Shit gets quique in Spain (maybe). Like hearing the foreign version of “Call Me.” Only Blonde sung that in Spanish, and Beach House don’t do Catalan as good as Granit. The Barcelonian base group is made up of Alba (Extraperlo, Albaialeix) and Cristina (vocalist for El Guincho’s Pop Negro), and they self-releasing 300 copies of a four-song 10-inch engineered by Eloi Caballé. They super fresh too, having only played five shows, one with Diva Dompe. That’s it. Hii-byye!

• Granit:

DJ Diamond


Ever since the release of Flight Muzik (TMT Review) in August, DJ Diamond seemed to be straying away from the footwork sound. First, there was a track called “Lab Rat,” which sought to combine “grime, experimental, dubstep, acid house, electronica, and footwork all in one,” and soon after there was “What You Want,” Diamond’s take on trip-hop. But today he released a new footwork track called “Randomness,” and it’s fucking freaky. Check it out here:

Meanwhile, expect another release from the Flight Muzik crew — DJ Diamond, Young Smoke, DJ Metro — soon. Details forthcoming.

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• Planet Mu:

Oneohtrix Point Never

“Rubio” [demo]

Despite rebounding phenom Kevin Love proving he wasn’t just a pretty good player on a shit team, last year was a terrible year for the Minnesota Timberwolves. A big part of the problem was the point guard position: we had Jonny Flynn and Luke Ridnour, but both of them were better at turning over the ball than at creating plays. But this year, like a Spanish angel descending from the heavens, 21-year-old Ricky Rubio (and his beautiful brown hair) has finally made his way from Barcelona to Minneapolis. Sure, our current record’s at 3 wins, 5 losses; we’re the last in our division; and we’re near the bottom of our conference. But Rubio, who’s currently coming off the bench, has already shown how amazing he can be when given a chance.

Daniel Lopatin, who also sports beautiful brown hair, has likewise shown how amazing he can be when given a chance. And today, the two phenoms collide, as Lopatin posted a demo version of a song that is, no shit, dedicated to Rubio. It’s called “Rubio.” Check it out here:

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• Minnesota Timberwolves:

Bill Baird

“Your Dark Sunglasses Won’t Make You Lou Reed”

Although they call me Kmmy, I ain’t no chick. That being said, I would like to shamelessly announce that I am madly in love with Bill Baird. The activist, you ask? No. The football player? Noooo. The puppeteer? Ummm… no. My favorite Bill Baird is the least significant of all Bill Bairds according to Wikipedia, but is significant as fuck when it comes to my iTunes. Why am I so infatuated with this man? Maybe it’s because he is a total babe. Or maybe it’s because he can play any style of music better than most can play one, and always manages to make it seem completely effortless.

Baird, who is the brain behind the band Sunset, is set to release yet another record this March, and again, it has a whole new sound. In August, Bill went on a hopelessly romantic acoustic venture and made the heartwarming and gentle Goodbye Vibrations, which was essentially a bunch of variations on the same song with different lyrics. Not long after that, he released a lovely instrumental single called “Analog,” a driving psychedelic trip, completely different than anything on Vibrations. Back in 2010, Baird released a hushed, nearly ambient record called Silence! along with one of the best rock records of the year — with Sunset — titled Loveshines but the Moon is Shining Too.

This new one, called Career, is scuzzed out to the max and finds Baird in a darker, rougher place than ever. On his Bandcamp, two tracks from the upcoming album are waiting for you to indulge in. One of them is one of the lesser-scuzzed tracks “Your Dark Sunglasses Won’t Make You Lou Reed,” explaining that no one is as cool as Reed or any of the original Velvet Underground fellas for that matter. Though, I would say Mr. Baird is pretty damn close himself.

Oh yeah, and there is gonna be a totally rad film to accompany the record!

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Sand Circles

“Endless Nights”

Washing over you like a fine glass surface, melody races between swirling shadows and muted breathing, twisting traces that tie tight. Demon eyes covered by savagely shaded lenses. Throbbing pulse with or without reason; producing sweat. Dancing too fast for hollow bodied vibes/vibrations. Lips puckering. Neon make up and street signs. Contact reflections while the bottom drops out. Visage-A, “Yeah-yeah.” #ponytailwhiplash. Blonde eyebrows being raised in sync with the acute corners of your mouth. Strawberry lip gloss. Visage-B, “It brings to light them ‘Endless Nights.’” Maybe on a black beat up cassette tape? Noir-fetishist fever on Not Not Fun early 2012.

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• Not Not Fun:

Weasel Walter and Bhob Rainey

At the Mudlark Public Theatre

Bhob Rainey, quiet minimalist abstract improvisational saxophonist (who recently released his Manual, which you can find here), collaborated with noisy punk-jazz legend Weasel Walter at the Mudlark Public Theatre. Stranger things have happened! The sharp audible contrast you may be imagining is far from the result of the duo’s improv session, however, so calm the hell down. The music is simultaneously sparse and hyperactively tense, both loose and taught, but overall fantastic. The successful dynamic was captured to tape, and since Rainey was full of Christmas cheer last month, he posted it on the webz for all you kiddies.

• Bhob Rainey:



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