Marielle V. Jakobsons
“Purple Sands”

Marielle V. Jakobsons, a player in many Bay Area drone outfits (Date Palms, Myrmyr, Portraits, et al.), presents a document of her solo capacity, Glass Canyon (the latest album to receive our Eureka! distinction). While the terms she’s most often pegged with — ‘sound artist’ and ‘drone artist’ — are decidedly nebulous, she shines as a composer with Glass Canyon. For this album, Jakobsons limited herself to primarily violin and synthesizer in an effort to focus “on where two timbres meet.” “Purple Sands,” the album’s opening track, is a great example, initiating the interplay between oscillators and bowed strings acutely, allowing each tool to relish in their strengths. The rich harmonics of the violin create a slow-moving airiness, while the synthesizer grounds the piece with pastoral textures that subtly slide underneath the strings. Listen here:

Glass Canyon is out now on Students of Decay.

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Pepe Deluxé

“Go Supersonic” [radio edit]

So, remember Pepe Deluxé from, like, five years, no, three years ago —errp, the beginning of this year? They took their old man/generation music mentality and made the album Queen of the Wave, which I think I read contains every instrument imaginable. Yeah, they kept going with the same style electronic dance shit after Kish Kash closed that book. But here they is with their extended-play number two this year entitled Go Supersonic on Catskills Records. Specifically, this post is “covering” the multi-instrument, unimaginative “Go Supersonic” [radio edit]. Which, [radio edit] seems age-/generationally appropriate for Pepe Deluxé to use. And aside from shoving away the female vocalists in any journalism/interview (for an album based around a Queen), they um… got wildly imaginative and, wait, how much of the Baltic Sea gets cleaned up because of this album?

Nevermind. Right, the imagination in this track comes from — well, it gives me the vibe of, maybe, like, a car commercial? NO! Cereal. This album is cereal to me musically. @PizzicatoFiveonrepeat HAH. I knew I could extract some sort of fantasy/fiction from this music. There IS inspiration. Also, I want someone to download a lot of expensive software for free, record their own sounds or find samples using a computer mic, and remake this album with more soul. Also-also, I’m ending this post because I can’t listen to “Go Supersonic” [radio edit] play once more in my head.

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Space Ghost

“3 Weeks”

Where does Space Ghost get those drum beats? It’s like a kid running a twig along the shelves of lighting fixtures at Home Depot. Only none of the lights are on because the store is closed and the kid’s body has actually been invaded by aliens. So yeah, an alien abduction in an empty Home Depot store at 3 AM. Except, wait, I hear someone coming.

Check out “3 Weeks” below from Space Ghost’s debut full-length, You’re There, and buy the album from Brooklyn’s Astro Nautico.

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Bill Orcutt

“The Star-Spangled Banner”

Bill Orcutt, who wrote one of our favorite albums of 2011, who recently released a now-sold-out cassette titled Why Does Everybody Love Free Music But Nobody Loves Free People?, and who time-stretched a one-second sample of Adris Hoyos’ voice into an hour-long piece for Harry Pussy’s final album (which sees reissue via Editions Mego August 28), has reinterpreted “The Star-Spangled Banner.” It’s great. And well-timed.

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Lil B

848 Song Based Freestyle Mixtape [mixtape]

Last year, The Flaming Lips went for the gold. This year, Lil B has seven releases, a mix tape a month, and an instrumental album [see attached/fuck you]. B’s finally gone Platinum Flame (BasedGod bless O.G. Prez). Now, overthrowing his nomenclature as sage and folk hero, avant-gardener and JK Rowling, master-tracker and composer, entrepreneur and boss-mane, Brandon McCartney is attaining ethereal status. True spirit. Less listening. All experience. 848 Song Based Freestyle Mixtape. Haunting your internet speed for around 15 hours, Lil B is the audacity of the internet. Don’t he own 45% of America’s internet anyhow? Tshhhhhh, just. This 848 Song Based Freestyle Mixtape ain’t no joke. Name the next whoodie popping off another 848-track release. For serious real-real. Actually, nah. Forget who’s next, but WHAT. ‘_’ *wink* Also, I’m not telling you how to download this. Good luck!

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Dull Knife


Seattle’s weirdo super-collective Dull Knife has now, after six years of terror-jams, been pared down to just two, Garek Druss (Tecumseh) and Adam Svenson (Karnak Temples). Here, the duo ushers in a new era for Debacle Records with the label’s first-ever vinyl record, which, an impressive 78 CD-Rs later, is kiiiiiind of a big deal. So we rejoice in the bounty of wax, full of tones that are paradoxically razor sharp and blunt as brick. “Excavating” finds Dull Knife combing stacks of textures out into the tall walls of synthetic drone. It’s an intense mix of high frequencies grinding into one another to paint a dark and murky landscape with forlorn melodies hiding in the storm. And bleak. This is fucking bleak, by the way. But the entire effect ends up sounding gloriously holy, awe-inspiring, and enveloping like church organs or dare-you-think-it Tim Hecker. This short excerpt is but a modest peek into the group’s sense for sonic molding and compositional balance, features that make the self-titled effort a killer offering of improvised doom on the whole and Dull Knife stand out within 2012’s incredibly fruitful world of drone.

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