The Summer Pledge
“B’s Teeth”

Much of The Summer Pledge’s forthcoming album incurs the adage that some songs are meant to be played loud-as-fuck. One listen to the Detroit quartet’s music and you’d think they were sonic adrenaline junkies, polyrhythmic-pounding, swirled-up-shreds and keyed-up grooves, the levels all pushed up and the vocals soaring, almost searing their way up to the top of all the intertwining crash-upon-clash-upon-coalescing-cascade of meticulously spindled, knotty melody.

These four twenty-somethings aim to put their own signatures upon the malleable (inherently spacious) stylistic realm of post-prog and/or math-rock (should we call it post-math-rock, yet?). They’ve had a few years now to synchronize their intricate rhythms and enthusing stomp-of-the-mighty-guitar-pedal into some kind of scorching, almost-orchestral swell of barrel-rolling riffs; now on their second full-length, they’re that much closer to fully grasping that propulsive aesthetic for which their album (Vessels) is titled. Dazzling at some points, but a bit of a deluge at others — the key, for the listener and for these players, might be merely to just hold on.

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