“Zeebin in My New Zone”

“Your search yielded no results:
- Check if your spelling is correct.
- Remove quotes around phrases to match each word individually: ‘blue smurf’ will match less than blue smurf.
Consider loosening your query with OR: blue smurf will match less than blue OR smurf.”
- Jesse Briata (Fats Mctwinky, Lockbox, Dandelion Spirits, SEO)

Yeah, he’s doing folk. He’s zeebin “sonic fluctuations.” He’s maybe a she and only 17. She making you dance. He making you moist. She he-she’ing him and her. He bluing. She Smurfing. We nodding? Nod on over to Animal Image Search and pick up your Lockbox cassette today!

• Lockbox: http://lockbox.bandcamp.com
• Animal Image Search: http://animalimagesearch.bandcamp.com

Hodgy Beats

Untitled EP

Hodgy Beats. Free EP. Get it here if you want.

Untitled EP tracklisting:

01. Bullshittin’ (produced by Juicy J)
02. Cookie Coma (produced by The Alchemist)
03. Lately (produced by Flying Lotus)
04. Samurai (produced by Jonti Danimals)
05. In A Dream (produced by The Alchemist)
06. Ave. (produced by Thelonious Martin)
07. Lamented (produced by Flying Lotus)
08. If Heaven Is A Ghetto (produced by Thelonious Martin)
09. Higashi Loves You

• Hodgy Beats: http://hodgybeats.tumblr.com
• Odd Future: http://www.oddfuture.com

Ian Martin

“Moving Activity”

Like anticipating a slap across the face, one must always stay community based and concurrent with their own perspective interests. There’s no real way to describe it all. Maybe it has to deal with energy or natural motion. It’s weird to think of natural motion (down), opposed to living motion (all around). And to imagine energy as something abundant in commodity, and without a specific meaning, breaks us further. Or builds us. Us, as in person and community. Us, as in the means of words. Us, as in “indie” of — of what? Of progression? Being yourself to people? Expressing energy in an unseen motion? “Moving Activity” has it’s place in heads-ears-minds, and it continues and continues.

• Ian Martin: http://www.ianmartin.nl
• Further Records: http://furtherrecords.org



I doubt that a track like “Never-Ending” will be a revelation for you, nor will it end your daily scouring of cyberspace for a new idyllic, life-affirming jam. What it is, however, is impeccably crafted and made up of unfaltering good vibrations. While “Never-Ending” might not turn your head, it will no doubt make it bob. Let us not also overlook its intriguing start and finish, which seem to happen mid-measure, jolting us into a groove and then away from it with all the shock of dunking one’s head into a river. In it’s unobtrusive excellence, it’s the sort of track that should make up the middle of the best kind of mixtape — appropriate considering this website’s name. The track’s all about solid presentation, consistent ideas, and high-quality through and through. Which is all good, because it’s just a sample of Sango’s upcoming Trust Me EP, out Feb 29 from SOULECTION (who, by the way, have been superb as of late). If the whole album sits this well, it should provide several staple songs for your playlists at least till year’s end.

• Sango: https://twitter.com/#!/SangoBeats
• SOULECTION: http://soulection.tumblr.com

Rob Magill

“Talking: 1”

Rob Magill, born Dreamcolour, is set to release a new tape called Dedicated To Those Who Recently Lived. According to Deep Tapes, the cassette is “an homage to friends & artists past, who have left this dimension.” Since I’m unable to form my own thoughts, I’d like to also mention how spot-on Deep Tapes is when describing Magill’s music as “sweaty, emotional folk sounds subconsciously channeling twisted visions of Captain Beefheart, Wildman Larry Fisher and Albert Ayler.” Check out “Talking: 1” and hear for yourself, and then look for the tape February 28 on the deepest of all tape labels.

• Rob Magill: http://deeptapes.com/artists/robmagill
• Deep Tapes: http://deeptapes.com


“Hey Jane”

Spiritualized’s got a new one coming out. It’s called Sweet Heart Sweet Light, and it’s the best thing that I’ve ever heard. Okay, I haven’t heard it yet, but I did think their last album, Songs In A&E, was pretty great. New one’s out on Fat Possum, April 17. Check the first single, “Hey Jane,” which is available on heavyweight 7-inch vinyl through Double Six. The track gets all Ladies & Gents at around the 7-minute mark.

• Spiritualized: http://www.spiritualized.com
• Double Six: http://www.doublesixrecords.com
• Fat Possum: http://www.fatpossum.com


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