Old Time Relijun

Songbook, Volume One, an early release by Arrington de Dionyso’s Old Time Relijun, has been long out of print. Too long, according to new label Northern-Spy, who are reissuing a mastered version of the album on November 16. The album was recorded before de Dionyso’s stint at K, which means it was before Calvin Johnson and co. re-recorded his parts and demanded he put choruses and three-part harmonies in every song.

• Northern-Spy: http://northern-spy.com

The Flaming Lips

2010 March of 1000 Flaming Skeletons Behind The Scenes

The Flaming Lips were recently in Oklahoma City for their annual “March of 1,000 Skeletons” event (TMT News). You weren’t there. AWWWW. But don’t worry — the Lips were kind enough to film some behind-the-scenes footage of the march, so finger that player above until it makes some noise.

• The Flaming Lips: http://www.flaminglips.com

My Disco


My Disco’s Little Joy is being released January 25 via Temporary Residence Limited. Just wanted to let you know.

• My Disco: http://www.mydisco.com.au
• Temporary Residence Limited: http://temporaryresidence.com


“Lunar Eyes”

Bill Baird’s Sunset has released a new video for “Lunar Eyes,” off Loveshines But The Moon Is Shining Too. Here, my friends, is that video.

• Bill Baird: http://www.myspace.com/misterbillbaird
• Autobus: http://www.autobusrecs.com

Brian Eno

Pork Magazine interview

Check out this video of Brian Eno being interviewed by Pork, not because you’re interested in hearing about his new album Small Craft on a Milk Sea (TMT Review), but because he’s being interviewed by a superhero named Dick Flash.

• Brian Eno: http://brian-eno.net
• Warp: http://warp.net

Mary Halvorson Quintet

“Sea Seizure (No. 19)”

On October 5, the Mary Halvorson Quintet, featuring guitarist Mary Halvorson, trumpeter Jonathan Finlayson, altoist Jon Irabagon, bassist John Herbert, and drummer Ches Smith (Xiu Xiu), released Saturn Sings on Firehouse 12 Records. On “Sea Seizure (No. 19),” the horns disappear and Halvorson’s guitar slips between DJ Screw-like slurs, darting ephemeralities and overdriven chords, conversing with Herbert’s dense bass groove and Smith’s textural percussive splatters.

• Mary Halvorson: http://maryhalvorson.com
• Firehouse 12: http://firehouse12.com


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