Marnie Stern
“For Ash”

Marnie Stern, with help again from Zach Hill, is releasing her third album, Marnie Stern, on October 5 via Kill Rock Stars. “For Ash” is the album’s leadoff track.

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[Photo: Marnie Stern]

Broken Social Scene

“Meet Me in The Basement”

From Broken Social Scene:

This video was made as a response to the G20 Summit in Toronto June, 2010. The rest speaks for itself. It was sent to us by a lover of our music who wants to remain anonymous. We are very proud to share this mash-up with you.

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• G20 Summit Toronto 2010:

Tim Holland (Sole) & Ravi Zupa

“The Pyre”

Tim Holland (Sole, founder and ex-member of anticon.) and Ravi Zupa have teamed up to release a 72-page “illustrated epic poem” accompanied with a full-length “audiobook/album.” It’s “set” for “release” September 7 “via” Black Canyon Music/Parts and Labor Union.

• Sole:
• Parts and Labor Union:
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Flavorpill Fix Episode Two

Grandchildren, Bow Ribbons

The Flavorpill Fix has just released its second episode, which features performances by Grandchildren, Bow Ribbons, and maybe Green Day! Want to submit a video to them for a future episode? WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR.

• Flavorwire:

Chocolate Grinder Mix 35

“Turn It Down A Notch Before Someone Calls The Cops”

Sometimes it’s necessary to cut loose. Forget about your job, responsibilities, bills, that guy who blinks too much on the bus, and just enjoy yourself. You put on new clothes, gussy up your hair, don a few accessories, and drink an ass-load of hard liquor that’s wildly overpriced for how awful it tastes. Hopefully you’re doing this with a group of friends or some better-looking acquaintances at a hot-shit electro club in the section of town where you either disappear or get suicided for disparaging the staff. With any luck, you’ll make it through the night without violently expunging the contents of your stomach or repeating your college “incident” that was broadcast on three different news programs, the sole reason your family isn’t permitted to attend church anymore. If you play your cards correctly and meet a human with which to continue cutting loose (in the form of vigorous sexual intercourse), make sure to play this edition of the Chocolate Grinder while you hump like idiots and make hilarious noises that your neighbors giggle at and record for their friends to laugh at you from as far away as Saskatchewan.

01. N.E.R.D. - “Hot ‘n Fun (Boys Noize Remix)”
Start time: 0:00; Links: N.E.R.D. - Boys Noize - Boys Noize Records

02. Markus Lange & Stereofunk - “Silk Spectre II (Original Mix)”
Start time: 3:44; Links: Markus Lange - Stereofunk

03. Etienne De Crecy - “Hope (DJEdjotronic Remix)”
Start time: 7:40; Links: Etienne De Crecy - DJEdjotronic

04. Dada Life - “Cookies With A Smile (Original Mix)”
Start time: 9:26; Links: Dada Life

05. Jaguar Love - “Up All Night (Dolby Anol Remix)”
Start time: 12:50; Links: Jaguar Love - Dolby Anol - Fat Possom

06. Herve - “Blazin (Reset Remix)”
Start time: 16:29; Links: Herve - Reset

07. Beataucue - “Bus (Original Mix)”
Start time: 19:58; Links: Beatacue - Kitsuné

08. Aerotronic - “Helicopter (Original Mix)”
Start time: 23:32; Links: Aerotronic

09. Drop The Lime - “Sex Sax (Bart B More Remix)”
Start time: 27:30; Links: Drop The Lime - Bart B More

10. Gramophonedzie - “Brazil (Original Mix)”
Start time: 30:22; Links: Gramophonedzie

[Artwork: Keith Kawaii]


“Almost Alright”

Noveller, a.k.a. Sarah Lipstate, has released her second zone-altering full-length Desert Fires, the follow-up to last year’s No Fun debut, Red Rainbows (TMT Review). It’s released on her own Saffron imprint. (via Stereogum)

• Noveller:
• Saffron:


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