“Eu Sonhei Que Tu Estavas Tão Linda”


Telebossa, featuring the duo of Chico Mello and Nicholas Bussmann, fuse together “the very german tradition of ‘Kammermusik’ with the brazilian singer songwriter culture” — at least according to their website. Look for Telebossa’s self-titled on May 24 (via Staubgold), as well as an appropriately glowing TMT review around the same time. Meanwhile, enjoy the couple tracks above.

• Telebossa:
• Staubgold:


I [teaser]

We love Social Junk around these parts, so we’re excited to hear Noah Anthony’s synth trio Gillette. They’re releasing a 12-inch sometime this month on hot-as-shit 100% Silk, a newish label by Amanda Brown (LA Vampires, Not Not Fun). Teaser vid above, dear readers.

• 100% Silk:

Unknown Mortal Orchestra

“How Can U Luv Me”

Unknown Mortal Orchestra gave me $1,000 to post their track, “How Can U Luv Me.” But hey, I’m still keeping it real because the going rate is $1,500 for just a Chocolate Grinder post, and that doesn’t include all the forthcoming pre-album hype that I’ve tossed in for free. Like this sorta hype: “The group just signed to Fat Possum! Their debut will be out in June! Sounds like Radiohead and James Blake and Panda Bear and Odd Future (and maybe even Oneohtrix Point Never)!”

• Unknown Mortal Orchestra:
• Fat Possum:


“Chompers World”

Daren Ho, a.k.a. Driphouse, has an upcoming release on Root Strata titled Root 91. In the sample track “Chompers World,” you can hear a slightly bizarre combination of sterilized machines pulsing below a brazen upfront piano melody. It’s an interesting juxtaposition.

Driphouse will be going on tour starting April 15 alongside Caboladies, Carl Calm, and Dariius. Watch the plant-themed promotion vid for the tour below, featuring some particularly inspired new material from Caboladies.

• Driphouse:
• Root Strata:

Tom Carter

“Gonna Tune Right In On You”

Tom Carter (Charalambides) has a new tape All Ahead Now on Root Strata. It’s limited to 120 and has been described as “Dark bliss of feedback and harmonic brick layering feed from the streets of NYC.” Check out the clip above if you’re into dark bliss of feedback and harmonic brick layering feed from the streets of NYC.

• Tom Carter:
• Root Strata:

Xander Harris

“Tanned Skin Dress”

Xander Harris (also a character from Buffy the Vampire Slayer) has a new album on Not Not Fun called Urban Gothic (also a TV horror show). Check out this killer (literally) video, directed by Amanda Brown (LA Vampires, 100% Silk, co-founder of Not Not Fun) and Ben Shearn. (COOL!)

• Xander Harris:
• Not Not Fun:


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