Ensemble Pearl
“Painting on a Corpse”

Tier 1: OMFG guys, did you hear about this new SuperGroup called The Pearl Ensemble or something??? It’s the dude from Sun Oh and some japanese dudes and I think also some dude related to Werner Herzog?? I’m not really that into this sort of thing but I know you love this droney baloney bullshit — you def need to check this out.

Tier 2: Ensemble Pearl is truly stacked, man. Stephen O’Malley (sunn o))), Khanate, KTL, innumerable projects) on the Travis Bean reverb worship; Michio Kurihara (Ghost, Boris) tape delaying treble-blasted leads into oblivion; Atsuo (Boris) in full-on doom dub crawl percussion, delay on the snare, plus some gong atmospherics; Bill Herzog (Jesse Sykes & The Sweet Hereafter) keeping it all grounded with steady, mountainous bass work. You know you’re going to love this, man — like, it’s basically the Dead Man soundtrack on crack.

Tier 3: Four musicians who have proven themselves masters of contemporary extreme music apart and in previous collaborations get together in Japan to hash out a soundtrack commission received by O’Malley. The project, however, evolves into another beast entirely: a quartet experimenting together in the studio, their idiosyncratic tones combining into compositions of the most elemental variety. On “Painting On A Corpse,” our first taste of Ensemble Pearl’s self-titled album on Drag City, we hear isolated guitar leads swell and collide across spacious mixes, inhuman drones coaxed from sound sources we thought we knew so well, a rhythm section rattling out a perfectly ill-at-ease backdrop, maximum atmosphere yielding maximum results.

Pre-order Ensemble Pearl from Drag City. It will ship to your home on or around March 19th, and you will fall deep into it.

• Stephen O’Malley: http://www.ideologic.org
• Atsuo: http://fangsanalsatan.com
• Michio Kurihara: http://www.discogs.com/artist/Michio+Kurihara
• Bill Herzog: http://www.discogs.com/artist/Bill+Herzog?noanv=1
• Drag City: http://www.dragcity.com

James Rushford & Joe Talia


Do you wake up to join faceless commuters on the subway travelling to dead end jobs in the city and finish off your day in a damp house with a takeaway and a brown paper bag of alcohol? Then your life is a tragic cliche. And you could comfortably soundtrack it with Manhunter, a project by Australia’s James Rushford and Joe Talia. Album is out now on Graham Lambkin’s wonderful Kye imprint.

• Kye: http://kyerecords.blogspot.co.uk

Various Artists: Lo-Fi by Default

Label Sampler Vol. 2

Collecting many of the great, glanced-over electronic musicians from around the world, this sampler by the L0-Fi by Default imprint really spans some serious distance. Coming from the middle of the US, Kansas, it’s the kind of release that keeps the coasts’ egos in check.

The $PL▲$H ¢LUB 7 track from the compilation, “MEGA_MALL_64” comes from that post-vaporwave (was it ever even there to begin with?) haze, dropping those 90’s drum sounds over a wall of muzak synth swirls. You can check it out below. It’s a perfect center point for the entire sampler, as each track either heads further out toward the airy, shoegaze side of things or drops heavier drums over the more trance-driven end of the spectrum.

Check out the entire Lo-Fi by Default sampler at the label’s Bandcamp page, and buy the entire thing for a terribly affordable price.

• Lo-Fi by Default: http://lofibydefault.bandcamp.com

Merzbow / Pandi / Gustafsson

“like me, like you” [excerpt]

In the green room: Balasz Pandi can’t see the label of the candle on the coffee table, but he thinks he recognizes the scent. He guesses it’s sage, maybe with something else, but he’s not about to lift his body out of the chair and move over there just to figure out what kind of candle it is. Mats Gustafsson wipes down his sax with a rag that a booking guy gave him. He imagines a world where musical instruments could get sick from bacteria and get diseases and develop little pustules like the baby in Eraserhead or something, and next thing you know you’re operating on your clarinet and it’s spraying foam and blood everywhere and totally wrecking your apartment. Merzbow scans the craft services table and finds nothing he can really trust. He opens Twitter on his phone and scans the Kafka Bot’s feed: 大きな城のありかをしめすかすかな灯りさえなかった. He tweets nothing.

On stage: You know what happens.

On March 6, RareNoise Records ships Cuts, a document of what audiences witnessed on the Merzbow/Gustafsson/Pandi ensemble’s tour in 2012 (on 2xLP & CD — MP3s available now). I imagine that listening at home with the volume cranked yields a similarly incredible experience: Merzbow & Gustafsson’s live electronics swirl beneath the din of their dueling sax and feedback leads, as Pandi shifts from cymbal abuse to jazzy snare work to blastbeats and back. Three maximized presences breaking eardrums and dropping jaws, not unlike another trio of multinational experimental all-stars.

Backstage after the show: Balasz picks up the candle before they head to the diner. It’s “Sage and Citrus.”

• Rare Noise: http://www.rarenoiserecords.com
• Merzbow: http://www.merzbow.net
• Mats Gustafsson: http://matsgus.com
• Balasz Pandi: http://bit.ly/ZsTAM6

DJ Rashad

Rollin [EP preview]

As we reported last month, DJ Rashad is dropping a new EP called Rollin on Hyperdub. The EP, which follows last year’s monstrous TEKLIFE Vol. 1 on Lit City Trax, sees Rashad shifting further away aesthetically from his landmark albums on Ghettophiles (Just A Taste and Grace), making music that sounds more reflective of his international adventures, with bass influences clearly heard and felt throughout. It’s been awhile too since Rashad’s lightened the mood (listen to this and this; so fucking good). However, Rashad does go next-level again with “Drums Please,” a breathtaking cut with DJ Manny that you’ll hear in full come March 18, when the EP is released by Hyperdub.

For now, listen to this preview:

• DJ Rashad: https://soundcloud.com/djrashadteklife
• Hyperdub: http://www.hyperdub.net
• Lit City Trax: https://twitter.com/LITCITYTRAX


“All-Star Weekend”

Ghostwridah is set to release his Flu Game LP this March. “All-Star Weekend” is the first official cut off that album, a classic club track served courtside. Over a rich, choir-infused beat, the Miami native uses a lot of basketball metaphors to describe the lengths groupies will go to be his basketball wife: wearing too-tight dresses, double-teaming him, and even tampering with certain methods of birth control. I’m pretty sure that last stratagem is in direct violation of NBA rules and regulations. To play up the hoops motif, Ghostwridah uses whistle sounds for effect and name-drops Florida State football coach Bobby Bowden, an odd choice for a March Madness theme like this one, but whatever — still a sport. Game on.

• Ghostwridah: http://ghostwridah.com


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