror) wouldn’t have a problem with that either. But buried at Bathetic Records you’ll find Listening Mirror’s new cassette The Heart of the Sky. Also, soon to be released on Bathetic is a Listening Mirror/Motion Sickness of Time Travel split, so bookmark the label website below on ya work computer. Your bossy-boss don’t care.

• Listening Mirror: http://listening-mirror.bandcamp.com
• Bathetic Records: http://www.batheticrecords.com

Way Through

“Gallant Show”

To the uninformed, the video above feels like obscure archival footage of a lost hillside tribe from the 70s that disappeared from Earth in the wake of a little-documented acid wave that swept through a meek Anglo province. But, in fact, the footage is from less than a month ago, and Way Through, the pastoral punk band whose music accompanies the video, uses it to illustrate their bucolic mission: to make an album born from rural England’s specific breed of soul. Watching the Abbots Bromley Horn Dancers make obeisance to their caboshed god, we witness the juxtaposition of ancient marginal music with the marginal music of today. What a strange reference for young punk — a cultural relic carbon dated to the 11th century. Despite the manicured, spherical shrubbery and the Velcro shoes, “Gallant Show’s” video gets at something olde, something visibly lost but spiritually indelible in Way Through’s world, which does as good a job of channeling ghosts as the punk of urban decay in London or NYC.

The album Arrow Shower is out now on Upset the Rhythm (TMT News). Listen to it here.

• Way Through: http://www.upsettherhythm.co.uk/waythrough.shtml
• Upset the Rhythm: http://www.upsettherhythm.co.uk


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