“Saint of Killers”

A little bit This Heat, a little bit bro-metal, lots of noise skronk. But no space-age synth pads? According to Retrograde Tapes:

Noise rock for noise heads, Den offers shrill electronic abrasion, yet trades the formless distortion pedal army for structured heft, lifeless landscapes, Black Sabbath, and Jupiter.

• Den:
• Retrograde Tapes:

Bird Names

“Welcome to the Ghost Age”

In January, we posted Bird Names’ video for “Phantom & Fortune,” a track off their new full-length Metabolism: A Salute to the Energy of the Sun. Northern-Spy has since released the album, and because you’ve all been very good boys and girls, we get another video, this time for “Welcome to the Ghost Age.”

• Bird Names:
• Northern-Spy:

Thomas Ankersmit / Valerio Tricoli

“Zwerm Voor Tithonus”

Berlin label Pan has recently released Forma II, a collaborative album between experimental saxophonist/electronic musician Thomas Ankersmit and avant-garde jack of all trades Valerio Tricoli. According to the label, “…the music consists of four electroacoustic pieces based largely on analogue synthesizer material and one long-form swarm-like composition for multiple overdubbed saxophones. Additional sounds range from metal foil floating on ultrasonic sound-beams to mechanical clickers recorded in the abandoned radar domes at Teufelsberg. The raw materials have been extensively processed and re-constructed using analogue tape and digital methods.”

Man, I love this stuff. The album is limited to 1000.

• Pan:
• Thomas Ankersmit:



Oneida have done it: they’ve finally completed the Thank Your Parents trilogy! Check out the excerpted version of “Horizon” above. The bridge just before the final chorus is truly transcendent.

• Oneida:
• Brah:
• Jagjaguwar:

Junior Boys

“Banana Ripple”

Junior Boys will release It’s All True on June 14 via Domino Records. Check out the 9-minute single, “Banana Ripple.” It’ll slay you. Just kidding — I haven’t heard it yet.

• Junior Boys:
• Domino:

Group Doueh

“Ishadlak Ya Khey”

We are extremely ecstatic to premiere “Ishadlak Ya Khey,” the second track off Group Doueh’s new album Zayna Jumma. The song, an exquisite blend of Afro-Saharan rhythms and Western psychedelic/funk/rock musics, features Doueh’s sons El Waar (synth) and Hamdan (drum kit), wife Halima, and three female backup singers. This track and the other seven on Zayna Jumma were recorded last year by Hisham Mayet (Sublime Frequencies co-head) in Dakhla, West Sahara. We’ll only be streaming it for awhile, so get your fix now and purchase the new album later, which will be released May 10 — note the new release date — on the one, the only (because trademark laws say so) Sublime Frequencies.

Meanwhile, Group Doueh have tacked on their first-ever tour of North America to their previously announced European tour, the latter of which includes a performance at Animal Collective’s ATP fest. Read all about it here.

• Sublime Frequencies:


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