Maria Minerva
“The Sound”

I dunno. Judging whether Maria Minerva’s distorted pop is intentional or happenstance is beyond me. I suppose it’s safe to say she has a love for sound —errp, “The Sound” of love, that is, in this song. And it’s nice to hear a slight change in musical direction @freshOnrabeats. Intentional or not, she can’t do me no wrong. It’s a lifetime crush sorta thing. And as this crush builds, I also ponder the question (and title of her forthcoming album) Will Happiness Find Me? Myself, the answer will be “yes” come August 8 at PS1 when Minerva takes the stage for her first US tour in glorious live music matrimony. Everything is everything.

Will Happiness Find Me? is out September 4 via Not Not Fun.

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DVVLLXNS is the self-identified “occult electronic project” of Jon Porras. He is known best as one half of Bay Area guitar-drone cultivators Barn Owl, but he’s also released similarly axe-driven drones as Elm and under his own name, with stamps of approval from Root Strata and Thrill Jockey. With Porras’ newest endeavor, DVVLLXNS, not only will you find a conspicuous lack of vowels, but also a lack of guitar.

The project is named for Isabella Rosselini’s character from Blue Velvet, D. Vallens. Like all things Lynchian, DVVLLXNS’s EP, LITVNY, is ominous and surreal. Although a departure from past work, listen to “XOCHITL” below and you’ll hear the same brooding, cathedral-esque reverb sensibilities of Barn Owl, but oriented towards beats and pulses rather than dense layers, lush sustained chords having been replaced with sparse percussion and chant-like synths.

DVVLLXNS also comes hand in hand with a “digital movement/organization” called THX NXW MXNVMXNTS (“The New Monuments”), which recently posted a mix called PVCXFXC DXSPLVCXMXNT (“Pacific Displacement”) here. Meanwhile, DVVLLXNS’ LITVNY EP is available now for pre-order via Shelter Press.

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Diamond Terrifier


Ever wonder what improvised sax sounds like over looped footwork? Me neither, but Sam Hillmer, he of ZS, Trouble, and various other projects, not only wondered what it sounded like, but was also crazy enough to record the results. On “Adamantine,” Hillmer as Diamond Terrifier takes his presumably battered sax, runs it through some demonic effects, and wails the FUCK over a pitched-up loop of “Heavy Heat” by RP Boo (a.k.a. the “creator of footwork”). It’s aesthetically intriguing yet sensually disorienting — in other words, a must-experience. Keywords: contemptuous, unprEdicTAble, f r a g m e n t e d, spiritual, CONFRONTATIONAL, etc.

Diamond Terrifier’s towering Kill The Self That Wants To Kill Yourself is out later this year on Northern Spy. To tide you over, Hillmer recently compiled tracks that he’s been posting for free on his website and threw them up on SoundCloud for your listening pleasure. And don’t forget: Trouble’s You Are Here Fest is happening now and until early August. More info here.

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DJ Spinn / DJ Rashad / DJ Manny

“Free Mercy” / “Do It Again”

Chicago’s neo-polka daddies are BACK. Oops, they never left. Yo, what’s the huge obsession here at Tiny Mix Tapes about footwork/juke? Like, I get that we search for new sounds and shit, but, well okay: maybe this shit is the new sounds. Continuously new. Too many new. Welllllllll, not too-too many, because DJ Spinn’s “Free Mercy” (with DJ Rashad) is nasty gritty. Gritty anthem shit. Gritty anthem quakes. OMG — and I LOVE Ms. Pac-Man. They got a Ms. Pac-Man machine in the laundry mat a block away from me. $20 later, I still love Ms. Pac-Man. Hi!!

Ohhhh, another track? Figures that it’d happen with a track entitled “Do It Again,” this time by DJ Manny (with DJ Spinn and DJ Rashad). I recognize that footwork/juke ain’t hip-hop, per se, but you can definitely hear it. So look, can we keep molly outta hip-hop? I can see it in footwork/juke or Planet Mu-style stuff, but this is as close as molly gets to hip-hop. Thanks. Teklife specifically gets my heartboner props for being (almost) entirely on SoundCloud. Like a whole new wave of Myspace shit, minus-minus-MINUS JT. Please.

“Free Mercy” is coming out soon on DJ Spinn’s Teklife Vol. 2, while “Do It Again” will see release on The Manny & Rashad Show EP.

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Lauren Devine

“Just A Little Ready” [written by Laurel Halo and SSION’s Cody Critcheloe; produced by Teengirl Fantasy’s Nick Weiss]


Producer: Teengirl Fantasy’s Nick Weiss
Songwriters: SSION’s Cody Critcheloe and Laurel Halo
Video: Casey Jane Ellison

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Afrika Pseudobruitismus

“Good Bivrations”

People are really hopping aboard the serious train with their music/art deez dayz. Like, they really trying to transcend their musical art into something more by using companion visuals/videos. I’m into it when they’re super straight-faced about it. Not like in a Kanye funny/serious way, but in a stern artistic belief way. It presents the understanding of self within digital culture too. Afrika Pseudobruitismus, I believe, is really striving for this style of presentation. Especially in this “Good Bivrations,” but in a way-way retro revival way yet completely into the art of it, making it a part of something that’s not really a part of anything. Like, like, like watching an old PBS-edited mindfuck program on how your life could be involved in all this meaning, but really it’s just an exercise. But get hype. This song is all about complex yet relaxed bives. Wobble along and snoop they’s new album Waikiki Kosmos on Ailanthus Records.

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