How to Dress Well
“Ocean Floor For Everything”

Nahh-nah, Tom Krell’s vocals as How To Dress Well don’t all sound the same, nah. Yeah, I didn’t hum along to three other songs of his when “Ocean Floor For Everything” popped in my head. And what’s this track about? What’s all this about sand? Nah, I don’t know nothing about that. Maybe it’s a weight thing. The track feels real heavy. Or maybe it’s a cry for patience, hoping everyone will forget how he sounded on Love Remains, and then you’ll see him live pressing buttons and singing through a mustache. Will you forget? Check and see when the new How To Dress Well album Total Loss drops on Acephale this autumn.

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Evan Caminiti

“Returning Spirits”

Although I would have expected/wanted any new Barn Owl-related goodie to have, like, an owl in it or something — something nature-ish to go with the monolithic guitar strokes of the band’s left brain (Or right brain? Who cares.), with those tumbling cliffs and miles of scorched, sun-dried desert vistas — Evan Caminiti’s “Returning Spirits” starts out cold and dank, super spooky, and has actual characters in it. Demon eyes peeking through the mist and that concert bass drum booming with certain impending death. Ah, but hang around for a minute, will ya? This works. The 3:30 spot marks one of the most glorious, life-affirming moments in recent audio/visual memory, that “returning spirit” (as it were) taking shape to greet the high-heeled feet of a waiting damsel. Caminiti once burned the Earth, but here he sets blue fire to the soul. Hear it glow.

“Returning Spirits” is pulled from Caminiti’s new LP, Night Dust, which is out now on Immune Recordings.

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Head Tear of the Drunken Sun [album stream]

Out with the Heat Wave and in with DJ/PURPLE/IMAGE; Alex Gray, boss of Heat Rave and Deep Tapes, is changing up his DJ moniker and style way nasty. And any correlation between the Eagle Rock resident and SpaceX mission is purely coincidence. ‘_’ *wink* But on Head Tear of the Drunken Sun, Gray’s first release as DJ/PURPLE/IMAGE, collage gets murkier, bathdub becomes a bit flooded, and the cyberfucking is fucking sticky and fucking fucking, brah. But what’s a young fellah gotta do to scrill up these days? Oh, well brother gotta pop off a couple CD-Rs like a madman and get cracking on new material. New material that can be pre-ordered now and shipped June 1st. So, retire Heat Wave until the dead of summer and blast the best DJ/PURPLE/IMAGE CD-R out ya ride!

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“Temples III”

ATTN READERS: Portland’s Ecstasy Records is releasing its first full-length today! The 7-track album, appropriately titled Temples I-VII, comes to us from Temples a.k.a. Avalon Kalin, who is also a member of Finesse, Emotion II Emotion (2510), and Polonaise (100% Silk). After having released a teaser vid for “Temples II” last week, which featured some trippy, looped op-art, Temples is back with a full video for “Temples III” that furthers the illusion-based visual aesthetic. The video, by Matt McCormick, syncs perfectly with Temples’ ambient/new age-y house track, creating a hypnotic trance that isn’t designed to ‘transport’ you to some mindfuck palace, but to simply heighten your perceptions through color, shape, and sound.

Check out the vid maximized to your screen and with volume turned way the fuck up.

Temples I-VII is out now on LP (limited to 300 copies) and digitally (with two bonus tracks) via Ecstasy.

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[Photo: Tim Schaar]


“Take My Bones Away”

What? Baroness is evolving! Cue the Safari Zone music (that’s a Pokémon reference, for those who are behind on their late-90s geekery). “Take My Bones Away” showcases the Savannah quartet’s new sound: epic, melodic, but still heavy as a bathtub filled with lead. It’s propelled by a cascade of propulsive, unruly riffs, culminating in a brutal bridge that’s pure hard rock bliss. The crisper production may lead some metal snobs to scoff in disdain, but they’re missing the point. Like that of fellow Georgia natives Mastodon, Baroness’ catchy combination of sludge metal, progressive metal, and stoner rock is destined for crossover appeal. And with hooks this searing and grooves this primal, Baroness is proving that evolving your sound doesn’t mean losing your roots.

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“Track #4” [feat. Run DMT]

CD-R sales are more kitsch now than they have ever been. Hy’mean, not to say they don’t sell, but there’s gotta be something more in the sale. Right-right… Matty’D, you got Run DMT on the track, but what else you got on this DISK Collection Vol.2? Because, here: I personally made you a CD-R with your and Mike Collins’ last two releases on it totally for free off my computer. Oh, but no, I ain’t got a young floppy disc oil/paint hand-art CD-R slip cover to put it in like you. But, you think that floppy case and paint art is the sale? Well, buying this product and keeping it is collecting, so okay, I feel like I’m buying art worthwhile here. Worthwhile in both show and tell. And, yeah. Matthewdavid has prior experience in this form of physical art. So, I suppose the secret is to make CD-Rs artful or a part of a series. Or unless you underwent a big name change, then people’ll mass purchase ya CD-R. Let’s just hope Leaving is on board for a new LIVEPHREAXXX!!!! or even an El-Aylien Part 2. #promising. #promise? #hi!

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