Diskette Romances
Keys To The Suite

SIIIIIIIIIIIGH for one more g’aught damn time. Ya huuurd that Sunup Diskette Romances tape IRL-style? ‘Cause at first glance, it looks like a C60, but turns out the music plays for about 10 minutes, and then it’s about 55 minutes of silence, which I raw mic-recorded over with two AM stations meshing together while driving along the harbor. Yet, here comes release #2 for Diskette Romances this year, entitled Keys To The Suite, and it’s slightly longer than the self-titled. It’s the same old-style elevator [slash] office bathroom jamming. “Champagne in Hong Kong” is my personal favorite, defining exactly what I think Diskette Romances sounds like: dingy post-consumer aura’d ambiance that breaks into searing paradise, while “slush” closes the Suite’s program on the exact note it started on. That note being consummately developed around something once listened to, as if Keys To The Suite has been played in your head before but you’re not quite able to put your finger on it. Push>pinch>plop>flush and download the new joint from Diskette Romances meow!

• Diskette Romances: http://soundcloud.com/diskette-romances

Young Smoke

Pluto Lounge [EP]

Young Smoke is back with his second EP since the release of Space Zone last month on Planet Mu. The first was an EP with fellow Flight Muzik producer DJ Metro called iFlight v. 1, but Young Smoke’s spaced-out aesthetic was a bit of an awkward fit with DJ Metro’s production, resulting in a sometimes lopsided, often disjointed release. Pluto Lounge, however, sees Young Smoke giving the breathing room his tracks need, letting the synths levitate as the twisted, stuttering beats encourage those feet to move. It’s more spacious and more consistent than even Space Zone, with the final three tracks — “Star Lounge,” “Blue Galaxy,” and “Galaxy Destruction 2020” — being the EP’s standouts.

Stream and/or purchase Pluto Lounge courtesy of Bandcamp.

• Young Smoke: http://soundcloud.com/flightmuzik-1
• Planet Mu: http://www.planet.mu

Gucci Mane

Trap God [mixtape]

I don’t know if it would be blasphemy to call Gucci Mane a trap god, since Lil B is god of all things based, which undoubtedly includes the trap world. That said, Gucci’s new mixtape is a real treat: production from 808 Mafia and Zaytoven; guest spots from Wacka Flocka Flame, Young Scooter, and T-PAIN!!; and a lot of the woozy flow you’ve come to expect. “Rolly Up” is a standout (what is a rolly, though?), as well as what I refer to as the “Fawk” suite: “Fawk the World,” “Fawk Something,” and “I Fawk With That.” If you’re jonesing for some fresh trap rap, Gucci’s your man.

Download the mixtape here.

• Gucci Mane - http://www.guccimaneonline.com

Chocolate Grinder Mix 64

Half Broken

This casual segway tour focuses on some wonderfully frayed house music. Of particular note is the amazing diversity of destructive approaches emerging in the last few weeks. Gerry Read batters his music until it sounds like it’s been fed through this. Pete Swanson submerges everything but the slightest kick drum in smears of noise. Hnny augment their productions with tape-saturated bongo fills and bit-crushed hi-hats. Austin Cesear crams in grainy static and a deeply distorted vocal. Affie Yusuf just keeps it old school.

Elsewhere, there’s new batch from the ever exciting Senufo Editions label that includes recordings from a sonically enhanced halogen bulb, which is as disorientating as it sounds. There’s also some Dro Carey freebies that he somehow created between tossing out tapes on microlabels and lining up plenty of vinyl to release. If you aren’t exhausted, there’s also some gorgeous ambience, some choppin’ and screwin’, and the icy echoes of a former BBC broadcasting house. Git yer lugs round it, eh?

Stream below, and subscribe to our podcast here.

[00:00] Gerry Read - “Evidence (Single Edit)”
[02:17] Hnny - “Trummor”
[02:42] Austin Cesear - “The Groove”
[05:24] Marcel Fengler - “Mosaique”
[08:30] Affie Yusuf - “I’m Free”
[09:49] Kane Ikin - “In The Arc”
[13:58] Hypno - “Kancourde”
[14:24] Chris Corsano - “The Attendant”
[17.01] Pete Swanson - “College View”
[21:12] Dro Carey - “Suade Automata”
[23:22] Pearson Sound - “Underdog”
[24:58] Ssaliva - “ADFH1”
[26:43] Minoru Sato - “Irregularity/Homogeneity: Emerging from the Perturbation Field”
[27:50] KRTS - “Fire”
[30:40] Robin The Fog - “Part 3 - Cold Space and Peeling Oxide”


“Temper of the Age”

Technology is inherently human. Whether you judge this now or 500 years from now, there will always be human characteristics in technology. Thus, playing an acoustic guitar through the most effects-absorbed production makes Villages something of tomorrow’s sensitive songwriter. “Temper of the Age,” and most noted by the video, presents a time and art once passed, still struggling to project through the softest and most delicate environment. Fragility is key here, as sound is carefully swelled and molded into a sculpture of acute ear massage. “Temper of the Age” is off Villages (Ross Gentry, Asheville, NC resident droner)’s Theories of Ageing LP on Bathetic Records. He also released a tape on Bathetic this year and a 3-inch CD-R on KimDawn. Hit it all up now before you hear it from someone two years from now and physical shit’s all expensive. Dig?

• Villages: http://villages1.bandcamp.com
• Bathetic Records: http://batheticrecords.com



The other day, Mike Reid over at the news section made us all excited about FORMA’s upcoming release, OFF/ON. Well, now we all can enjoy the lead-off title track until the real thing is released all proper-like. The track teases Mr. Reid’s postulation that this molten lava-covered album is somewhat “darker” or more “aggressive” than FORMA’s previous recordings, yet it also feels significantly more straightforward and sober than my recollection of FORMA’s self-titled debut last year. Hear for yourself, and keep anticipating the release.

OFF/ON is due November 12 on Spectrum Spools.

• FORMA: http://formasounds.com
• Spectrum Spools: http://editionsmego.com/release/SP+024


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