Diamond Terrifier

Ever wonder what improvised sax sounds like over looped footwork? Me neither, but Sam Hillmer, he of ZS, Trouble, and various other projects, not only wondered what it sounded like, but was also crazy enough to record the results. On “Adamantine,” Hillmer as Diamond Terrifier takes his presumably battered sax, runs it through some demonic effects, and wails the FUCK over a pitched-up loop of “Heavy Heat” by RP Boo (a.k.a. the “creator of footwork”). It’s aesthetically intriguing yet sensually disorienting — in other words, a must-experience. Keywords: contemptuous, unprEdicTAble, f r a g m e n t e d, spiritual, CONFRONTATIONAL, etc.

Diamond Terrifier’s towering Kill The Self That Wants To Kill Yourself is out later this year on Northern Spy. To tide you over, Hillmer recently compiled tracks that he’s been posting for free on his website and threw them up on SoundCloud for your listening pleasure. And don’t forget: Trouble’s You Are Here Fest is happening now and until early August. More info here.

• Diamond Terrifier: http://diamondterrifier.com
• Northern Spy: http://northern-spy.com

DJ Spinn / DJ Rashad / DJ Manny

“Free Mercy” / “Do It Again”

Chicago’s neo-polka daddies are BACK. Oops, they never left. Yo, what’s the huge obsession here at Tiny Mix Tapes about footwork/juke? Like, I get that we search for new sounds and shit, but, well okay: maybe this shit is the new sounds. Continuously new. Too many new. Welllllllll, not too-too many, because DJ Spinn’s “Free Mercy” (with DJ Rashad) is nasty gritty. Gritty anthem shit. Gritty anthem quakes. OMG — and I LOVE Ms. Pac-Man. They got a Ms. Pac-Man machine in the laundry mat a block away from me. $20 later, I still love Ms. Pac-Man. Hi!!

Ohhhh, another track? Figures that it’d happen with a track entitled “Do It Again,” this time by DJ Manny (with DJ Spinn and DJ Rashad). I recognize that footwork/juke ain’t hip-hop, per se, but you can definitely hear it. So look, can we keep molly outta hip-hop? I can see it in footwork/juke or Planet Mu-style stuff, but this is as close as molly gets to hip-hop. Thanks. Teklife specifically gets my heartboner props for being (almost) entirely on SoundCloud. Like a whole new wave of Myspace shit, minus-minus-MINUS JT. Please.

“Free Mercy” is coming out soon on DJ Spinn’s Teklife Vol. 2, while “Do It Again” will see release on The Manny & Rashad Show EP.

• DJ Spinn: http://soundcloud.com/dj-spinn-1
• DJ Rashad: http://soundcloud.com/dj-rashad
• DJ Manny: http://soundcloud.com/deejay-manny-2
• Lit City: http://www.litcity.com

Lauren Devine

“Just A Little Ready” [written by Laurel Halo and SSION’s Cody Critcheloe; produced by Teengirl Fantasy’s Nick Weiss]


Producer: Teengirl Fantasy’s Nick Weiss
Songwriters: SSION’s Cody Critcheloe and Laurel Halo
Video: Casey Jane Ellison

• Lauren Devine: https://picasaweb.google.com/devine.lauren

Afrika Pseudobruitismus

“Good Bivrations”

People are really hopping aboard the serious train with their music/art deez dayz. Like, they really trying to transcend their musical art into something more by using companion visuals/videos. I’m into it when they’re super straight-faced about it. Not like in a Kanye funny/serious way, but in a stern artistic belief way. It presents the understanding of self within digital culture too. Afrika Pseudobruitismus, I believe, is really striving for this style of presentation. Especially in this “Good Bivrations,” but in a way-way retro revival way yet completely into the art of it, making it a part of something that’s not really a part of anything. Like, like, like watching an old PBS-edited mindfuck program on how your life could be involved in all this meaning, but really it’s just an exercise. But get hype. This song is all about complex yet relaxed bives. Wobble along and snoop they’s new album Waikiki Kosmos on Ailanthus Records.

• Afrika Pseudobruitismus: http://pseudobruitismusafricamus.blogspot.com
• Ailanthus Recordings: http://ailanthusrecordings.bandcamp.com

Orca Team

Restraint [album stream]

Do you remember that scene in That Thing You Do! when the band is put into a beach party scene in some new teeny-bopper blockbuster film? They are instructed to wear these skimpy sailor outfits and pantomime playing their instruments in the background while beautiful people in bathing suits dance and flirt with each other. Exactly how we all picture the time period, I’m sure.

When I imagine that scene as a real event that could have occurred 50-or-so years ago, our modern day Orca Team is the band I see on that sand-dusted stage, kicking out two-minute pop song after two-minute pop song. And that’s essentially how Restraint, the new album from the Seattle trio, feels: like a string of catchy pop singles, each as good (or catchy or danceable) as the track before it. It’s the kind of record radio DJs were spinning the grooves off of beginning in the late 50s while, ya know, Bobby (or Tommy) and Peggy (or Susie) danced and flirted with each other on the beach, or over milkshakes, or at Makeout Point. No, I’m not jealous, I just admire the innocence. Good to see I’m not the only one.

You can stream the entirety of Restraint below, but if you want to spin those grooves down like it’s 1962 all over again, buy the record from Athens, GA label Happy Happy Birthday To Me. Otherwise, the CD is available for a terribly affordable price, if you want to accept the technology of your own time period.

• Orca Team: http://orcateam.bandcamp.com
• Happy Happy Birthday To Me: http://hhbtm.com
• That Thing You Do!: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/That_Thing_You_Do!

Domo Genesis & The Alchemist

“Elimination Chamber (feat. Earl Sweatshirt, Vince Staples & Action Bronson)”

“Elimination Chamber” is straight up the feeling of driving home from work, lighting up, and your dude is driving in front of you. No worries. Smoke saturates the body. Curls lightly out ya nose. At least I thought so approaching Roslyn last night blazing this track. But really, I’d like to think all these fellas were hanging out at Alchemist’s place, found a slick baseline and jazzy drums mixed with some xylophone-drone on his computer, and just started versing. And aside from Alchemist, these dudes are real heavy hitters: Action Bronson (no pun), Earl Sweatshirt (no run), Domo (vocal gun)! Even Vince Staples (?????????????) whelms words well. Props to my boii Sammy D’Bling for popping this in my ears, too. Damn near lost my job listening to all of Lil B’s works this year and needed a slight turn of events.

I’ll be dripping for a due date of the new Domo Genesis & The Alchemist joint No Idols sometime soon. Until then, replace ya mixtapes with this track on infinite repeat. It’s a cultural thing. Maybe a wrestling thing too. Or face paint and tights. #nopoke #nopoke

• Domo Genesis: http://domogenesis.tumblr.com
• Alchemist: http://alchemistbeats.blogspot.com
• Action Bronson: http://actionbronson.com
• Earl Sweatshirt: https://twitter.com/earlxsweat
• Vince Staples: https://twitter.com/vincestaples


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