Pulse Emitter

Portland’s finest cosmic synthesizer musician, who is one of the most established contemporary drone/ambient artists with releases stretching back to 2003 (a veritable lifetime) on every decent label from Gneiss Things to RRRecords, has joined the Aguirre Records ranks this year and will release a new conceptual LP called Aeons, a four-track rumination on different eras in time. The label explains that this track, “Pangaea,” is about ancient Earth, while another, “Immortality,” is about a “distant future where consciousness has been uploaded to computers and people live without bodies.” Big thoughts and not too many notes from this one-man pantheon of new age music. While you’re waiting for your pre-order to queue, hark back to a touchstone of his catalog, the Meditative Music series, compliments of Root Strata. Also note the appropriately nebulous artwork (a fingerprint or a galaxy?) from Tranquility Tapes in-house designer Caroline Teagle.

• Pulse Emitter: http://synthnoise.com
• Aguirre: http://www.aguirrecords.com


“Fell Sound”

Liz Harris (Grouper) and Jesy Fortino (Tiny Vipers) have apparently woken up from incredible cat naps just long enough to yawn out some songs together. They call their project Mirrorring, their album Foreign Body, and its first single “Fell Sound” (but what it has to do with this guy and the sounds he makes I really can’t be sure). This is just another in a long line of collaborations Harris has been busy with lately (see also her work with Lawrence English, Ilyas Amhed, and The Bug), and they’re all worth hearing. So Liz, you need to call that Balam Acab dude, because I hear he would also like to make some music with you and I would like to hear that music.

Look for Foreign Body March 19 on Kranky.

• Kranky: http://kranky.net


“Where I Belong”

Happy Ash Wednesday, all you Catholics in the TMT website house. I’m watching this video at work, headphones in, and laughing at the beat of Jesus’ steps. Thanks for the giggles, Dean Blunt @video_assembly. Mmm, where did JC get that beard trimmed? Best part, obviously, is the super-cereal music: almost church keys, way bold stings, electronic wave fade, etc. DVA dropping all the freshest beats on forthcoming album Pretty Ugly via Hyperdub on March 20.

• DVA: http://twitter.com/#!/ScratchaDVA
• Hyperdub: http://www.hyperdub.net

DJ Rashad & DJ Spinn

“We Trippy Mane”

We just posted DJ Rashad’s “Shoot Me” video last week, but that’s not going to stop us from posting another new Rashad track, “We Trippy Mane,” this time in collaboration with fellow Ghetto Tek partner-in-crime, DJ Spinn. Deadly minimalism right here. And there’s fucking Auto-Tune on this! Check it out:

Meanwhile, we’re patiently waiting for news about DJ Rashad’s upcoming 20-track full-length, Teklife: Vol. 1: Welcome to the Chi. We’re not positive if it’s still titled that or if it’s still 20 tracks or if any of Rashad’s newest songs will be on it, but something should be coming out sometime on Rashad and Aziza Man’s so-new-it-doesn’t-have-any-releases-yet label, Lit City. We’ll let you know when we hear more.

• DJ Rashad: http://soundcloud.com/djrashadteklife
• DJ Spinn: https://twitter.com/#!/DJ_Spinn
• Aziza Man: https://twitter.com/#!/AZIZAMAN
• Lit City: https://twitter.com/#!/LITCITYTRAX

Samantha Glass

“Human Voice”

It’s constant madness to continue building my cassette collection. I want specific sounds/moods, and the length has to be just right. There’s only a specific amount of slots I have on my rack before I have to start selling ‘em off too. Also, if I continue to listen, the further these tapes will degrade and warp; I only buy music that’ll enhance that effect later. So, to make the cut means a lot. Call me biased, but it seems Britt and ‘Manda over at Not Not Fun know my ear bone way well. After scoping Samantha Glass’ 2011 Digitalis and Not Not Fun cassettes, Glass’ fourthcoming release, Midnight Arrival, should be a keeper. Mmm, all this late-night driving music makes my foot heavy. #neonlights #wavingalot #windowcracked

• Samantha Glass: http://samanthaglass.bandcamp.com
• Not Not Fun: http://notnotfun.com

Sun Araw Vs. Heat Wave

“Open”: This Is the Literature Mix - Disco Hermetics

Heat Wave wins! No use telling you why; just hear it for yourself. Even though this is a “versus” mix, it’s more like a pillow fight mashup of your porno soul soundtrack, mom’s smooth jazz, and pop’s funk R&B. But you know this mix was probably made during their last tour in Australia with Prince Rama. Now, I’m not necessarily happy about Sun Araw losing this match. But there’s a mini-depth to Sun Araw: keep Cameron Stallones in Sun Araw and remove Sun Araw as DJ. Though, I’m sure there are plenty of people out there who would want Cameron Stallones working at a new-age crystal shop rather than taking their girlfriends.

• Sun Araw: http://www.sunaraw.com
• Heat Rave: http://heatrave.com
• dublab: http://dublab.com



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