“미행 (그림자 : Shadow)”

South Korean girl group f(x), formed in 2009 as a mathematic derivation of CEO Lee Soo-Man’s cultural technology concept, have just dropped their solid Pink Tape album. “미행 (그림자 : Shadow)” is an eccentric highlight, mixing a jazzy discord of flats and raised sevenths with what sounds like fairies getting fumigated. Vocalists Krystal and Sulli begin by trading the lines, “Every day I secretly chase your footsteps/ I’m always careful, so you won’t notice/ No one knows it, but our date has started, our own date.” Wry stuff for teen pop.

The tune has already caught the fancy of Busan-based producer and sasaeng fan Reynah, who’s uploaded a music box arrangement that emphasizes the composition’s strange beauty.

• f(x): https://www.facebook.com/fx.smtown

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