Heat Wave

Monday night at the veterinarian, I get a chat-message on my phone from Alex Gray (Deep Magic, Heat Wave) with a link to his latest mix, Fukd in tha Game. #WHOOOOOAAAAA! Freezing on my Tuesday morning commute, I roasted these new traxx and thaw’d. If you want an end-all, “okay I’ll tighten my car speaker screws” jam, “RYDE” is where it’s at. I rattled all the way to work, and it was worth it. 2012 is starting out with some mad deep mixes. Monday was Leaving Records’ Smoke Hustle Mix by Matthewdavid. Wednesday was totes a RE: of Fukd in tha Game. And tomorrow is a mix from the Cruise Family fella! Excitement ensues. So, yo Fukd in tha Game is out on Heat Rave meow in CD format, and it comes with a poster! *hothothothothot*

• Heat Rave: http://heatrave.com
• Deep Tapes: http://deeptapes.com



Shut. The. Fuck. Up.

• Grimes: http://claireboucher.carbonmade.com
• Arbutus: http://www.arbutusrecords.com


Imaginations Limitations Through A Telescope [EP]

“War and Peace,” says Felipe D. on track two, “are like Peanut Butter and Jelly.” More concise than Tolstoy, forsooth. I can only imagine war gore is about as sticky — chunky PB, no doubt. And I think peacetime in the woods would be apricot. Felipe also says in his liner note that this is an EP for the winter of 2011. Sounds good to me. It’s a robust EP at that, running at around 30 minutes, full of delayed shimmers and unrestrained vocals. It manages that weird measure between energetic beats but atmospheric harmonies. You’ll drift in and out, which is surely the intent. The liner notes continue to point out that the EP is an incidental project, stumbled upon during the making of DAMEDAS’ second LP, a “gift for the holidays.”

• DAMEDAS: http://www.damedasmusic.com

The Garment District


Yes, “Nature-Nurture” can spook you silly as a human, and so can this video. It’s in human nature to seize, sometimes. Some of us. And it takes a little codling to bring us back to calm. Thanks to the jarring image collage done herrr by Pittsburgh-based filmmaker Keith Tassick and Jennifer Baron’s (The Garment District) eerie scaling, Lucy Blehar’s (Baron’s cousin) vocals nurture viewers’ ears as they’s eyes redden and tremble. Using 700 nightly television news stills that Baron collected, Tassick wrote an application to place them in random sequences matching the pulses of the music, convulsing you, the viewer. If you survive this video (I was instructed to watch it in a pitch black room), pick up Melody Elder as a cassette off Night People or digitally on the Bandcamp below. YAY!

• The Garment District: http://thegarmentdistrict.bandcamp.com
• Night People: http://www.raccoo-oo-oon.org/np

Maria Minerva

“A Love So Strong”

If Jake Fogelnest were murdered over the radio waves, listeners would get confused. Now, if it were over the internet, people would contextually connect via video and enjoy its discovery through word of mouth/social networking. Not saying that — um, I’m not saying anything, ever. Jest, there’s (always) a nice disconnect between radio and, like, internet. Sometimes. Whatever. Yo, the Sacred and Profane Love EP is Maria Minerva’s fourth release of 2011. OMG, and she done did a FACTmag mix! So, I get it. Maybe. Bet radio can’t keep up with all them releases #b’pumpit. “A Love So Strong” keeps me faithful. <3 100% Silk; well-dressed jammers. Pick up Sacred and Profane Love EP right quick!

• Maria Minerva: http://www.myspace.com/mariaminervamusic
• 100% Silk: http://www.listentosilk.com

Thee Oh Sees

“Carrion Crawler”

Look, other than Carrion Crawler/The Dream being vastly superior over Castlemania, all I’m saying is Thee Oh Sees is the American version of Boris. Using “Carrion Crawler” in comparison with “Tokyo Wonderland” to support my accusation. Standard pop-stuff; lyrical melody; sing alongs and brain fogs; that good ol’ steady beat; gutting guitar solos. Boris being all about the noise. Thee Oh Sees being all about the lazy. Hah — America. So, yes. From noise to instrumental to garage to rock, Thee Oh Sees seem to have taken the same business model as Boris. Check out Carrion Crawler/The Dream on In The Red Record, and skip Castlemania #RE:reiterate. I love melts *wink*.

• Thee Oh Sees: http://www.theeohsees.com
• In The Red Records: http://www.intheredrecords.com


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