Talibam! and Sam Kulik
“Squeeze My Nuts In The Barnyard”

Who’s up for an adventure? Get this: “Squeeze My Nuts In The Barnyard” is a track off Talibam! and Sam Kulik’s newest release Discover AtlantASS about Franklin (a teen abducted by Atlantis) and Stinge (a fish) combating an oil spill eradicating the undersea community. It’s 80 minutes of “Wait, what the fuck? Oh-oh, for the win” moments that Talibam! strives to achieve. Take the trip February 25. Will they save Atlantis? Or will the sea forever be covered in oil?

• Sam Kulik: http://www.myspace.com/samkulik
• Talibam!: http://talibam.bandcamp.com
• Belly Kids: http://www.bellykids.co.uk

ScHoolboy Q

“NigHtmare On Figg St.”

Tuuuuuuuuuuuuuesday suuuuuuuuucks!!!!!!!!! Yo, this post may be late to the game, and “NigHtmare On Figg St.” may be so 2011 with its “Niggas in Paris” reference, but it’s totally deserved for the slam. #skeetskeet Habits & Contradictions dropped *hard* January 14, but this post is your #stillneedareminder to pick it up if you haven’t yet. Perfect for a slow mid-week day, like today. And the instrumental got that “old, but new” school vibration: piano key firing, don’t-look-back snare, and that car-seat-lean bass. You’re still reading? You haven’t picked up Habits & Contradictions yet? Your car’s system (no matter how shitty) will love you for it!

• ScHoolboy Q: http://www.myspace.com/schoolboyq
• Top Dawg Entertainment: http://topdawgmusic.com

Nicolas Jaar


The opening seconds of Space is Only Noise (TMT Review), Nicolas Jaar’s very good 2010 LP, is an achievement in scene setting. Before any music kicks in, we’re treated to over a minute of sea sounds and deep-voiced soliloquy. The effect is an invocation of a beach so calm it must be overcast, a body in the waves, and a gray minimalism that feels related to the black and white pallet of Italian neo-realist film, or something of the like.

For these reasons, this video for “Materials,” a track from the special edition of SION, is a little glossier than one might expect. That’s not to say the video’s aesthetic is clean, per se, or that it bucks Jaar’s now signature minimalism, but rather to point out that the nondescript location, the blank white brick walls, the cement floor, the squalid clowns, are presented through a filter with more sheen and less grit than fans might naturally associate with the music. Even so, “Materials” certainly establishes its own flavor, which might be described (with only half a smirk and with full pleasure) as saccharine Cirque du Solei reformed back to its more raw and uncanny roots. The dropped apple stands out as a visual highlight, as does the fleeting image of the little girl presenting her contorted tongue sideways as a bubblegum-colored shred.

“Materials” was directed by Pondr, a partnership between TJ O’Grady-Peyton and David Magnier. As Jaar’s music continues to draw attention and collaborations, the potential for his newly established Clown and Sunset Aesthetics project looks more and more colossal and increasingly promising. [via Fact]

• Nicolas Jaar: http://www.nicolasjaar.net
• Pondr: http://www.pondr.co.uk
• Clown and Sunset: http://www.csa.fm

Veli-Matti O Äijälä

“Anna kuoleman tulla”

It is with great pleasure that I copy/paste artist name Veli-Matti O Äijälä. (And hey, while I’m at it, Äijälä also goes by Läjä Äijälä, Äijälä, Läjä, V-M Äijälä, V-M. Äijälä, and Veli-Matti Äijälä.) Check out “Anna kuoleman tulla” from Äijälä’s one-sided LP “Raskas Taakka,” which was just released on Finnish labels Joteskii Groteskii and Vauva. It’s suffocating and fidgety and that’s how I like it.

• Vauva: http://www.kemiallisetystavat.com/vauva

Cruise Family

We’re In Heaven [excerpt]

Can’t stop your feet? Well, look no further: the release of Cruise Family’s We’re In Heaven is just around the corner. Wait, a “corner” constitutes one full day? Yes, for now, because their new LP on Not Not Fun is launching tomorrow, February 7. Make up some new dance routines for Stefan’s post-rave extravaganza; put them feet to good work. Mm — and this video is a trip to travel, indeed. Meet me there, won’t you? Cause it’s Monday, and excitement is upon the horizon, y’all. Don’t let this “[excerpt]” tease you too long. Also, I think this is Cruise Family’s first LP, aside from stacks-on-stacks-on-stacks of cassettes. ++<3++

• Cruise Family: http://sfbroadcasts.blogspot.com
• Not Not Fun: http://www.notnotfun.com



Whaaaaaat the fuck is up February? Month #2 of hot new 2012 music is “whaaaaaat.” And what’s all this about cyberfuck, bathdub, poo-smur, and infra-pop? I don’t know EITHER, but a sub-genre of mixtaping is on the up-and-up, and Ahnnu is right there with it. Examples: Heat Wave, BEBETUNE$$$, Ferrari Jackson, Mathewdavid, Ohbliv, KWJAZ. Let’s mix this shit up further. Since Culture Dealer and Leaving Records seem to be heading this parade, how’s bout y’all start featuring rappers? Davis did it before their time. Just get rappers on “actual” mixtapes, and bump this scene a little more. Or maybe the lounge/warped vibe is enough — I don’t know. I ain’t got a label. I don’t make music, or produce it. Just suggesting. And here, I’m suggesting this new mixtape sub-genre — as it soars past hypnagogic-fiddle-faddle — should be a staple of 2012. Feel me? #virtuality

• Ahnnu: http://ahnnu.bandcamp.com
• Culture Dealer: http://culturedealer.com


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