Laurel Halo
“Let Me Know (Aphrodite Jungle Edit)”

Notice this isn’t billed as a remix, but rather an edit of a remix. Care to trace the song’s evolution and see why it matters?

First is the basis, Aaliyah’s fairly standard mid-90s slow jam “At Your Best.” As you can see, it begins with a few breathy a capella lines dying to be sampled by a suave future generation.

Then along comes the “Godfather of Jungle,” Aphrodite, with a remix that takes the first line from Aaliyah’s original and meditates on it relentlessly via a compressed jungle/drum and bass beat. That shit sounds pretty mid-90s as well.

Now Laurel Halo gets the hint and “edits” Aphrodites remix, adding some extra cosmic synth pads and a much beefier drum stomp. Listen back and forth between the two – it’s kind of astonishing how two entirely different vibes (or rather, times and places) emanate from each mix. I guess it doesn’t take much to sound like 2011. Or maybe I should say “never underestimate the power of a good mix.”

I should also suggest that Aphrodite re-edit Laurel’s next album, maybe take some of the low end out, give it that 90s papery quality (sorry if that makes no sense). Call it “Godfathering” or “Jungling.” More importantly, doesn’t anyone care what Aaliyah has to say about her work exchanging between so many hands? I tried contacting her people for comment, but it turns out she’s dead!

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Orchestre Poly-Rythmo


Orchestre Poly-Rythmo’s Cotonou Club is due April 12 on Strut. It’s the West African group’s first album in 20 years, which was released 8 years before I was born. You know, because I’m 12.

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Burial, Four Tet, Thom Yorke

“Ego” / “Mirror”

Burial, Four Tet, and Thom Yorke premiered both sides of their forthcoming limited 12-inch today on RinseFM (TMT News). Check ‘em (them) out below:





(via One Thirty BPM)

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Disco Doom

“Star Drone”

Zurich’s Disco Doom is set to release their new album, Trux Reverb, on The Static Cult. The group, which features Gabriele De Mario (guitar, vocals) and Anita Rufer (guitar, bass), is currently on a tour that includes several performances at this stupid festival called SXSW. Check out the dates at the band’s website.

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Jorma & Movie Bare

“Either You Or Me”

Jorma & Movie Bare’s Lollipop Gold is out now on St. Ives, vinyl-only and limited. Some members literally divorced while recording the album. Yikes.

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Ford & Lopatin

“Channel Pressure” [preview]

Ford & Lopatin, formerly known as Games, will release Channel Pressure on June 7 via Mexican Summer/Software (TMT News). The above video is a preview for the album. WHAT ELSE WOULD YOU LIKE TO KNOW, MASTER??

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[Photo: David Black]


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