Lightning Bolt

OH MY GOD. Lightning Bolt just started a bandcamp, and their first upload? A 20-minute unedited, director’s uncut, free-form mindfuck titled “I FOUND A RING IN MY EAR,” recorded straight to a Tascam cassette 4-track (hey, I still have one of those!). Perhaps it’s an answer to The Flaming Lips’ six-hour “I Found A Star on the Ground”? Maybe! In any case, the track is available for free or as a ‘name-your-price’ at bandcamp, but do the right thing and let me tell u how to spend yr money.

I just listened to the track two times in a row, and I’m ready to go right back to sleep. I fully expect to dream about a new Lightning Bolt album. FEATURING RYAN GOSLING. Yummmmmm.

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