Lil B
Obama BasedGod [mixtape]

President Obama, who famously tattooed lyrics from Lil B’s “Tiny Pants Bitch” on his back (specifically, “Niggas in the hood think I’m flexing and I’m gay/ I make your bitch straight/ I take on the day.”), has just received TheBasedTreatment from Brandon McCartney himself. B’s new mixtape, his third this month, is called Obama BasedGod, and it almost makes me want to get off my ass and participate in something. Almost. But seriously: listen to/download this mixtape. BERRRANG-DANG-DANG!

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Last year, Yves/Son/Ace, the solo project of Matthew Ford (Factums, Love Tan, Evening Meetings), released a limited cassette on Night People called Unsung. Being as perceptive as it is, French label La Station Radar — responsible for 2012 albums like Je Suis Le Petit Chevalier’s An Age Of Wonder and Blanche Blancehe Blanche’s Papas Proof — figured the music was so good it had to press it on vinyl. The result is a 20-track, 44-minute, 33 RPM, limited-to-300 album that’s as gritty as it is immediate as it is drugged-the-fuck-out.

Unsung’s title track is the perfect example. The song is a desolate little number, with narcotic vocals and primitive beats nearly suffocating under the layers of yelping electronics. The accompanying video, by Robert Zverina, extends the detachment with hypnotic, distorted imagery that’s thoroughly disconnected and, quite frankly, terrifying. If this is the sound of pop as we draw closer to the apocalypse, we’re in for one dark and demented ride. If it’s not, then click play on the video below for “Unsung” and get ready for one dark and demented ride anyway.

You can also stream and/or download the track here:

Yves/Son/Ace’s Unsung, pressed on transparent red vinyl, is out now on La Station Radar.

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“Assholes and Oxtails”

Here it is, dubknowdub burning that midnight fire transparent style brought to you by Words + Dreams, err Trouble, errrpp The Maze. Yes. And showing you the way via “Assholes and Oxtails.” Dead end? Murk your way through deep neon-sizzled zones, and ‘_’ -out. Please, just keep on reeling. Soon enough, it’ll be MiniDisc and you’ll have to (de-?)upgrade your equipment to be — how do you say — ‘ipp? Just recently, Words + Dreams released dubknowdub’s “Assholes and Oxtails” on a c92 Maze Mixtape, and a digital postcard featuring the mixtape’s tracklisting of bands featured at The Maze this year. Plenty of free-feeling frolics to fill your face. <3<3<3

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Guantanamo Baywatch

“Chest Crawl”

I saw Guantanamo Baywatch play at a Burgerville, a local fast food chain in Portland, all of which share the same 50s burger-and-a-milkshake aesthetic. As McDonald’s is known by its golden arches, Burgerville is known by its jukebox. It’s a real throwback kind of place, and they do pretty well buying from local farmers and selling as fresh of food as they can, but no mistaking; it is definitely a fast food joint, and being a fast food joint, you have to deal with certain limitations. Most notably, that your food may be delicious and local and sustainable, but it’s still a heart attack on a bun. And that’s okay, as long as you don’t try and act like you’re something you’re not.

Guantanamo Baywatch (local, farm-fresh, sustainable Portlanders) know exactly where they stand, in the middle of a genre that reached its own limitations sometime in the late 60s: surf rock. It’s impressive, then, how much their new album, Chest Crawl, sounds as fresh, new, and energetic as the genre probably did 50 years ago. And seeing this kind of thing against a backdrop of burgers, jukeboxes, and kids in cut-off jean shorts and tank-tops was about as proper a venue as our nostalgia-dipped current landscape could provide for a band so true to surf rock’s original trends.

Listen to the title track, “Chest Crawl,” below, buy the record over at Portland’s own Dirtnap Records, and enjoy it over a nice cheeseburger and Cherry Coke. I imagine it’s how the band would want it.

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Animal Collective

“Today’s Supernatural”

Animal Collective just dropped the first single from the group’s forthcoming Centipede Hz on their new weekly radio show. It’s titled “Today’s Supernatural,” and as YouTube user bccapes described the track, it’s like the “fun-house of Merriweather meets the brawn and rock of Straw Jam.” Wow, my job is easy.

Check out Animal Collective Radio every Sunday night at 9 PM EST, and look for Centipede Hz September 4 via Domino.

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Chocolate Grinder Mix 52

Pole Position

This mix began as an attempt to compile some “modern sounds,” songs that seem particularly of the time, that couldn’t have been made, say, 10 years earlier. But then I realized that Pekka Airaksinen was a crazy psychedelic jazz-electronic Buddhist avant-garde musician from the 60s and 80s — his music just sounded 20 years ahead of its time. And I decided to throw on something from the Maggi Payne reissue. So, fuck themes! Except there still is an undercurrent of weird, sleazy collage going on, of dance or beat music mixing with lo-fi aesthetics, heavy minimalist repetition, and noise goo. I should also disclose that the label I co-run released the Man Made Hill track included here, but it was too beautiful to leave on the cutting-room floor.

Stream below, and subscribe to our podcast here.

[00:00] Boy Snacks - “Kiwi Melon”
[02:35] Man Made Hill - “Glass Trap”
[05:23] YYU - “When You Said That”
[08:14] Black Dice - “Spy Vs. Spy”
[12:54] Moon Pool & Dead Band - “Inches of Mercury”
[19:48] SFV Acid - “Daddy Daycare”
[22:41] Pekka Airaksinen - “Suvarnaratnakaracchatrakuta”
[28:39] DJ Rashad - “CCP”
[32:19] Lasership Stereo - “Pole Position”
[34:02] Maggi Payne - “Gamelan”


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