Kaboom Karavan
“Barra Barra” / “Nuit Nadar”


Kaboom Karavan, a Belgian collective led by Bram Bosteels, are releasing Barra Barra April 26 on Miasmah. It’s fidgety in a good way.

• Kaboom Karavan:
• Miasmah: http://www.miasmah.com

Red Electric Rainbow

“Pleasure Machine”

We’re clearly still infatuated with the sound of synthesizers. Plus, it’s refreshing to hear album-long explorations that don’t involve drums or guitars chugging away in the background. Even though these synthetic tones have been bubbling around for 40 years, fully realized records prominently featuring synthesizers are still novel. There’s still the “ohhh” and “ahhh” of Wendy Carlos’ Switched on Bach records, where listeners were hooked with thoughts like “I didn’t know electronics could do that!”

Of course, this is all changing. Red Electric Rainbow’s Dark Days reveals a mastery of his Nord Lead 2 put to dramatic and dynamic use. “Pleasure Machine” is like a cosmic lullaby, employing more high end, crystalline sounds than we’re used to with great effect. But notice the harmonic range on the song… in fact, most of Dark Days is built around shifting chords (albeit with lots of arpeggios streaming overhead), but it’s all consonant, pretty, and fairly standard. Judge for yourself if he’s getting a free pass based on the novelty of ‘bubbly synth’ sounds.

• Red Electric Rainbow: http://redelectricrainbow.tumblr.com/
• Aguirre Records: http://www.aguirrecords.com/Shop/index.php?route=product/product&product…

Lotus Eaters

“Untitled 1” [Side A]

OH MY GOD: Wurmwulv, Lotus Eaters’ 2007 album, is being released on vinyl March 22 via Taiga (TMT News).

• Taiga: http://www.taigarecords.com


“Every Minute Alone (The Circle Remix)”

Knee Deep, WhoMadeWho’s forthcoming mini-album on the venerable Kompakt label, will be released April 26. The group features the Danish trio of Tomas Barfod, Tomas Høffding, and Jeppe Kjellberg, all clearly made-up names.

• WhoMadeWho: http://www.whomadewho.dk
• Kompakt: http://www.kompakt.fm

Windows 7 x64 MS Paint EXE Interpereted as PCM Data

“Awesome, music-like sounds result.”


When I use Adobe Audition and MS Paint, I end up with a crappy techno single and its cover art that no one will ever hear or see (anyone want to take a chance on a 12-year-old techno artist?). But when R2Bl3nd uses Adobe Audition and MS Paint, s/he makes a track worthy of Editions Mego. Well, not really. But by importing the raw data of mspaint.exe (Windows 7 version) into Adobe Audition as an 8-bit, 22050hz stereo audio file, R2Bl3nd ended up with the Mego-esque song above. Unfortunately, R2Bl3nd “faded in the beginning,” removed a “a long section of noise part of the way through,” and “added a bit of phase distortion, as well as reverb and equalization,” but maybe the original version will be released someday on an expanded reissue.



The facebook music-blog-whatever 21st-Century-Beat-Music turned me on to this gloomy donwtempo Flying Lotus-esque beatmaker. He’s got a bunch of albums on bandcamp with varying quality, but there are some real gems as well.

• 9Planets: http://9planets.bandcamp.com/


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