Giuseppe Ielasi / Enrico Malatesta
Rudimenti [excerpt]

It’s overwhelming. Electroacoustic/acousmatic/gaussian/binaural/phantom organ/air conditioner pioneers Entr’acte have just simultaneously tossed out so many new releases that it’s difficult to know where to start. The only means to resolve this complex decision is to turn to my Metro horoscope, which tells me that I should consider listening to more Giuseppe Ielasi. It’s such a useful, UK-wide public-transport-based newspaper sometimes.

In this release, Ielasi is taking a well-earned break from battering flimsy sheets of innocent metal and is joined by percussionist Enrico Malatesta. True to the Entr’acte tradition, there aint a chord in the house — this joint is a back-to-roots, purist take on electroacoustic composition. Motors randomly generate scintillating noises as Malatesa finds amazing new ways to play cymbals. Rudimenti is out now on vacuum-packed CD, so follow your destiny and buy it.

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Holy shit. Wednesday. Hi. Fuck, can we just skip you? How about taking a half day? But damn, I made a commitment to blow smoke after work with some pals and then hit up Grams in the nursing home. Fresh the new WE ALL IN THE MATRIX mixtape from DJ/PURPLE/IMAGE (Alex Gray)? Yes, I can hang on that. As usual, the tracks, featuring “imagerevisions” of DJ Roc, 2 Chainz, Soulja Boy, etc., are real laxx while the digital age slithers throughout delicate melodies. And it’s almost an entire whisper. The whole mixtape. It’s as if he tryna treat this release with the fragility of a Wednesday. Keeping it real on the level. Ensuring it’s moving forward without harsh disruption or anticipation. It’s just here, y’all. Like a present afterthought. Something momentary and existent, but not as fleeting or shunned. It’s desired. And may just be desired every Wednesday for the rest of your life. Maybe.




“Invasion,” from unhappybirthday’s new Crash Symbols tape, Sirup, sounds an awful lot like Future Islands covering some part of the Mega Man X soundtrack. And then I found out that unhappybirthday was actually from some little city in Germany, which explained why most of the song titles on the album were indiscernible to my US eyes. The whole tape is touched with that kind of downtuned 80s tiredness that was surely shaped in the basements of bored teenagers messing around with synthesizers and playing video games. Kind of sounds like when I lived in Iowa.

Listen to the whole tape below, buy it from Crash Symbols, and dust off the old Super Nintendo. You won’t regret any of it.

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Various Artists: Night People

Spent Minds [compliation]


Whoever doesn’t keep up with the Night People homepage usually misses out on compilations like Spent Minds, with tapes being bought up like WHOA. Label owner Shawn Reed is always pimping the freshest musics such as Blanche Blanche Blanche, Femminielli, Blonde God, Outside World, Fancy Books, Lazy Magnet, etc. OMG, and this Happy Jawbone Family Band is the NAZZZTY. That Scott and Charlenes Wedding LP split. Reppin’ the Gem Jones. And of course Ry-Ry “der” Garbes. Also, fucking, huge October sale: “Buy 4 tapes get 1 Free, or buy 6 tapes get 2 Free to anywhere in the world.” And three LPs on the “soon” and “later” horizons from Featureless Ghost, Goldendust, and Merchandise. Flagrancy is a stinky cologne.

Check out the compilation HERE, then the website, and then your physical releases and to the future!

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Die Antwoord

“Fatty Boom Boom”

This video’s got Gaga pissed off. After the zef crew rejected her offer as an opening slot on her upcoming tour and responded with this incendiary bit of cinematic godness, she took to Twitter, saying: “i fink u freaky but you don’t have a hit. hundred thousand tickets sold in SA. #thatmyshit… i guess its not a good idea to tell someone you’re a fan. never mind! we get it, you’re not a little monster.” And you can’t blame her — the video includes Gaga in some interesting misadventures, including, among other things, a grim gynecologist’s appointment, a run-in with armed rebels, and a fatal encounter with an African lion. Oh, and Die Antwoord cosplay as Kratos from those God of War games. Don’t watch this one with the kiddies around, but be sure to revel in all the anti-Gaga goodness.

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High-Tech-Cold-Life [excerpt]

I don’t really know anything about 1991. I was 4, so I can’t remember anything. As a band, 1991 is equally difficult to find any information on. Here’s what I know: (1) they (he/she?) take that warbly VHS tape sound more in the direction of ambiance, rather than covering it with heavy drum beats; (2) they (he/she?) released their (his/her?) album, High-Tech-Cold-Life, on UK label Opal Tapes; and (3) the track posted below is only an excerpt from that album, meaning the rest of the tape is probably just as dreamy and wonderful.

Feel free to test your search-engine skills and see what else you can dig up on this mysterious band, but it will probably just lead you right back here, so you might as well just listen to the excerpt below and use the links I’ve already provided you.

I wish you would just trust me.

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