Laurel Halo
“Sunlight On the Faded”

According to Hyperdub’s Twitter, Laurel Halo’s Quarantine will be topping that illustrious of music nerd year-end lists, Joseph Davenport’s Top 50 Albums of 2012…. oh yeah, and that other one from The Wire too I guess. She’s taking a victory lap by dropping yet another slab of vinyl just for me (and you too; don’t get all jealous) also via Hyperdub in the form of the “Sunlight On the Faded” single, which you can stream right here in this very post.

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Rites Wild

“Ways Of Being”

Hot off the press at Not Not Fun Records is the debut album from Australian jamstress Stacy Wilson, who records as Rites Wild. Layered repetitive synth lines, echoing cosmic-zaps on dizzying drum machines, and hazy psychedelic vocals make for a classic and refreshing listen. Here you can hear “Ways of Being,” the title track from Rites Wild’s new release, which is a compilation of tracks from some of her past tapes and a few fresh tunes as well.

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En / Jefre Cantu-Ledesma


Last spring, ambient adventurers En (who are Maxwell August Croy, who helps run the label Root Strata in San Francisco, and James Devanne, who shares the same name as my cousin in Oklahoma), went on tour in Japan with Grouper. On this journey, En discovered new places and began to construct a piece called “Blood.”

Then they got back to Cali and gave all their friends little souvenirs from Japan. And when they met their good friend Jefre Cantu-Ledesma (who co-founded Root Strata with Croy), they gave him a Clefairy keychain and a copy of their new recording of “Blood.” JCL dug it and recorded two variations on the piece; one is a minute-and-a-half bloodbath of static and noise, and the other is the growling evil twin to En’s masterpiece “Blood.”

Today, we can get the split cassette compilation of the three pieces from Constellation Tatsu.

• En:
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“Forever Midnight”

When you move them legs that fast, the spray-painted dance floor behind the town grocery store becomes an alter, onlookers drop to they knees, and your gaze freezes in focus: “Forever Midnight.” Goldendust sprinkles down from fingertips and stick to your pours beading sweat and silhouetted against glaring car headlights. And Goldendust shines like a star in the sense of awe. As a statued goddess, but in the quickest motion, you appear poised; your movement is so fast it’s questionably real. Without Wet Hair, your pal Justin Thye dryly, in relentless strive for freshness, lays down that doom-funk melody while walking a spiraling high-hat and hip-swaying kick/snare around the dance floor circle. Onlookers sway and vocals reverberate throughout the back alley. The Iowa City air breezes on past, and the stench of creativity stirs the crowed. The dance circle becomes filled, stretching beyond the point of “Forever Midnight” and into the Goldendust of the morning. DEAL IT (i.e., “Order the Featureless Ghost + Goldendust LP’s together and get $5 off. Email for Sale Orders: NPorders at”)!!!!!

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Food Pyramid & Roy Orb D.M.T.


I’m going to make an entire mixtape out of songs that begin with the sound of rushing water, and I think “Windsong,” the first track off of Food Pyramid & Roy Orb D.M.T. collaboration Arp Navigators, will start the whole thing. It will be like a good short story. The kaleidoscope synth washes will help establish the setting, letting the listener know what they are getting into. Subtle hints of melody like a real solid introvert of a main character. And that smattering of drum noises alluding to what is likely to come later in the mix. Sometimes I worry that all of my creative writing classes have ruined how I listen to music.

Listen to “Windsong” below, forget everything I just said, and decide for yourself what you think of it! The entirety of Arp Navigators will be available December 4 as Moon Glyph’s 50th label release.

• Food Pyramid:
• Moon Glyph:

Chocolate Grinder Mix 68

You Did This To Me

Flicking off Mama Jazz, my pop slides in his Krupa and Rich tape, and I’m hiding Nevermind in my pocket, which I undoubtedly stole from Keith. So, from my first worn tapes and scratched CD, I moved on to CD-R mixes via Napster, then organizing SoulSeek files on a 2GB MP3 player, OiNK got porked, I’m still barely holding onto my third What.CD account, and now I’m this fucking guy listening to 32GB of music off my phone either at my desk or driving home. And 32GB is NOT enough space, ya feel me. Thus, I’ve developed two specifics in listening: (1) consume music as quickly as I get bored with it, and (2) only enjoy parts of music. Parts of music can be an entire album, half an album, track or EP, etc. I mean, I listen to a lot of long burner tracks/release, so anticipating or enjoy parts is almost necessary for my own personal, um… CLIMAX. Thus, this mix was a pleasure to make, and becoming C Monster has been quite a candy for my ears. Thanks forever.

Beyond that, Tiny Mix Tapes influenced my tastes for years before C Monster. As a fan, here are some of my favorites we wrote this year: “More chaotic, more whimsical, even clownish,” “And it’s fucking weird,” “isn’t that just SO WEEN? LOL??,” “What should I do?,” “‘I’m not a hipster, am I?’,” “An ideal backdrop to antediluvian tales,” “Balanced restraint to abrasive recklessness,” “He exits censorship by responding to it,” and “Tropical or exotic…?.” ALSO: “Soaked with humid condensation,” “He violates what has come to be expected… of noise,” “The lamp next to my desk turns off,” “There’s no passion,” “May be more than your tiny computer speakers can take,” “Somewhere between valorization and critique,” “How did we get this point where music lost its spirit?,” “The ghost is the shell,” “And records that sound like a fireplace,” “Takes chiptune into a very blissed-out drone heaven,” “Something that has to be experienced first hand,” “It’s definitely not a gimmick,” and “But who the fuck cares?.” If I left you out, I’ll probz just add you in this section as I catch up on reading during break. Also, I hate music.

Stream below, and subscribe to our podcast here.

[00:00] Lost Trail - “Out Here, Part II (Houses In The Wasteland)”
[04:28] Bee Mask - “The Story of Keys and Locks” [excerpt]
[04:30] John Butcher - “Padded Shadows” [excerpt]
[05:17] Bee Mask - “Pink Drinq” [excerpt]
[06:05] Nhk’koyxen - “611” [excerpt]
[06:15] Paisley Parks - “Q”
[07:58] Gobby feat. Mykki Blanco - “Riot” (Juke Edit)
[10:20] Lil B - Deals Whoodie (Void Screw)
[10:40] Nicki Minaj - “[Dick in your Face]” (Ad Nauseum)
[11:17] Rick Ross - “[Rich Forever Interview]”
[11:39] Kool Keith - “Nice Nasty”
[15:18] Demdike Stare & Billy Green – “Toadstrip” [intro]
[16:18] Mac DeMarco - “European Vegas”
[18:55] Rick Ross - “Huh”
[18:56] Dean Blunt - “[Narcissist II Encore]”
[20:12] Heat Wave - “RYTES” (repeat)
[20:25] Blank Realm - “The Crackle Part 1” (Chewed Up)
[20:33] Actress - “Holy Water” (Spit Out)
[20:37] High Wolf - “MLK” [excerpt]
[23:09] Transmuteo - “Sequence Two” (And I Quote)
[23:11] Angels in America - “Tooth Hound Sand”
[24:54] Dolphins into the Future - “Levante”
[25:04] Lil B - “Very Rare Interview”


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