Strand of Oaks/Nihiti
“Sterling” (Nihiti remix)

Check out this bizarre, labyrinthine offering from Nihiti, a remix of Strand of Oak’s “Sterling”. The track seems to build and build layers without clear payoffs or textural shifts, creating an oddly ambient effect out of more traditional songwriting elements. Compare and contrast with the original here:

According to Nihiti, their next EP will build on elements of their remix, scrapping electronics for an entirely acoustic session.

• Nihiti:
• Strand of Oaks:



Norway’s KILLL, which features members of Jaga Jazzist and JR Ewing, are releasing their self-titled debut album on September 15 via Fysisk Format. The album consists of various live tracks from 2005-2009 and will be released as a CD+DVD package. This metal/noise hybrid is definitely raising the bar with the extra L in its name.

• Fysisk Format:


“Love Theme” & “Big Clouds”

Seattle’s Emmul (a.k.a. Kyle Iman) has released tapes on Digitalis, Stunned, Monorail, and others, but he’s just released his first LP on Digitalis. It’s called The Drawing of the Line, and it’s out now at your favorite Best Buy. Stream two tracks, “Love Theme” and “Big Clouds,” above.

• Emuul:
• Digitalis:

High Places

“Year Off”

High Places have a new album, best friends! It’s called Original Colors, and it’s due October 11 on Thrill Jockey. I broke into TJ headquarters and stole the above stream just for you, so you better listen to it or I’ll stab you in the face.

• High Places:
• Thrill Jockey:

Jens Lekman

“An Argument With Myself”

Sound the bells! Jens Lekman, the fruit-bearer from Sweden, is sharing a new song with us. It’s called “An Argument With Myself,” and it’s the title track off his forthcoming five-track EP, due September 20 via Secretly Canadian. Hey, didn’t I tell you to sound those fucking bells?

• Jens Lekman:
• Secretly Canadian:

[Photo: Erica Kahr]

Bill Orcutt

“How The Thing Sings”

First off, I love Editions Mego. Not only is the label responsible for one of the most provocative releases of the year, but it also releases amazing music from sub labels Spectrum Spools (curated by Emeralds’ John Elliott) and Ideologic Organ (curated by Stephen O’Malley). Soon, eMego will be releasing a new album from Bill Orcutt, ex-guitarist for Harry Pussy. It’s titled How The Thing Sings, and it’s due September 20.

• Editions Mego:


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