Junior Mungus
5 [album stream]

SLF are on a wildly relentless run. Not only have they recently churned out a tape from Sensei Himself, but they’re also doing bloody well keeping us in the know. It’s true that there’s an almost hilarious slew of bedroom geezers tapping contentedly on their SP-404s and pouring their unfiltered creativity into the welcoming open vat that is SoundCloud/Bandcamp. SLF do the noble thing: they deliver to us the cream of this unwieldy crop. Dip into their back catalogue to discover such excellently named delights as Nipple Tapes, Crumbbumz, and also this.

So, Junior Mungus is the latest nod from SLF, and it’s a different beast entirely. In a wildly unorthodox maneuver, Mungus has scorned the 404 in favour of its younger sibling, the humble 303. Their manifesto states “30303030203030303,” which is evidently a comment on the unnecessary and bloated excesses of the 404 (what kind of fatcat needs 4 extra buttons???). Consequently, we have a refined palate of sickeningly slick beats mixed with some carefully hewn cuts of juicy jazz piano. Tasty. Tasteful.

• Junior Mungus: http://juniormungus.bandcamp.com
• SLF Tapes: http://www.slftapes.com

Wet Hair


You know, you know — Wet Hair’s “Camouflage” is nice. I mean, it’s nice and ‘_’ and nice. Like, it smiles at you mentally while providing a hard stare-down. And going from two to three members made an enormous groove change for the group. New pup Justin Thye brings them good-feelin’ bass rifts straight off some melted, late-1980s warped cassettes. You can also feel the electro-Americana sizzle in front of you. So pick it up, put it in a bun, and eat it already. Hold the relish. It’s weirder to hear how both Shawn Reed’s and Ryan Garbes’ sounds mesh so well. I suppose it’s just due to spending their musical lifetime pretty much together. This video is also way “Camouflage” in visuals and color and mesh. Only thing better than watching the ocean blur is jumping in while Wet Hair’s Spill Into Atmosphere blares off your speakers. Find it at De Stijl, both on LP and CD.

• Wet Hair: http://wethair.bandcamp.com
• De Stijl: http://www.destijlrecs.com

Die Antwoord

“Baby’s On Fire”

After the black-and-white drudgery of Die Antwoord’s most recent videos, it’s about time we see some color. Don’t think that means that Ninja and Yo-Landi Vi$$er have skimped on the shocks, though. Their new clip for “Baby’s On Fire” starts off innocently enough, with the family sitting down for a quiet dinner — except in this family, Ninja and Vi$$er are siblings (they have a kid together in real life, if you’re behind on your Zef gossip), and Mom and Dad watch cat videos on TV while the kids run amok. What follows are six and a half minutes chock full of sex, drugs, violence, and lube wrestling — with pikachu slippers and cool vehicular stunts thrown in for good measure. In other words, just another day in the neighborhood.

• Die Antwoord: http://www.dieantwoord.com

Chocolate Grinder Mix 46

Bread Trail to Jardunne

It’s hard for me to believe it’s been 464 days since we posted our last Chocolate Grinder mixtape. We’re talking pre-Far Side Virtual here, readers! But if history has taught us anything, it’s that human beings are fucking cruel it’s never too late to start making mixtapes again. So, it is in this spirit that we resurrect the Chocolate Grinder mixes, starting where we left off with #46.

For this mix, I tended to focus on beats — but don’t expect to hear a live drum set, and if you hear vocals on the mix, you can safely assume that it’s sampled. Indeed, rather than guitar, bass, and drums, here we have MPCs, SPs, and synths, courtesy of crazy US beat makers (Ahnnu, Massacooramaan, aaronmaxwell), the avant-Right-Guard© (BEBETUNE$, Dean Blunt & Inga Copeland, Dolphins into the Future), and a couple footwork producers I can’t shut the hell up about (DJ Rashad, Paisley Parks). It’s all book-ended by someone who’s clearly suffering from Multiple Personality New World Disorder.

Stream below, and subscribe to our podcast here.

[00:00] 0000-A70U-0075 - “Y94”
[00:42] Ahnnu - “Cartoon Style”
[02:49] aaronmaxwell - “criminon”
[04:06] Dolphins Into the Future - “Noite”
[15:22] Dean Blunt and Inga Copeland - “Poison Dub Unmasterd”
[16:44] massacooramaan - “Trainwreck (ft. DJ Rashad and RP Boo)”
[21:44] DJ Rashad - “Don’t Drop It”
[25:19] Paisley Parks - “Geto”
[29:11] Warm Thighs - “>”


Realiser [album stream]

C V L T S (not Cults or cults) come across as friendly and welcoming, but before you know it, you find yourself surrounded, enveloped, and in way too deep to get out… kind of like a cult, actually. Realiser, their new release on Belgian label Aguirre Records, runs your head through a water-logged marathon of highs and lows, ranging from drone to noise to all of that dream pop that those northern countries do so well. Yet, despite the wide range of sounds, the whole album moves in a way that feels natural. So much so that when album closer “Suki” takes all of time and throws it into the ocean to drown, you may find yourself brainwashed and swimming out to join it.

Be warned.

• C V L T S: http://cvlts.com
• Aguirre Records: http://www.aguirrecords.com

Tollund Men


Hey, Tollund Men video! Tell our readers a little bit about yourself.

“I dunno.
*shuffles feet*
“Ahh… huh.”
“Oh. I…”
“That’s stupid.”
“I think I saw it on… never mind.”
“A 7-inch this month or something.”
“Sure, whatever.”

• Tollund Men: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Tollund-Men/218747341478646
• Bleak Environment: http://bleakenvironment.bigcartel.com


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