Finally Boys
Feelings [EP stream]

Finally Boys’ Feelings EP is like being trapped in some sort of video game club that took a retro spin on (not so) modern club sounds and dosed it with tranquilizers. Damn, I want future-retro already. Like, what’ll nearly complete digital labels do after they’ve weeded out all the physical release labels? And now that we’re covering trash CD, skip-scratched sampling, how will the future integrate digital formats? Maybe Finally Boys have already reached the point of future-retro: optical tapped trans beats, screwed juicy quasi-diva 92-bit vocals, misogynist stuttered button-mashing, carelessly web-surfed melodies. The potential is at AMDISCS for free. Or, Feelings EP can be found right below. “Hi!”

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Monster Rally

“Strange Creeper”

After parusing around tropical islands and spending all his free time surfing, Monster Rally is back stateside with a new standalone single, “Strange Creeper,” a “movement in four parts, dedicated to my creepy neighbor.” I have to say, this neighbor doesn’t sound that creepy, but hey, I’m not the one who has to live by him. Maybe he dual-wields tennis rackets and tries to swat bees shirtless in his frontyard every Sunday afternoon. Who knows? It’s possible too that this Monster Rally guy is just having a hard time reacclimating himself to city life.

Check it out below, and decide for yourself.

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Joey Bada$$

Rejex [mixtape]

Teenage rap phenom Joey Bada$$ is back with Rejex, his first mixtape since this summer’s buzzworthy 1999. The compilation consists of tracks that didn’t make the cut the first time around, as well as some cuts (“Little Rachel,” “Indubitable”) that the young MC wrote when he was 15 while the rest of you were taking your PSATs. Elsewhere, he raps over beats by the likes of Madlib and DOOM, a refreshing change from the Top 20 leanings of most mixtape freestyles. Bada$$ may not have his degree yet, but he’s definitely schooling a lot of rappers out there.

Listen to the mix here.

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David Byrne & St. Vincent


St. Vincent might want to talk to her primary care physician about her iron levels, because she drops to the ground in this video. A lot. Actually, everyone in this video seems a little anemic — except David Byrne, who spends most of “Who” shaking his butt at the camera like it’s a Big Freedia concert. When the black-and-white clip opens with Bryne getting out of his car to find a comatose St. Vincent passed out on the road, it seems like things are going to be grim. But nope, before long she’s up and doing what appears to be the dance from “Walk Like an Egyptian.” This is a funny, quirky piece of cinematics from alternative’s odd couple — but for Christ’s sake, get out of the street!

Love This Giant (TMT Review) is out this week on 4AD.

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Bee Mask

“Vaporware” [excerpt]

“Vaporware.” I looked it up. In case you’re too busy to click the link to the left of this sentence, I’ll just give you the quick summary. The term is used to describe a product (typically computer hardware or software) that never comes to fruition and is never officially dismissed. Essentially, it’s the idea that the idea always remains just that: the idea. So in the case of this stunning excerpt from Chris Madak’s Bee Mask project, the computer-theme prevails with these many 1’s and 0’s and their infinitesimal-point iterations fluttering about while remaining strikingly stationary. A gyroscope of atomic particles electromagnetically pulling themselves close together, sounds never trailing too far out, floating in a cloud of synth. Staccato, focused, and incredibly precise, but the whole itself — the product — that’s what is both there and impossible to fully see/feel/experience at the same time. A maddening paradox that is reduced to a beautiful utopian vision of the future with closed eyes, slow breaths, a deep imagination, and the simple click of a play button.

Fresh off a recent tour in Australia, this excerpt, which we in fact posted earlier this year, has subsequently found a nice home on the SoundCloud page of Room40 (owned and operated by thee Lawrence English, from Australia — imagine!), who we have confirmed will be releasing a Bee Mask 12-inch on September 28.

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Oneohtrix Point Never


Starz’ Boss show, which stars Kelsey Grammer as Mayor Tom Kane, has roped in a TMT star for the fourth episode of its star-studded second season. His name is Daniel Lopatin a.k.a. Oneohtrix Point Never, and yes, we already posted a track from him earlier today. But so what! That’s not going to stop us from posting another new OPN song on the same day. The embed is being a little screwy right now, so click here to listen to “Ceiba” at Boss’ website.

Meanwhile, check your local listings to see when Frasier airs in your city.

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