DJ Rashad / DJ Manny / DJ Phil
“Let’s Roll Out”

DJ Rashad, who earlier this year dropped a footwork-gone-wild monster called TEKLIFE Vol. 1: Welcome to the Chi, has taken to SoundCloud to release another new track, this time from his upcoming project with young producer/dance extraordinaire DJ Manny. “Let’s Roll Out” features Manny and Rashad roping in DJ Phil (who collaborates with Manny pretty frequently) for another dark, moody footwork track, whose snare- and synth-heavy aesthetic would fit perfectly with those Chicago circles. Listen now or you ain’t about that life:

“Let’s Roll Out” is available as a free download until next Wednesday, and stay tuned for details on the collabo album, The Manny & Rashad Show, via Lit City Trax. Meanwhile, Rashad also recently shared a TEKLIFE mix that he and DJ Spinn did of footcrabber Addison Groove’s “I Go Boom.” Check that one out here.

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Drainolith / Nate Young

“She’s IN Surgery” [remix] / “Lapse of Time”

Curiously, songs about surgery tend to be some of music’s most disquieting cuts. No surprise, then, that “She’s IN Surgery (Steve’s Lunch Blues) [Feelin’ Caffrey Kuke Remix]” — a remix of Drainolith’s “She’s IN Insurgency” by DJ Michael Caffrey — has no intention of sounding quiet. On the other hand, Nate Young’s new track “Lapse of Time” offers a subtler chill, though I can imagine it described as the post-lobotomy internal monologue of a sedated soprano, having tragically lost her lobe for language. Or something.

We proudly premiere these new tracks, just as Nate Young and Drainolith prepare to set forth on a joint East Coast tour, which we reported Tuesday. Incidentally, each artist has been involved with bands whose names relate to both wolves and biology: Mr. Young is in Wolf Eyes, while Drainolith, a.k.a. Alex Moskos, was among the storied ranks of AIDS Wolf. So, maybe let’s call this the “Lupine Health Care” tour?

• Drainolith - “She’s IN Surgery (Steve’s Lunch Blues) [Feelin’ Caffrey Kuke Remix]”:

• Nate Young - “Lapse of Time”:

The original version of Drainolith’s “She’s IN Surgery” can be heard on his album Fighting! from Spectrum Spools. Nate Young’s “Lapse of Time” will be released on an upcoming single-sided LP from Black Moss.

• Drainolith:
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• Black Moss:


“Heavenly Bodies”

Nascent shoegazers Tamaryn are about to drop album #2 on that ass come October 16 via Mexican Summer. You can watch a video for new track “Heavenly Bodies” from said LP, directed by Grant Singer, right about… now. I’m not sure, but I’m guessing they like Slowdive. You think Singer and Tamaryn were inspired by the video for “Shine”?

Anyway, I like Tamaryn. I love Slowdive (I would kill for you Neil Halstead, My Mystikal Master). Enjoy all the pretty colors.

• Tamaryn:
• Mexican Summer:


“Crime Saga”

Luis Cran-Lawrence, otherwise known as Baba-X, specializes in house music with gothic touches built upon upbeat, melodic beats. Best known for his work with Zanzibar Chanel and Pink Notes, the 21-year old Melbourne native’s work is pervaded by 80s nostalgia and a sense of youthful abandon. With his latest solo EP, Sounds of the Concrete Forest Vol. 3, Baba-X aims for a deeper type of groove. “Crime Saga,” a relatively upbeat song that sounds like it came straight out of a Sega Genesis game, may be poppy from an auditory perspective, but when you’ve got Tristan Jalleh’s urban, Tetris-like visuals coming at you, the track suddenly feels unsettling, like a screensaver in the course of a revolt.

You can snag Sounds of the Concrete Forest Vol. 3 October 9, via This Thing.

• Baba-X:
• This Thing:


“Want 2” / “Lost Wood”

18+ are back with two new videos, and in contrast to their last few (“jet$,” “Remi_Red,” and song of the year “EXECUTION”), both “Want 2” and “Lost Wood” sound much more lighthearted, almost inviting. Not that their previous stuff was impenetrable, but the dark, moody tones and minimal beats always signified to me cold, sterile spaces, especially in the context of their creeped-out vids and fetishistic lyrics — not exactly the kind of stuff you turn to when you’re seeking silly things like transcendence. But absorption is certainly part of the game here, and this music’s incredibly seductive, with sex (“I lick your face while I say his name”) and violence (“Wish I could/ Guess I should/ Knock on wood/ Gag you good”) pulsating deep and loud from within the uncanny valley. Okay, I’m boring myself already. Just listen and feel for yourself. “Want 2” above, “Lost Wood” below.

• 18+:


MeMoRieS FRoM THe FuTuRe [EP stream]

Inspired by the likes of Repeat Pattern, Tru Master, and the ever eminent RZA, Billy Gomez, a.k.a MiNdToUcHbeaTs, has gone and dropped a remarkable new EP. MeMoRieS FRoM THe FuTuRe sits comfortably alongside his super-tight 2010 record ToNight aT NoON, which was also made available for free via the artist’s Bandcamp.

Originally from L.A., Gomez moved to South Korea to continue working on his various projects, which come in the form of ornate, Lynchian street photography in addition to his jazzy and lucid post hip-hop productions. Through embracing Seoul and its surroundings, Gomez has developed a keenness to make more of his work available. He is currently working on a new release that will see a convergence of previous material, along with the promise of some freshly-squeezed, sample-based tape beats. Let it be known: exciting things are in store from Downtown Gangnam!

• MiNdToUcHbeaTs:


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