Outer Space
“Bad Rubycon Sequent”

Emerald’s John Elliot, performing as Outer Space, gives us another pointilistic synth journey through outer space. Vangelis is pissed.

BAD RUBYCON SEQUENT by spectrumspools


“Easy Peasy”

Ponytail make music that we like.

The group’s latest, Do Whatever You Want All The Time, is due April 12 on We Are Free. (via P4k)

• Ponytail: http://chocolatelabinegypt.blogspot.com
• We Are Free: http://www.nowwearefree.com



Skeletons’ new album, PEOPLE, is due April 26 on Shinkoyo/Crammed Discs. There’s a song called “Barack Obama Blues” on it. Another one’s called “Walmart and the Ghost of Jimmy Damour.” :)

• People: http://skeletonstv.tumblr.com
• Shinkoyo: http://shinkoyo.com
• Crammed Discs: http://crammed.be

Time Wharp


I suppose it’s only natural that 8-bit synths would become increasingly popular in a realm of music so dominated by nostalgia these days. It seems like every week I read about a new ‘chiptune’ artist trying their hand at manipulating some 20-something’s heartstrings. But, “Cuspcake,” the most recent reveal from Time Wharp’s upcoming debut, later., is much more than reminiscing afternoons spent with an NES. Jazzy hooks, arpeggio rainbows, and a stutter-strut will make this a go-to 2011 Summer Jam.

later. will be available for digital download on March 17th through AMDISCS, and on tape from Wonder Beard Tapes soon after.

• Time Wharp: http://timewharp.com/
• AMDISCS: http://www.amdiscs.com/
• Wonder Beard Tapes: http://wonderbeardtapes.tumblr.com/

Gang Gang Dance

“Glass Jar”

Stream the 11 minute opener from Gang Gang Dance’s upcoming Eye Contact:

• Gang Gang Dance: http://www.ganggangdance.com/
• 4AD: http://www.4ad.com/

Chocolate Grinder Mix 45

February 2011

Sometimes it feels like media coverage travels at light speed — we try to post two or three tracks a day, while other zines highlight waaaay more. Thus, it is only natural to pause at the beginning of a new dawn (March) to highlight some of the songs that tickled our sacs and vaginas within the period of time we like to call “February.” Can you pick the trends apart from these 12 blazing jingles? Hint: we are elevated above trends. Please enjoy.

01. Sean McCann - “Star Charge” (Start time: 00:00)
02. Siriusmo - “Einmal in der Woche Schreien” (Start time: 02:51)
03. Vagina Vangi - “Christ” (Start time: 06:52)
04. Nightsatan - “Karelian Starmaster (Evil Lucifer)” (Start time: 09:54)
05. Aaimon - “Amen” (Start time: 15:32)
06. Psychic Paramount - “RW” (Start time: 19:45)
07. Mandelbrot & Skyy - “TT Races” (Start time: 25:33)
08. Grasshopper - “Trouble Ain’t Nobody Seen, But Me” (Start time: 30:18)
09. Com Truise - “Innerfacer” (Start time: 37:11)
10. Hard Mix - “Now Her” (Start time: 40:08)
11. W-H-I-T-E - “Fountain” (Start time: 44:09)
12. Gatto Fritto - “Hex” (Start time: 48:52)


CHOCOLATE GRINDER is our audio/visual section, with an emphasis on the lesser heard and lesser known. We aim to dig deep, but we'll post any song or video we find interesting, big or small.