“Ghosts and Lovers” (Marissa Nadler cover)

Holy shit, I love Marissa Nadler. Hmm, I forgot “covers” are adaptations. Well, let’s check it. Am I feeling the same haunt as the original? I suppose. Oh, shit, now I’m getting ex-lover flashbacks. Wait, that’s right, this off her poppy’er album, so, okay — I get it; I’m not into it. This is fun too, if you like tidal electronics. The pop of “Ghosts and Lovers” emerges only in subtle waves in this cover track. And then it gets all “Wiiiiii-Fiiiiiii” repetitive at the end, because I’m not exactly sure about the vocals. Maybe this track would work best if you re-up’d with Oxycontin. Or just leaving the dentist’s office. But, you know * shakes hand sideways* this track is like that. I’d be tied in at first, if played on the radio, but turn it soon after its persistent snooze-effect sets in.

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Jewelry [album download]

Sparking his month-long tour with M Geddes Gengras and Diva, Matthewdavid decided to plug a free $crill album for all y’all fanatics. Enticing? Well, if you in the West or South of America, you can get wet with desi— Er, music, cause they’s tour will sink into your neck; I’m sure. Right, and Sun Araw is tagging along. But, as the cover art suggests, Jewelry is some third eye doppelganger aspetto hairy mix sludge, and it don’t stop. Put it on repeat. Exercise some limb demons. Go to the pet shop, and dance some more. It’ll be cute. Or a nursery. MD, you ever put ya tunes up to an infant’s ear?

Download the album here.

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First Love

“Game On”

First of all, we’re all familiar with the meaning of santorum, right? Now, I don’t want to promote religion or politics here (albeit it’s inevitable, since I posted this video). But, I’d like to promote happiness. Happiness is so fucking unusual, isn’t it? Happiness to me is hard to pinpoint, especially through music. On the whole, I do find a personally-built happiness through music. That being said, I’m having trouble finding happiness in this music video. Forget the tacky lyrics. Look at who’s singing and who’s “performing.” Half the video is snippets of smiling people on a random road wielding signs during some shitty day. Scope that neglect of color. And I feel like the song style is patronizing listeners through a lack in vibrancy. Actually, I kept thinking there was someone behind the camera waving a gun at these people, yelling “Just look cute!” The happiness I can take from this video is imagining these kids watching it 10 years from now.

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Ejaculazer Tag [EP]

Consider, if you will, the Ejaculazer. Men covet it, women crave it. And, in truth, who among us has not feared it? Only superficially is it obscene. It shines through the night, the seminal light out of which all others gleam. In practice, it’s the very stuff that life is made of.

So, for your consideration, here is Kid606’s Ejaculazer Tag EP, a seven-song suite of ejacuLabyrinths and remixes, sure to be of ejacuLasting appeal. Haters are ejacuLame. These cuts are pretty heavy, with nice sticky trill beats. The last track, “Let’s get radioactive,” features a perfectly dubby drop, plus the diatribe of a not happy robot, waxing hectic about extraterrestrials and the like. All hail the atomic savior.

Ejaculazer Tag is officially out on March 26, from the ejacuLabel Tigerbeat6.

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Mo Kolours

“Banana Wine”

Although banana wine may make the London-based Mo Kolours “feel roudy,” this is surely not the expression I would use to describe the sensation that is experienced when listening to his music. Maybe “mellow,” “soothed,” “irie,” or “chillaxin’” would be terms I’d use. Nonetheless, this guy really has an ability to transmit peacefulness and relaxation through music, which is especially prevalent on the title track from Kolours’ stoned sophomore release EP2: Banana Wine, to be released by One-Handed Music on March 19.

It is clear that the half-Mauritian producer is strongly fueled by his tropical island roots, as heard through the raw yet precise percussion and the purely carefree energy that is retained throughout the entire record. But what really makes this music so fascinating is the undeniable urban influence of his current London residence, as heard in the sample-heavy hip-hop structures that serve as the basis for Mo Kolours’ rootsy expression. This music finds itself rooted deeply in a place very calming and familiar yet allows foundation for some genuine experimentalism.

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Sam Prekop

“The Eve” / “Arizona”

Sam Prekop, main man at The Sea and Cake and human being responsible for the highly underrated Old Punch Card, has recorded several songs for director Tim Sutton’s debut feature, PAVILION (a film that found its roots in a video for The Sea and Cake’s “Weekend” on which Sutton and Prekop collaborated). Both are available as downloads at PAVILION’s website and both are fantastic, but I especially love “The Eve.” Listen to them here:

“The Eve”:


PAVILION premieres tomorrow, March 9, as a SXSW opening night selection. Don’t miss it. But if you do, you’ll also have a chance to catch it at its Saturday night screening, which will be followed by a rare solo acoustic performance by Prekop at 11:30 PM at Austin’s Vuka Co-Op (411 West Monroe St, off 1st St). It’s free too, so unless you hate fantastic music, you should probably make your way down there.

Check out the trailer for PAVILION:

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