Death Grips
Government Plates

Next week, Death Grips are finally releasing physical versions of NO LOVE DEEP WEB on Harvest/Capitol, over a year after an epic fallout with Epic.


Today, the Sacramento trio of MC Ride, Zach Hill, and Andy Morin have released a brand new album called Government Plates for free on SoundCloud and YouTube. It’s available to download here or here.

Now take a deep breath and press play:

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Blood Orange

“You’re Not Good Enough”

I don’t want to be your friend. I hate you. You tried to talk to me in the cafeteria pizza line the other day when I was just trying to get my pizza and leave. You asked me how I’d been doing, complimented my new sneakers, and said, “We should hang out some time! Like old times.”

“But I don’t want to hang out with you, because you’re stupid, because you… you…” wait, why am I reminding you? “Do you have amnesia, or did you forget that I scribble your name on my (OLD) sneakers in sharpie, that I took you to meet my parents, that I made you a cute little hat out of tinfoil and glued-on spaghetti (that you NEVER wore, by the way)? What about the time I told you I loved you? And the way you reacted? Didja forget? Guess ya did. Ok, spoiler - it involved a lack of pants and Susie from my pottery class. Really?


You know, some species of lizards can get their tail cut off and *FWIP* it grows back, easy as pie. Well, honey, sorry to be the one to tell you this, but I’m not a lizard. What’s done is done. So when you try to kiss me in the elevator later, I hope you don’t take it the wrong way when I laugh in your face. Because I have so much more self respect, y’know? “You’re Not Good Enough.”

Seriously, stop trying to talk to me in the pizza line, Matt, it’s never going to happen. ‘Cause, to reiterated, and in the words of Blood Orange’s new single, off their new album Cupid Delux: “You’re Not Good Enough” (streaming below):

• Blood Orange:
• Domino Record Company:



“Cloudsculpting,” the first video from Kid606’s new album Happiness, makes an unusual yet appropriate connection, demonstrating the obvious but heretofore unconsidered similarities between the acts of identifying shapes in the sky and picking disembodied boobs out of the rainbow static scrambled Spice Channel programming. Therefore, after watching, the most pressing issue would have to be the question of whether the female figure that begins to appear at 2:31 is meant to be God, an adult film actress, or both. Regardless of what Kid606 and the video’s director (gif artist Sikfish) had in mind, there can be no doubt that Beavis and Butthead would’ve had a great time with this one. Thus, so too must we.

Luckily, Happiness has never been this easy to obtain. It can be downloaded, bought in 2xLP and CD formats, and/or digitally streamed here and watch the “Cloudsculpting” video below:

• Kid606:
• Tigerbeat6:

Astral Social Club

“Wet Chemicals”

Come now, come now, have a seat — yes. The first thing you might notice about my apartment is that all of my walls, ceilings, and furniture are constructed from physical media containing Neil Campbell’s music. You know Neil Campbell, yes? Omnivorous drone/noise/electronic musician who has built a remarkable catalog across more than 20 years in the UK experimental underground, both solo and in a number of ensembles? Quite right. If you’d like to begin a tour of my Campbell collection, I refer you to the stool on which you sit now, cobbled together from early 00’s CDr releases, both mini and normal-sized. I see you eyeing my Vibracathedral Orchestra-themed dining room, complete with a petite chandelier sculpted from the melted vinyl of the first self-titled 2xLP on VHF that I wore out from constant playback. If you doubt the table’s structural integrity, I assure you that those keystone cassettes contain primal drone/psych sessions ferocious enough to support the weight of any Easter feast. On your left, you’ll find the door to the Astral Social Club parlor… but I can’t show you in at the moment. The external wall is nearly complete, save for one glaring tape-sized hole that remains in the façade.

What’s that you say? NNA Tapes has released a new Astral Social Club cassette entitled Destiny SNFU and you have a copy on your person at this moment? Before we complete the wall, may we have a listen? “Wet Chemicals” tumbles across its running time as a stuttering ‘podge of drum machine thuds, corrupted Casio wails, and static interjections. If one branch of the many-splendored ASC catalog finds Campbell stacking many layers of guitar-based drone and hi-fi electronic bleeps into an impenetrable wall of tone, Destiny Snafu errs on the “minimal” side of his output: synth voices have space to breathe and decay between beats; discrete pulses hammer through the mix and fade back into the garbled backdrop; each burst of pitch-randomized noise reaches our ears in full detail. No, I can’t accept your copy to use in my Campbell-based home. You hold on to yours, and I’ll just buy my own.

• Astral Social Club:
• NNA Tapes:

OvO feat. Carla Bozulich And Evangelista

“Fly Little Demon”

I’m gonna be real with you guys: Carla Bozulich is one of my favorite artists. Her work frequently strikes the perfect balance between song-craft and cathartic experimentation, and albums like the excellent Evangelista (TMT Review) connect the lines between noise and folk music in ways that are still largely unparalleled. Needless to say, I was pretty bummed when I heard that Bozulich and her band Evangelista were leaving America to focus on work in Europe. I was afraid that we might hear less of Bozulich’s recordings as a result of this move, but if this track with Italian doom metal duo OvO is any indication of what Bozulich and her collaborators are up to, then consider my fears assuaged!

“Fly Little Demon” is a slow burning study in apocalyptic kraut rock, and while the members of OvO and Evangelista play their instruments with an equal amount of restraint and pandemonium, Bozulich’s vocals characteristically steal the show here. Bozulich’s voice has got to be one of the most distinctive and versatile instruments in contemporary music. Her past work has found her using it equally to sweetly croon and summon guttural dread. On “Fly Little Demon,” she pulls out all of the stops, alternating between a gorgeous twang and near black metal screeches, dueting with Stefania Pedretti’s heavy guttural tones. In many ways, “Fly Little Demon” serves as an equally excellent showcase for Bozulich’s vocal prowess as it does for OvO’s instrumental minimalism. The whole thing reminds me of some of the more abstract moments in Can’s discography and whets my appetite for more collaboration from both Bozulich and OvO.

OvO’s Abisso is out now via Supernatural Cat. You can listen “Fly Little Demon” after you dare to pop over here.

• OvO
• Carla Bozulich
• Supernatural Cat

Dean Blunt meets James Ferraro

“Watch the Throne 2”

Since we’re essentially a Dean Blunt and James Ferraro blog now, we of course had to post this bootlegged performance between the two last month at Unsound Festival in Kraków, Poland. The unannounced, impromptu jam session, titled “Watch the Throne 2” (the follow-up to their equally bizarre 2012 collaboration), lasted over 40 minutes, with Blunt on Rhodes/vocals and Ferraro on the venue’s house piano. Like last year’s performance, the two meander about on their respective instruments, with no clear scale or unified trajectory to anchor the sounds. Save for a few moments of melody and progression, it barely hangs in there for the majority of the time, its (mostly) modal, impressionistic explorations ultimately serving as background music for a chatty audience, occasionally punctuated by abrupt cheering from audience members who mistake sparseness for endings.

But this wasn’t intended to be a “concert” at all. Before the performance, Blunt encouraged the audience to chat, to socialize, to be as rude as possible. With no center, no spectacle, no channeling of violence or desire, we’re left somewhere in the middle, drifting aimlessly and hopelessly between concepts and percepts, our gaze frustratingly directed to nowhere in particular and our ears continually expecting a resolution that never comes.

• Dean Blunt:
• James Ferraro:


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