After pumping out loads of purist vaporwave as MJ Linckoln and releasing abstract acoustic improvisations as Malibu Locals Only, the enigmatic producer is referred to as simply LINCKOLN on new ambient release N E P T U N E. Each track is named after a different moon that circles the freezing gaseous planet. From the flat and arid scenery on Despina, to the cold and windy climate of Galatea, to the treacherous rugged face of Larissa, to the icy terrain of Proteus, this digital drone tour of our neighbors on the edge of the solar system is a refreshing reminder of our current place in the universe.

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Ritual Swing

Ohbliv has just released his April contribution, keeping pretty close to the one-release-a-month trend so far this year. This one swings much more toward the public television soundtrack side of the Ohbliv catalog, filled with soft drums and and shallow synth melodies. And that Ohbliv compression flattens everything and keeps it close. Like, I just worked 12 hours at this job that I don’t particularly like and I just want this to ooze out of my speakers, not bounce around the walls.

Buy the 13-track Ritual Swing over at the Ohbliv Bandcamp page, work too much, and then see if this doesn’t put you in a good place afterward.

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Destroy This Place


Horror flicks are enhanced by their DIY qualities. Villains coldly striding through the quintessential axe-murder steps toward their hapless victims are always enhanced by face-obscuring masks — and the more DIY the mask (say, chocolate-colored papier-mâché Elk-monster?), the better. And no matter how fast you run, they still keep pace — even while walking…

All that Detroit’s Destroy This Place seemed guilty of was reviving (while reinventing) the old American Underground indies of a certain shred-inclined, 1996-sanctified-era (Dinosaur Jr., maybe some Fugazi, or perhaps a Guided By Voices if it had its shit together and made sturdier, shit-kicking tunes standardized to three-minute pop stints), but our evil Elk doesn’t seem to like that. Nope. Like Laurie Strode or Nancy Thompson or even Ethan Hawke, they’ve gotta go! Slashers, or Elk, or whatever ominous antihero, never need motives, really.

Turns out, as the grainy camcorder-flecked footage unreels, we find this man-like monster is actually a FAN of nervy riffs, fitful rhythms, and anthemic rawk-pop ballads. Private party in the eerie Elk loft! Come check it out!

The band’s eponymous second album is out May 17 on Bellyache Records and features an array of low-chugging, kartwheeling, guitar-heavy kickers apt for spirited summertime road trips or breathless bike errands down to the local used vinyl shop. Destroy whatever place that suits you; get some aggression out with their rock-side of things; tear the wall down even. Then, let the sun shine in with their pop-side of things. Four out of five Elk Monsters approve.

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Various Artists: Bridgetown Records

Spring Compilation

Howww awesome are prono compilations? Well, double that with Bridgetown Records’ Spring Compilation, a batch of seven new tapes including: School KnightsLethargy, Reighnbeau’s Friends, Torn Humorist’s Everyone Works So Hard, Lavas MagmasINT.eruption, N O W’s Are You New Age? (specify if CD-R is preferred), Paper ArmiesTell Me To Give Up , and Derek RogersDon’t Stop Bereaving.

So, you’ve got four options here: (1) Continue your love for your favorite musician(s) and grip some more tapes; (2) Rekindle your love for an old musician on this list and find out where their minds have been; (3) Discover something new!; and (4) Grip ALL these tapes for $32 and be WAY fucking American already.

Download the compilation right here.

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Dark Bells


Dooooood, my hair is matted with Dead Sea salt-water, and I’m sure I’ve had one too many Slush Puppies (if you get what I mean) and my stomach’s rumbling louder than a discarded snare with its little arm-thing down, and I’ve seen DIG!like six times, but I still can’t really get who really wins in the end, you know? But for now, I’ll ride the Zambeezee , floating and spinning, with my eyes still stinging. And I’m sure we’ll end up somewhere.

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Chocolate Grinder Mix 78

Internet, Inc.

So, as I’m sitting here on my couch naked around 12:48 a.m. [saved this post at 1:23 a.m.] , I’m expecting to wake up in less than six hours [So what? So what?]. Ima criminal to projection of thought; fuck time, but okay, so here’s, like, a new mix[:)]! Only this time I just threw the idea out there to some people on the [capital, Mr P][<3 4 3v3r (editor's note: ditto)] internet [due to deity status]. [OMG — I wish I could play Tekken Tag Team Tournament Two right now, but my 360 keeps half red-ring'ing]. These traxx are what I got in return [in case I didn't use yours, I'll hit you up shortly, fur sure]. But these here are the people you meet on the internet [like me: fuck-maybe-hi].

Please, don’t get me wrong. These peeps is what’s going on in the undermodem. Opposed to the “underground.” Technically, I don’t care for tenses. Like past, present, or like narration of person: first, second, fourth. Let’s embrace reality, while never meeting, ever. If you are listening to something right now, either my mix of breathing or dishes being washed, please focus on the music. I appreciate that. Breath it in your ears, or something. Like, become what sound is to you. Immerse yourself in the transparency of art and emotional willpower. Continue as a person and forfeit any ego of celebrity.

C Monster

PS: That’s a picture of Beyoncé on my living room television.

Stream below, and subscribe to our podcast here.

[00:00] Magnétophonique - “Jungle Spell Interlude”
[00:32] Daytime Television - “Dream Repeater”
[03:53] 20013 - “AAA (Alfa Meditation)” [excerpt]
[05:29] Marcus Eads - “Meditative Loop”
[07:29] hearts bonfire - “reunion “
[10:49] Kevin Greenspon - “The Last Good Day”
[14:52] Radio Astronomy - “Dorado”
[17:08] Nevhar Anhar - “Kintsukuroi”
[20:47] r i o t _ m e a d o w s - “t h i s b r a n c h _ w i l l h o l d”
[22:46] shamane - “when i with it”
[25:28] $ludgehammer - “FFFFFF”
[26:52] Godsnack - “End of Side A”
[29:27] Lockbox - “frost chop(WIP)”


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