Gultskra Artikler

Galaktika, the newest release by Moscow-based Gultskra Artikler, is due April 20 via Other Electricities. Wish I had something funny to say here, but this music is too serious.

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Foot Village

“Reggae War Zone”

Check out this sweet video for “Reggae War Zone” off last year’s Anti-Magic. The video was created by a class of 50 students who specifically chose the song to make an animation for. I fucking love Foot Village. Maybe you do too?

• Foot Village:
• Upset the Rhythm:


“New Farmer” [feat. Mia Doi Todd]

This track was part one in a five-part weekly series that will culminate in an EP called vosotros presents: Rhoda. This Chocolate Grinder post is part 78 in a projected 269,049,321-part series.

• vosotros:
• Mia Doi Todd:


footage from first reunion show (10-minute mix)

Spread the word: Pavement have reunited!

• Pavement:
• Matador:



Kisses, an L.A.-based duo featuring Jesse Kivel and Zinzi Edmundson, will release on April 27 their first single, “Bermuda,” on Surrounded By Sound. They’re obviously influenced by disco, but don’t they sound kinda like this Swedish fish?

• Kisses:
• Surrounded by Sound:

[Photo: Jessica Koslow]

Latapaza Band


Strut is reissuing Duncan Brooker’s Afro-Rock Volume 1 compilation next week. Unfortunately, you won’t hear this Latapaza Band song on it because it’s a bonus, non-album track. Fortunately, TMT is here for you.

• Strut:


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