Hype Williams
London 2012

Dean Blunt and Inga Copeland have uploaded to SoundCloud a new, sure-to-be-fleeting track under their old Hype Williams moniker this morning. It was limited to 100 downloads, so you’re already too late for that (should have camped outside World Music Group HQ last night!), but you can still stream “GALICE” from your choice of desktop, laptop, or mobile device. In the song, Copeland’s reserved croon sounds a bit cleaner than on Black Is Beautiful, but the rapid-fire sirens, cracks, and gun-cock keep the mood frantic and increasingly claustrophobic.

According to FACT, “GALICE” comes from a new tour CD titled London 2012, and will be available at tomorrow night’s show, where they are scheduled to perform at the Tufnell Park Dome in London.

[Update: The full, 20-minute London 2012 tour CD has been posted to their SoundCloud and shared for download via WeTransfer! Listen below.]

• Dean Blunt and Inga Copeland: http://youtube.com/pollyjacobsen

Lil B

Crime Fetish

To no one’s surprise, Lil B has just released a new mixtape. It’s called   Crime Fetish  , and it contains   22   tracks. Funny song titles include “  Suck My Dick Ho Remix”  ,   “Gimme Mo Bitches”  , and   “Beat My Ho”  , but the most hilarious has to be   “Licking The P”  . I’m listening to   “Lurk N Twerk”   right now, and it’s really   crazy   and   cool  ! The mix is the follow-up to   Halloween H20  , which once again proved just how   alsdfakdflj!!   Lil B is. Will   Crime Fetish   have the same effect as   Halloween H2O  ? Can   Crime Fetish   possibly be as strong as   White Flame  ? Listen to find out.

Download   Crime Fetish   right here or stream below. If you like what you’re hearing, definitely consider   SKIPPING THE REST OF THANKSGIVING!!  . It’s the right thing to do.

• Lil B: http://www.basedworld.com

Public Spreads the News


Head nod until it snaps off, listeners. The internet is back-to-back with danceable, somewhat agreeable (@headnodd) jams. Like Stott and Swanson got them super nasty production skills and fiddling fingertips, but they go for the beat. That BEAT! And here, Public Spreads the News does the same with “U R NEER.” Maybe more in a “I’m too hip for coke, but — oh, it’s on my nose?” sort of 100% SILK way, but keeping that Swanson base-ting beat. Not to put Public Spreads the News on that level, but I see he’s on his way to something along them lines. Or maybe he’ll just blow out and get real GAH-rahhge-driven noise-house by maxing his music out.

At any rate, Ailanthus Recodings gave PSTN props through a whacked-out EP split with ϟir­­+Pluϟ. Just massive amounts of new noises to absorb there. Mmmmmdamn. I’d say keep an ear out for this fellah if you got that dancing bug. Or if you’re a workout fiend and need more pump music. *fist in air with pinky up* #pump#pump#pump#pump

• Public Spread the News: http://soundcloud.com/publicspreadsthenews


A Ghost History

Halifax trio Kestrels released their second album A Ghost History earlier this year, and it’s every bit the pleaser debut Primary Colours was — that is, if you’re into the sound of punk-turning-into-indie pop caught in transition while bursting at the seams with loud, boisterous shoegaze-inspired guitars. The band cites Creation records and early Merge releases as influences, but it’s likely every listener will find traces of whatever indie/college rock they may have inadvertently stumbled upon from the mid-80s to the early 90s.

Head on over to the band’s Bandcamp site to hear A Ghost History in its entirety.

• Kestrels: http://www.kestrels.ca
• Sonic Unyon: http://www.sonicunyon.com

James Ferraro

No Regrets [mixtape]

Oh, boy. I lovvvvve how James Ferraro just can’t accept himself as a musician. I don’t mean that in a negative way. But as soon as Far Side Virtual finished, it was BEBETUNE$ harsh’oft nasty, then BODYGUARD, then Sushi. Now all of a sudden we’re in choral territory with No Regrets (thanks to KCRW), which is actually super similar to Lieven Martens’ island choral mixtape for Underwater Peoples. Sidenote: It’s truly a pleasure to write about Ferraro, Spencer Clark, and Lieven Martens as sacrifice for the void/internet. Thank y’all. But to follow-up with my opening comments: Ferraro is more of an adventurer than a musician. Completely someone always expanding himself in humanity vs. exploration. Hit this and take the journey; No Regrets.

• James Ferraro: http://twitter.com/JFerraro_zip
• KCRW: http://www.kcrw.com


“Ballad of the Golden Hour”

Widowspeak’s 2011 self-titled debut was one of the best guitar pop albums of recent memory: a never-ending barrage of woozy pop hooks wrapped in ragged guitar and Molly Hamilton’s silky-smooth soprano. Now, the Brooklyn band is preparing to release its sophomore effort, Almanac, January 22 on Captured Tracks. “Ballad of the Golden Hour” is the first track to be released off that album, and while it retains the band’s characteristic beachy/folky sound, the cut also hints at a more anthemic direction for the band. “Ballad” starts off with a mix of surf and steel guitar (is that the musical equivalent of surf and turf?), but the real joy comes around the halfway mark, when the band snaps out of its daydream and amps up the guitarplay. Think the muddled harmonies of Baltimore contemporaries Beach House, spiked with a bit of Kurt Vile.

• Widowspeak: http://widowspeak.bandcamp.com
• Captured Tracks: http://capturedtracks.com


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