Fungus Brains

Prepare yourselves: Melbourne, Australia’s noisy post-punkers Fungus Brains are getting resurrected. A reissue of the band’s 1983 album, Ron Pistos Real World, is available now through Load and captures a young, presumably incorrigible Mick Turner (Dirty Three) on guitar. If you’re into Turner’s other early projects — Sick Things, The Moodists, Venom P. Stinger — or even The Birthday Party and Swell Maps, then Fungus Brains will be right up your alley.

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“Crystalline” (Omar Souleyman remix)

Björk has collaborated with some pretty cool dudes over the past several years — Brian Chippendale (Lightning Bolt), Chris Corsano, Antony, Dave Longstreth (Dirty Projectors), Mike Patton. But these collaborations are all lame as shit compared to the somewhat recently announced collaboration with Omar Souleyman. While she’s in the midst of promoting her ambitious Biophilia project, Björk (or someone who works for her) has found the time to upload an in-studio vid with the Syrian dabke master to Vimeo, which will eventually result in some presumably fantastic release. Check it out above, courtesy of Disco Naivete.

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The Books

“Smells Like Content” [Daytrotter session]

The Books recently made their way to Daytrotter to record a handful of tracks for your listening pleasure. Check out “Smells Like Content” below. Don’t expect anything special though. Expectation leads to disappointment. If you don’t expect something big, huge, and exciting, usually, uh… I don’t know. It’s just not as… yeah.

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Belle and Sebastian

“Come on Sister” / “I Didn’t See It Coming (Richard X mix)”

On July 19, Belle and Sebastian will release the final single from last year’s Write About Love (TMT Review). It’ll come in the form of a 12-inch, featuring the lead single “Come on Sister” (which will also appear reworked by Tony Doogan), a remix of “I Didn’t See It Coming” by Cold Cave member Richard X, and “Blue Eyes of a Millionaire,” a track that was only available on some version of the new album. Check out two videos they made to celebrate the single.

“I Didn’t See It Coming (Richard X mix)” video:

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“A Meal Can Be Made”

Nowadays, Dominick Fernow is probably best known as a member of Cold Cave, but he’s better known to me (and anyone who means anything to me — looking at you, Mom) as Prurient. Both his live performances and records — particularly Shipwrecker’s Diary, The History of Aids, and Black Vase (but also Prurient, And Still, Wanting, and Pleasure Ground!) — have truly changed how I experience/think about music. On July 19, Prurient will release his Hydra Head debut with Bermuda Drain. Check out “A Meal Can Be Made” above, courtesy of Stereogum. It sounds nothing like old Prurient.

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Holiday Shores


Alright, so that’s a pretty awesome album cover! Can the music live up?? “Spells” is a breezy, lighthearted, possibly rollicking track. I’m into the keyboard sound they’re using and the overall relaxed feeling it evokes. (via Get Off the Coast)

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