james matthew
untitled album

Looking only to BEAT you senseless, james matthew (one half FAMILY EVENT and all that is LOU TENNANT) returns with nine of the freshest tracks clobbered together as untitled album. Here, the myth/deity/king of feel good rhythmings births babies out of all dem yuung samples. untitled album is the ultimate lil Frankenstein of music. I don’t even think it’s more than 10 minutes. Yet, james matthew remains one-hunto percent repeatable. As well, it was marketed with a rare untitled item, limited to two or three sales, which I hope comes in a bag, cause that’s why I bought one; I need a bag, gurl.

Just let the Bandcamp description do my work:
crass (krs)
adj. crass·er, crass·est
So crude and unrefined as to be lacking in discrimination and sensibility.
stupid; gross
[Latin crassus, dense.]
crassi·tude (–td, -tyd), crassness n.
crassly adv.

Listen to james matthew’s untitled album below; fly shit:

• james matthew: http://jamesmatthew.bandcamp.com

Roc Marciano

The Pimpire Strikes Back

It’s a Roc Marciano mixtape featuring production by Madlib, Alchemist, Evidence, Arch Druids, Lord Finesse, and of course, Roc himself. If you need any more convincing to stream/download The Pimpire Strikes Back below, then this post is not for you. Carry on:

Roc’s production album Marci Beaucoup drops December 10, meaning it’ll probably miss my year-end list, but don’t be surprised if you see The Pimpire Strikes Back on there.

• Roc Marciano: https://www.facebook.com/MarcianoReloaded
• Man Bites Dog Records: http://manbitesdogrecords.com

James Ferraro / Triad God


James Ferraro just took us to the hell that is New York, and now he’s dragging us to another kind of hell: the mall. “Swarovski” is a collaboration between Ferraro and fellow Hippos in Tanks signee Triad God (who released the fantastic NXB mixtape last year), and its barely-there beats, sparse sample placements, and tense, moody electronics are perfect backdrops to the passive mutterings of Triad God and the swallowed-by-Auto-Tune crooning of Ferraro. It’s luxury-cut anxiety, crystal ornaments of a sensually lurid dread, a glass sculpture of anguish. And it’s oh so beautiful.

• James Ferraro: http://hipposintanks.net/artists/james-ferraro
• Triad God: http://www.soundcloud.com/triadgod
• Hippos In Tanks: http://hipposintanks.net

Alison Gold


Fat Usher, I’m sorry I doubted you.

At first, I thought you were a hack, a phony, a man cruelly bent on capitalizing on the dreams of privileged children and their willing parents. When “Friday” came out, my first inclination was to laugh at you, riding along in that fake car, because you were emasculated by a tween. And it was sad. Ditto with “Thanksgiving:” how downtrodden were you donning that turkey suit? And the final nail in the coffin: “Chinese Food,” with its sickening swathe of rainbows and problematic racial contextualizations (and here we go again with the animal costumes; you should consider playing at Anthrocon). Fat Usher, believe me when I say, ‘I cried. I cried for the dollars spent, the time wasted - but most of all, for humanity itself.’ Touch my cheek. Feel my tears.

But you’ve really redeemed yourself with “ABCDEFG.” I can tell you’ve been studying your Foucault, because that dollhouse is one hell of a Panopticon. When you peer into the windows of that dollhouse, you’re peering into the shining, collective soul of humanity, mocking it, and making it your own. When you enlist the noodle guy from the “Chinese Food” video to play Cupid and strike that poor girl with your arrows, you may as well be shooting America in the heart, because pageviews = love (no matter how twisted), and you’ll get a lot of love for this, I guarantee it. And the puppets. Oh god, the puppets. You’ve really gone meta, Fat Usher. I will kowtow till my knees give in.

• ARK Music Factory: http://arkmusicfactory.com

Telepathy News

“Chain-Link Fence Around the Sun”

Did they ever call him “Nervy Nerviano” when he was a little kid? OK, that was almost too easy, but I just had to ask after hearing Syracuse musician Andrew Nerviano’s latest project: a lap steel-based, nervous wreck of a tune under the new guise of Telepathy News. The jittery jungle drums, elastic bass, and shredding gyroscopic guitar melodies help sculpt what is (at least that I know of) the second project of Nerviano’s to hit headphones in 2013, the first being an incredible tape release as The Inverted Orange for Prison Art, and all of it on the heels of a stint with the sadly defunct Sarongs. Per his usual MO, things here spin and spiral themselves out of control with an alarming efficiency. But it’s really the vocal melody that hooks it, carrying the track into a black hole of riffs that go ahead and blast it all to hell.

Although this one is sort of flapping out in the breeze of SoundCloud town all by its lonesome, rumors are being encouraged by Nerviano and associates as to the possibility of a release containing this and other brain-benders to come on Velidoxi Records in the near future. So next time you have the ladies over for bridge, you know exactly what to gossip about.

• Telepathy News: https://soundcloud.com/telepathynews



I was too busy on Halloween first chasing after a toddler dressed as Hello Kitty cracked out on sugar and then passing out while watching Cronenberg’s The Fly to eventually notice that Australian creepers Portal slipped a gnarly video out into the world of the track “Curtains” from this year’s badass Vexovoid. Noisy/Vice premiered the video, which is about as dark as you’d expect, given the band’s penchant for spooky theatrics.

• Portal: https://www.facebook.com/PORTALDEATH
• Profound Lore: http://www.profoundlorerecords.com


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