$PL▲$H ¢LUB 7
SYSTEM32 [album stream]

Walking inside the nearest fucking flea market, you notice sweatpants, slippers, a portable cassette player, and foam headphones are neon-trending. Maybe a mesh tank top. At a booth, you’re holding the first ToeJam & Earl game on Sega. Axe if it’s dirty. Blow in it. Get $3 off. Slick your hat back and fly by the food court for ice cream and honies. Madd honies. Trip on up at the collector’s booth and snag a plug of pogs. Hit the family bathroom, flip the fan, slow a spliff, and ride them honey waves. Flick a Polaroid. Finish, slide out back behind the trailers, and draw a circle on the concrete with a pebble. A gang of skeezy gamblers surround you and start betting on playing “for keeps.” The Best of George Benson cassette has reeled thin, and your pockets are stuffed with $73, a cassette you recorded over, and a 16bit cartridge. Some dude scrawls $PL▲$H ¢LUB 7 on the flea market door and yells out, “Next week?” You walk away.

• $PL▲$H ¢LUB 7: http://splash-club-7.bandcamp.com



Brighton beat maker WARM THIGHS (a.k.a. Warm Thighs a.k.a. Susan Balmar a.k.a. 0000-A70U-0075 a.k.a. SLF Tapes curator a.k.a. _lip a.k.a. founder and CEO of the official MF Grimm fan club a.k.a. Perry Trollope) has just dropped a new beat release, titled WARM THIGHS 4, the follow-up of sorts to the “unofficial” WARM THIGHS 3 tape from earlier this year (which was grouped with all his other fantastic WARM THIGHS releases in a ZIP right here). Like all of his releases, 4 is fucking awesome but also incredibly short (like episodes of Louie). These beats — shuffled, muffled, and ruffled as they are — are spliced ‘n’ diced into delicious, temporal-toying tracks of hip-hop-influenced jerkwerk rhythms, showing once again how Mr. Perry Trollope is, in my humble (AND EXPERT) opinion, among the forefront of the SP beat-making scene.

The album is available as a stream below, but you can “name your own price” (TMT suggestion: $60) at WARM THIGHS’ fresh, new Bandcamp page. Grab it quick though, because pages/projects/links/etc. by Trollope seem to disappear out of nowhere.

Meanwhile, do yourself a favor and watch this short clip of the man in action:

• Warm Thighs: http://warmthighs.bandcamp.com
• SLF Tapes: http://www.slftapes.com

Tim Hecker & Daniel Lopatin

“Uptown Psychedelia”

Here’s the first taste of Tim Hecker and Daniel Lopatin (a.k.a. O to the P to the N) ripping shit up on their forthcoming collaborative LP, Instrumental Tourist, due November 20 on Software. The album is the result of these guys getting together for some improv with little to no preparation, and if “Uptown Psychedelia” is any indication of what’s to come, then Hecker and Lopatin are those kids I remember from high school/college who managed to ace tests while skipping class and smoking weed instead. And, using stoner logic, if their studio picture is any indication, there’s some sax and paintbrush on this thing I guess??

• Tim Hecker: http://www.sunblind.net
• Daniel Lopatin: http://www.pointnever.com
• Software: http://www.softwarelabel.net

Samara Lubelski

“Jammage Cruiser”

Monochrome Lepidoptera; an extended tarantella; a handful of sloops. United under a sienna haze, these are the images that make up the video for Samara Lubelski’s “Jammage Cruiser.” As noted by De Stijl records — who released Lubelski’s Wavelength earlier this summer — the video is the construction exclusively of found super-8 footage, a vision by artist Kyle Eyre. Those hues, folks, are legit.

So, what precisely is a “Jammage Cruiser,” per se? I admit I’m not the best listener when it comes to scouring lyrics (or even hearing them properly, half the time), but I do catch that exotic term “Jammage” uttered in the song’s first seconds. But still: what’s it mean? Why is it cruising? Well, why not? I’ve never been a guy to keep a cruiser from doing its thing, however he/she might please, jammage or no. Because, when we get down to it — brass tacks, people — the song is smoothly sung, whispered and eldritch, and the video reaps real benefits from its authentic film. I’m more than happy to just ride this thing out based on those beauties alone.

But if you’re really intent on unraveling the riddle of the title, I guess that just gives you a welcome excuse to watch this thing again, again, again.

Wavelength is available now from De Stijl Records.

• Samara Lubelski: http://www.samaralubelski.com
• De Stijl Records: http://destijlrecords.tumblr.com


“Out Of Our Heads”

Caked in layers of 2012 grime, Lantern prevails yet again, only this time encapsulating the spirit of rock ‘n’ roll. Dream Mine is the soundtrack to replacing your parents’ family wall photos with staples and their severed ears. And “Out Of Our Heads” is just the perfect example of how Lantern kicks off their embodiment of rock ‘n’ roll via Dream Mine. Actually, it’s the second track, but the first “song.” The album’s first track is a fellah stating “Don’t say much,” and then it’s eardrum-rupturing motorcycle-revving for around a minute.

Just, if you’re into rock ‘n’ roll or are looking to make the ultimate rock ‘n’ roll album, take notes from Dream Mine. Shoot, take notes from “Out Of Our Heads.” It’s like, get your nobs at the level of almost blown out and then crush. The ambiance and world built in this album is inescapably face-tearing, and your forced fist-pumping will end up causing some type of damage, somewhere. Thank you, Bathetic!

• Lantern: http://lantern.bandcamp.com
• Bathetic Records: http://www.batheticrecords.com

A Place To Bury Strangers

“Leaving Tomorrow”

With the new video for “Leaving Tomorrow,” a cut off Worship, noise-rockers A Place to Bury Strangers have given me yet another reason to keep my wits about me whenever I’m in Central Park. When you least expect it, creepy turban-clad Druids will take chase. The self-directed clip also includes spooky potion-making and and zombies, because why not? Can’t wait to see what these guys come up with around Halloween.

• A Place to Bury Strangers: http://aptbs.tumblr.com
• Dead Oceans: http://www.deadoceans.com


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