Mo Kolours
“Banana Wine”

Although banana wine may make the London-based Mo Kolours “feel roudy,” this is surely not the expression I would use to describe the sensation that is experienced when listening to his music. Maybe “mellow,” “soothed,” “irie,” or “chillaxin’” would be terms I’d use. Nonetheless, this guy really has an ability to transmit peacefulness and relaxation through music, which is especially prevalent on the title track from Kolours’ stoned sophomore release EP2: Banana Wine, to be released by One-Handed Music on March 19.

It is clear that the half-Mauritian producer is strongly fueled by his tropical island roots, as heard through the raw yet precise percussion and the purely carefree energy that is retained throughout the entire record. But what really makes this music so fascinating is the undeniable urban influence of his current London residence, as heard in the sample-heavy hip-hop structures that serve as the basis for Mo Kolours’ rootsy expression. This music finds itself rooted deeply in a place very calming and familiar yet allows foundation for some genuine experimentalism.

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Sam Prekop

“The Eve” / “Arizona”

Sam Prekop, main man at The Sea and Cake and human being responsible for the highly underrated Old Punch Card, has recorded several songs for director Tim Sutton’s debut feature, PAVILION (a film that found its roots in a video for The Sea and Cake’s “Weekend” on which Sutton and Prekop collaborated). Both are available as downloads at PAVILION’s website and both are fantastic, but I especially love “The Eve.” Listen to them here:

“The Eve”:


PAVILION premieres tomorrow, March 9, as a SXSW opening night selection. Don’t miss it. But if you do, you’ll also have a chance to catch it at its Saturday night screening, which will be followed by a rare solo acoustic performance by Prekop at 11:30 PM at Austin’s Vuka Co-Op (411 West Monroe St, off 1st St). It’s free too, so unless you hate fantastic music, you should probably make your way down there.

Check out the trailer for PAVILION:

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Clams Casino

“Swervin Instrumental”

First of all, NO: “One of most important producers of the last 12 months.” Like, this bruva ain’t bad, but you could do this shit too via Pro Tools. Or get Audacity. Figure it out. You could be making music for MCs (and everyone’s an MC these days) errywhere in no time. Find ya favorite tunes, junk ‘em together, filter ‘em, and tah-dahh. I encourage everyone out there reading this to make a mix, download Audacity, take out snippets of that mix, filter it, and make it a “new” song. Let’s do this shit once and for all. Errybody got a voice, and now y’all got music to back it up. Also, just make a Twitter. #postmodernismcracksyouropinionandtrumpsyourdreams

• Clams Casino:!/clammyclams


Music For Keyboards Vol. I

d’Eon just dropped a 14-track LP titled Music For Keyboards, Vol. I. The album serves as a prelude to his upcoming full-length on Hippos In Tanks. You should probably read d’Eon’s hilarious bio for more context. Stream Music For Keyboards, Vol. I below or download the whole shimmering thing here.

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Lil B

God’s Father [mixtape]

Anything I can say here, Basedgod *Basedgod*nyeah* already preached it *man ya feel m’aye* and, like, I appreciate the struggle @identity @songwriting @Internet, but yo: this mixtape did what you couldn’t #surpassdeity *WHOA-DEY* so, I don’t know who said it, but someone called Lil B “avant-garde,” maybe it was FACT, but props, because that’s Basedgod’s em’oh *Basedgod*Basedgod* though, this God’s Father mixtape is way more subdued than his prior 2012 releases: White Flame and Blue Eyes *Somalia*Africa* like, I’ve no doubt that Lil B can tiptoe on water and, and speak in space, with K clips, etc. “This [God’s Father] mixtape is so epic cause everybody KNOWS I’m Jesus Christ” –Lil B *mmm’errrrrm*

Stream below or download via DatPiff here.

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DJ Diamond

“It’s Not Rite”

DJ Diamond, whose Flight Muzik LP on Planet Mu last year made it to #5 on our year-end list, has just dropped a new track called “It’s Not Rite.” The song appears to be some sort of nod/reference to TMT favorite DJ Rashad, who released a track last year called “Itz Not Rite.” Even more convincingly: both tracks footwork the shit out of Vicki Sue Robinson’s 1979 song “Hope Your Feelings Are Like Mine” (which has also received the hip-hop treatment a number of times). Here, for yourself:

Diamond’s version is coming out soon on an eight-song EP titled Deeper Than Trax via new Amsterdam label Liquorish Dubz. And expect Flight Muzik Vol. 2 sometime this year, too.

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• Liquorish Dubz:



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