Rhys Chatham
“Corn Maiden’s Rite”

On April 12, TMT favorite Rhys Chatham is releasing Outdoor Spell on Northern-Spy, the first of two Chatham albums expected from the label. Listen to “Corn Maiden’s Rite,” which features Chatham foregoing the guitar for trumpet and Beatriz Rojas playing the cajón (a Peruvian percussion instrument). Then read our news story for more information, which includes dates that start today. Then go shopping and buy yourself a new shirt. You’re looking a little homely lately.

• Rhys Chatham: http://www.rhyschatham.net
• Northern-Spy: http://northern-spy.com

Simon Steen-Andersen

“In Her Frown”

The stigma is still going strong: classical music has its head up its own ass. There’s the pretension, the stodgy harmonic rules (if perfect fifths move in parallel motion you are done for), the… old people. Rattling jewelry n’ shit. Of course, young modern composers are doing everything in their power to change this perception.

Case in point: this new track from up-and-coming Danish composer Simon Steen-Andersen. It’s an experiment with ultra-close microphone recording techniques. From the liner notes:

In Her Frown for two musicians continues with the use of close microphones. Most of all, the piece consists of a whole multitude of voice and mouth sounds, some of which can be perceived as words. But we do not know precisely which. Paradoxically, the words seem to be a declamation of the two entries ‘communicate’ and ‘perceive’ from the Internet dictionary dictionary.com. In other words it is about saying something clearly and understanding it correspondingly; but it is said in a way that makes these very things impossible; for example with a closed mouth or while a football horn brutally drowns it out.

Coincidentally, the piece shares some resemblance to our recent Eureka! pick from Chris Cogburn, Bonnie Jones, and Bhob Rainey. Best if played loud.

• Simon Steen-Andersen: http://www.simonsteenandersen.dk/
• DACAPO: http://www.dacapo-records.dk/en/recording-simon-steen-andersen–pretty-s…


“Mosquito Squash”

Thymolphthalein, featuring TMT favorite Anthony Pateras and four other presumably awesome musicians, have released Ni maître, Ni marteau. According to Editions Mego, “Due to the extreme dynamic frequency range, this record was cut at 45rpm at a lower level. PLAY LOUD!”


• Editions Mego: http://www.editionsmego.com


“Trouble Ain’t Nobody Seen, But Me”

Anyone else notice the increase of trumpets in drone music? The instrument definitely creates a unique, melancholic vibe on this track from Brooklyn band Grasshopper. They sidestep a lot of the stagnation in modern drone, feeling both static and dynamic at once. Cool!

Hear more on a split with fellow Brooklynites OPPONENTS, out soon on Baked Tapes.

• Grasshopper: http://ghop.bandcamp.com/
• Baked Tapes: http://www.thebakeryfloor.com/bt/

United Waters

“Platetectonics 1”

As we recently reported in our award-winning news section, Brooklyn’s Brian Sullivan (of Mouthus) is releasing a new album, Your First Ever River, March 1 on Arbitrary Signs. He’s going under the name United Waters, because when you get down to it, isn’t life all about uniting waters? Maybe not, but “Platetectonics 1” is sweet, nonetheless. Check it out.

• Arbitrary Signs: http://arbitrarysigns.blogspot.com


“Karelian Starmaster (Evil Lucifer)”

Oh shit, we missed this when it was released on CD back in March of 2010! Damn, tinymixtapes.com is a shitty site. Luckily a vinyl edition of this italo-horror-goblin-lazer-metal album is coming out… soon? Giving us an excuse to post a track. The band’s also got a new 7” over here (good luck with that communist website).

• Nightsatan: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=54473565763


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